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Smaller institutions report increase in personalized phishing attempts
This coupled with the Coastal Carolina scam coupled with what we are seeing from clients (Emerson, e.g.) indicates that colleges are likely to start tamping down on email servers. Our whitelabel/whitelist features will become more important
amy  insidhehighered  carlstraumsheim  phishing  email 
march 2017 by merit
What’s the Value of a Like?
Good data throughout on impact of Facebook. tl;dr -- it's not as impactful as people think, you've got to pay, and marketers have no idea what they are doing or what works in social media.
amy  hbr  facebook  marketing  socialmedia 
march 2017 by merit
The Idea That Launched a Thousand Strategic Plans - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"This vagueness allows colleges to cite the skills gap as a reason to propose just about any remedy, as a quick tour of their strategic plans indicates. If global learning was once ubiquitous in colleges’ mission statements, solving the skills gap is now."
amy  chronicle  danberrett  uvu  monroecc  passhe  marquette  employers  skills 
january 2017 by merit
Students: Colleges Are Tracking You Online. It Can Help You Graduate
Civitas/Valencia version of those EAB/GSU student success articles. Again, PR is a mystery.
Amy  NPR  studentsuccess  civitas  Valencia  starfish  blackboard  edtech  from iphone
december 2016 by merit
How Google Analytics ruined marketing | TechCrunch
This is a great post that we could build a whole future webinar off of for our clients
amy  yathin  techcrunch  marketing  advertising  strategy 
november 2016 by merit
AdmitHub launches first college chatbot with Georgia State
71% engagement rate among admitted students; plus they obviously have cell numbers. Need to dig around about these guys more. Also would be interesting to talk to the Pitt professor -- perhaps she can do a similar study on whether "recognition nudges" via Merit impact a student's likelihood to persist, or something.
amy  admithub  gsu  admissions  highered 
november 2016 by merit
A ‘Netflix for Education’? Why LinkedIn’s New Product Should Give Us Pause - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"LinkedIn Learning, despite the best of intentions, has fallen prey to the Netflix concept without questioning the underlying assumptions — without first trying to understand how learning occurs and how best to support it." Phil Hill would really like us if we could ever get him to pay attention. This is also the guy who picked apart Piazza.
amy  chronicle  philhill  linkedin  skills  moocs 
november 2016 by merit
To find diverse talent some companies look to college clubs
Once again baffled by how PR works. Also highly skeptical of "hundreds of companies" already using this.
Amy  employers  highered  doorofclubs  edsurge  uga  from iphone
november 2016 by merit
How to Handle the "How Much Does It Cost" Question | OpenView
Good advice on providing a framework for pricing when presenting to customers.
amy  sales  strategy  business  product  pricing 
november 2016 by merit
How One University Used Big Data To Boost Graduation Rates : NPR Ed : NPR
Georgia State (and Tim Renick specifically) is becoming poster child for big data and student retention. Would love to be on his radar more.
Money quote here is about how their system saw a 4-fold increase in student-advisor meetings, where as before the "meetings were largely up to students"
Also, the "outside consulting firm" is EAB, which is linked to in the story but not mentioned.
amy  highered  studentsuccess  gsu  npr 
october 2016 by merit
Hunting for Soft Skills, Companies Scoop Up English Majors - WSJ
Story about NACE FDS of 244M bachelor's grads at 269 colleges. This is the type of "data story" that Scott Phillips was always desperate to get us to pitch. Also not clear to me if NACE issued its own survey or if this is just a rollup of colleges reporting into NACE via their own surveys
amy  highered  employers  nace  fds  wsj  nikkiwaller 
october 2016 by merit
New book challenges the narrative about colleges and the 'skills gap'
"The notion of a skills gap is problematic because it offers an overly narrow and inaccurate diagnosis of what ails the labor market as well as the role that higher education can and should play in society. It pins the blame for employer challenges with hiring (and sluggish economic growth) solely on higher education, especially the arts and humanities."
amy  insidehighered  scottjaschik  employers  highered  skills 
october 2016 by merit
Chipotle Eats Itself | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Super-long read and a bit off-topic, but good stuff throughout: marketing, product focus, handling a crisis, changing perceptions, managing employees, growing too fast, risk management, people development, etc.
