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Bonus Tools for Revit | Autodesk App Store
Bonus Tools contains multiple apps and can help any practice save time. New tools include; SheetEMup, Renumber Parameter, Highlight 3D Elements, Areas or Rooms to Mass. Also major Ribbon upgrades...
revit  plugin  productividad 
10 weeks ago by menosesmas
Replicate Legend/View on sheets | Revit | Autodesk App Store
Copy/paste a Viewport from one sheet to multiple other sheets. Works with Legends and any type of View. Your new Viewports will automatically be placed at the right location.
revit  plugin  planos  duplicados 
june 2019 by menosesmas
Ge-Terrain for 2019 | Revit | Autodesk App Store
Ge-Terrain makes the most innovative use of the Google Elevation Map Service to obtain the altitude information, all points elevation, more accurately.
revit  plugin  topografía  google  google-earth 
june 2019 by menosesmas
Topo Align 2019 | Revit | Autodesk App Store
Topo Align contains 3 commands to assist in working with topo surfaces: Align to Element, Points from Lines, Reset Region.
revit  plugin  topografía 
june 2019 by menosesmas
Bird Tools' Tag Alignment Tool | Revit | Autodesk App Store
Add-On that aims to arrange Revit TAGS (independent, room, space and area tags ) and TEXT NOTES that have been assigned leaders in a neat form.
revit  plugin  automatización  etiquetas 
june 2019 by menosesmas
Librarian | Revit | Autodesk App Store
Provides a searchable list of Components. Allows easy access to standard libraries. Users can customize project-specific libraries. Re-process libraries to see the type and instance parameters of families without first loading them into the project. Edit families in libraries directly from the App interface.
revit  plugin  biblioteca  familias 
june 2019 by menosesmas
DynaMaps | Dynamo BIM
When starting a new project, the first thing to look for is usually a fair representation of the project’s environment. There are many ways to do so already but they all require using external sources and export/import of information before you have them in your authoring tool
mapas  revit  dynamobim  plugin 
may 2019 by menosesmas
Save Emails and Attachments
Download email messages and file attachments from Gmail to Google Drive and Team Drives. Emails are archived as PDF files.
automatización  chrome  email  gmail  plugin  excel  descargas  pdf 
february 2018 by menosesmas
Mail Merge with Attachments
Send personalized mass emails with Gmail, schedule emails, insert different attachments for each recipient and track email opens.
automatización  chrome  email  gmail  plugin  excel 
february 2018 by menosesmas
Email Scheduler
Schedule emails inside Gmail for sending later at a specific date and time. Send repetitive emails that go on a recurring schedule.
automatización  chrome  email  gmail  navegador  plugin  excel 
february 2018 by menosesmas
Dittach for Gmail
Dittach.Encuentra y gestiona todos los archivos adjuntos que viven en tu correo de Gmail
gmail  plugin  email 
november 2017 by menosesmas
Share building data from design through build at
Servicio basado en la web que permite intercambiar datos entre las aplicaciones de diseño más populares como Grasshopper o Dynamo con Excel mediante plugins.
revit  software  plugin  bim  arquitectura  excel  dynamobim 
june 2017 by menosesmas
Learn Quixel texturing techniques from fellow industry pros in this feature series. Introducing NDO Painter, 3DO Baker and DDO Painter.
3d  normal  texturas