amy  business  marketing  operations  chipotle  fastcompany  longreads 
october 2016 by merit
Community colleges examining low and stagnant enrollments
Pinning this in case we want the data in here for a future community college-specific briefing
amy  insidehighered  communitycollege  enrollment  employers 
october 2016 by merit
User Onboarding | A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences
Massive list of links to screen captures of various FTUEs from all different types of apps
amy  product  onboarding  development  ux 
october 2016 by merit
"The greatest sales deck I've ever seen" - Open View Labs
We cribbed off of many old versions of Zuora's sales decks; this is a current incarnation. We tried to do this a bit with the global warming deck, but overreached on the metaphor. Lots of good stuff in this article.
amy  sales  zuora  from iphone
october 2016 by merit
Elon University Visual Experiential Transcript
Next turn on Elon's CCT design (powered by Parchment)
amy  elon  parchment  transcript  cct 
september 2016 by merit
UW System launches site to connect students, businesses | Higher education |
A website that lists contact info for career services offices and a list of upcoming career fairs is newsworthy.
amy  wisconsin  employers  careerservices 
september 2016 by merit
The People Who Deliver Your Students - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Eric Hoover's piece on the admissions counselor grind. "Above all, most of the former admissions officers recall a constant hunger for more applications. One who worked at a small private college remembers her supervisor’s delight upon seeing that most of the applicants she had interviewed while on the road — about 20 — ended up enrolling. Next year, she was told, make it 100."
amy  chronicle  erichoover  admissions  highered 
september 2016 by merit
One Startup’s Struggle to Survive Silicon Valley’s Gold Rush | WIRED
A very good longform piece from 2014 on the startup grind in Silicon Valley. The key takeaway is buried, but essentially it's that big companies no longer have R&D functions a la Bell Labs in the 60s -- now the whole startup ecosystem is functionally out-sourced (and risk-free, from the perspective of the big established co's) product development.
amy  wired  startups  business 
september 2016 by merit
Nassirian and LeBlanc debate new federal experiment on noncollege job training
This is really in-the-weeds higher ed policy wonky stuff, but a good back-and-forth between AASCU leader and SNHU prez. (Colin you would love Barmak, btw, and should follow him on Twitter if you don't).
amy  insidehighered  highered  barmaknassirian  paulleblanc  paulfain  EQUIP  TitleIV  bootcamps 
september 2016 by merit
Badging: Not Quite the Next Big Thing -- THE Journal
"For points, badges, credentials — however you want to define them — to be perceived as evidence of competency, they have to have portability and be viewed with value outside of their own environment."
Also I bet Credly rapidly shifts to associations, corporate, etc. (moreso than they already are)
amy  badges  credly  THEjournal  mozilla 
august 2016 by merit
A Conversation with President John J. Hurley, J.D. – The Griffin | Canisius College
This is from 2013, and long, but a good read. Student editor of Canisius newspaper sits down with the president and takes him to task on the colleges expensive branding campaign (with 160-over-90).
amy  highered  canisius  branding  marketing  160over90 
august 2016 by merit
That’s a nice little $1–2M SaaS company you have here. Call me to discuss if it will scale! - OpenView Labs
"But it would also lead to the generation of a large number of small-ish but still very viable SaaS businesses, many of which could generate very decent profits for their founders."
amy  saas  business  openview 
august 2016 by merit
School Districts Not Tracking College Completion | US News
"Few school districts focus on which colleges and universities post high graduation rates for their students"
amy  highered  usnews  laurencamera  highschools  studentsuccess 
july 2016 by merit
How Community Colleges Use Job-Market Data to Develop New Programs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Overview of KCTCS partnership with Burning Glass to use job listing data to determine which postings it should offer. They are back on the radar again for a system-wide Merit deal for all 16 campuses and 95,000 students (currently we have West Kentucky CTC and Owensboro CTC).
amy  highered  employers  chronicle  ariellemartinez  kentucky  burningglass 
june 2016 by merit
Even for ‘Mad Men’ Obsessives, Higher-Ed Marketing Inspires Unease
Ignore the Mad Men discussion specifically -- the faculty perspectives on their need to marketing themselves, their departments (and, begrudgingly, their institutions) are good for us to consider as we think about Merit for faculty, or about messaging to faculty to get them to "support" marketing.

"The tenure thing has become so corporatized," says Mr. Jones, who works in Louisville’s theater-arts department. "My mentor said, ‘They want celebrities.’ If you’re not getting your work outside these walls, it’s not helping the university."
amy  chronicle  jackstripling  marketing  faculty  mtsu 
june 2016 by merit
Higher ed's digital showcase
A completely non-critical look at ePortfolios that interviews all the usual fanboy suspects (like the Notre Dame guy). Would be interested to know if The Citadael's academic side is aware of Merit and what they think of it in relation to ePortfolio
amy  universitybusiness  eportfolios  taskstream  credly  digication  chalkandwire  citadel  notredame  badges  ucharleston  linkedin 
may 2016 by merit
The Lead Plateau You May Hit Just As It Gets Good. How to Plan Around It. – SaaStr
"Many SaaS start-ups hit an Organic Lead Plateau somewhere around $1-$3m in ARR. Just as it is getting good."
amy  saastr  marketing 
may 2016 by merit
Why Audrey Watters Thinks Tech Is a Trojan Horse Set to ‘Dismantle’ the Academy
"We can talk about badges, for example, we can talk about going to a coding boot camp for an eight-week program. But at the end of the day, do employers value that? Or does an employer still value a degree from a university that they recognize and respect? That’s a question of prestige, and no amount of technological innovation right now really gets at that prestige question."
amy  highered  edtech  chronicle  jeffreyyoung  audreywatters  badges  from iphone
may 2016 by merit
Credentials Reform: How Technology and the Changing Needs of the Workforce Will Create the Higher Education System of the Future
This is so incredibly long and rambling and boil-the-ocean. Would be interested to find out what the deal is with McKendree and whether or not their DQP people know about their use of Merit.
amy  educause  lumina  snhu  McKendree  from iphone
may 2016 by merit
Battle the Forces of New User Inertia
Good tips and examples of how to activate/engage new users via emails and other UX optimization
amy  csm  ux  onboarding  marketing  email 
may 2016 by merit
Backer of Student Loans Pivots in Push to Reshape Higher Education
Overview of USAFunds (similar to Lumnia); their investment portfolio, areas of focus, etc.
amy  chronicle  goldieblumenstyk  usafunds  highered 
may 2016 by merit
Taking Competency-Based Credentials Seriously in the Workforce -- Campus Technology
"Learners earning Nanodegree credentials will be strongly considered when there is a potential job match [at AT&T]," said Palmer. "Skills obtained through the Nanodegree program meet AT&T educational requirements for certain entry-level technical positions. Where AT&T has openings for those skills, applicants will compete with other candidates with comparable education for those positions."
amy  employers  highered  credentials  att  udacity  coursera  ecampusnews 
may 2016 by merit
UMaine "Flagship Match" program
Another admission marketing plan with outreach to counsellors mentioned.
Amy  highered  marketing  admissions  umaine  from iphone
may 2016 by merit
A Tech Boom Is Coming For Utah
"Instructure, which is eight years old and valued at more than half a billion dollars, makes a show of embracing the kind of performatively zany workplace culture that has become as emblematic of Silicon Valley as BlackBerry phones and wheelbarrows of cocaine once were of Wall Street." Guess I'm never skiing at PowMow again.
amy  tech  buzzfeed  Utah  instructure  pluralsight  qualtrics  insidesales  culture  from iphone
may 2016 by merit
How to Simplify the Scholarship Application Process | The Aspen Journal of Ideas
Or, scholarship organizations could find eligible students automatically...

She is former president of SVC and I think still sort of around this area -- might be a good contact for us. Gets quoted a lot.
amy  highered  karengross  aspen  scholarships 
april 2016 by merit
Too much is being spent on a higher education marketing assault (essay)
This is the kind of position/thought leadership stuff Colin should be writing
amy  highered  insidehighered  johnkatzman  noodle  2U  marketing 
april 2016 by merit
A model for higher education where all learning counts
“A bachelor’s degree, rather than being a piece of paper, might now be a link that goes back and shows all the courses that a student took, that might show some of the student’s work and that also might be searchable,” she said.
(Kind of like transcripts or an ePortfolio, neither of which employers care about now)
amy  nor  marketplace  amyscott  blockchain  ledger  badges  credentials  employers  highered 
april 2016 by merit
LMU Outcomes Microsite
LMU bought promoted tweets pushing this new site driven by career services
amy  highered  lmu  students  outcomes  employers  from iphone
april 2016 by merit
How a Huge University Promotes Its Small-College Appeal
"Another way ASU seeks to spread the word is through high-school guidance counselors. In 2011 it started a fly-in program for those from out of state. Diane Campbell, a counselor at Fossil Ridge High School, in Fort Collins, Colo., went on the visit three years ago. Even before her trip, Ms. Campbell’s notion of ASU was changing. Her students would tell her "it’s not just a party school," Ms. Campbell says, and she was seeing some high achievers consider it."
Cannot believe they canceled.
amy  chronicle  beckiesupiano  asu  admissions  marketing  highered 
april 2016 by merit
A Digital Badge Initiative: Two Years Later
"The digital badge initiative at Coastal Carolina University still faces some big questions. At the forefront of our minds are philosophical issues such as how to translate the value of these badges into a real-world currency for our students"
This is a client!
amy  highered  coastalcarolina  badges  credly  mozilla  campustechnology 
april 2016 by merit
Unbounce’s 2014 Year In Review - Inside Unbounce
Tons of data on revenue, product, churn, etc for Unbounce in 2014. They don't appear to have published a similar wrap-up in 2015. Also good stuff in the comments.
amy  startups  unbounce  scale 
april 2016 by merit
Colleges Drill Down on Job-Listing Terms
To better place graduates, schools tap data to parse employers’ labor needs; ‘what’s a computer programmer?’
amy  highered  employers  wsj  melissakorn  annalouisesussman  neu  macombcc  lonestar 
april 2016 by merit
A college admissions edge for the wealthy: Early decision
The chart embedded here tells you a lot about pecking order and which colleges aren't confident that they're actually the first choice of students (ConnColl, Gettysburg, Holy Cross, etc.)
amy  highered  wapo  nickanderson  admissions  access 
march 2016 by merit
Pew study: lifelong learning and technology
80% of adults have no awareness of Khan Academy, MOOCs, digital badges
amy  pew  research  moocs  badges  highered  from iphone
march 2016 by merit
Getting to graduation
This roughly follows the profile Paul Tough did in the NYT about UT Austin and their support/retention efforts like TIP. Comments from administration about how the top 10 percent rule is basically annoying because it messes with their ranking are ridiculous.
amy  highered  studentsuccess  texas  texastribune  from iphone
march 2016 by merit
Study explores impact of social media, texting on email use
Can't wait to see what BGSU's open/CTR rates are for Merit emails...
amy  insidehighered  carlstraumsheim  bgsu  students  highered  email 
march 2016 by merit
How Low Oil Prices Are Changing Career Plans At An Ohio College : NPR Ed : NPR
"Katie Plas, scheduled to graduate in 2017, thinks she'll be OK. Her grades in the petroleum engineering program are top-level, and her freshman summer internship — a key element of the program — was exceptional. It's like a gold star on a resume."
Her Merit page (which doesn't list her internship but lots of other achievements):
amy  npr  noahadams  marietta  employers  highered 
march 2016 by merit
Another Chamath interview
A shorter, less feisty version of the Swisher podcast episode
amy  startups  vanityfair  from iphone
march 2016 by merit
Employers don't care about portfolios
This is from 2014 but still no evidence that employers want to see student work examples - they hire by proxies and heuristics.
amy  wsj  melissakorn  pathbrite  Portfolium  employers  from iphone
march 2016 by merit
Reflections Upon Re-Entry | Confessions of a Community College Dean
"One reporter I met there mentioned that when he worked for local newspapers, he grew accustomed to people seldom returning his calls.  But when he calls community college people, they trip over themselves to get back to him. There’s a palpable hunger for recognition, respect, and a wider understanding of what we actually do."
amy  insidehighered  highered  mattread  TheLeague  communitycollege 
march 2016 by merit
Noodle Slashes Editorial, Marketing Divisions Amid Slow Growth
"I said the lean startup methodology might be a problem because most education companies are underfunded and therefore take on too small of a problem with no room to scale up. I’m eating those words."
amy  highered  edtech  edsurge  blakemontgomery  johnkatzman  noodle  morons  scale 
march 2016 by merit
The Many Battles of Sara Goldrick-Rab
This is very higher ed inside-baseball. She's completely convinced she's right and vindicated that the public higher ed discourse is now vindicating her research/positions, but she's also burned a lot of bridges. The style obscures the substance.
amy  highered  chronicle  beckiesupiano  saragoldrickrab  wisc  temple  policy  longreads 
march 2016 by merit
Ivy League’s meritocracy lie: How Harvard and Yale cook the books for the 1 percent
"The SAT’s most reliable value is its proxy for wealth. It is normed to white, upper-middle-class performance, as numerous studies have shown when the test is viewed through the lenses of race and class."
amy  highered  admissions  harvard  sarahlawrence  bates  laniguiner  longreads  salon 
march 2016 by merit
The Six Kinds of Stories
Good principles for crafting narratives. Lots of nuggets in here for CSM, sales, marketing.
amy  marketing  sales  writing 
march 2016 by merit
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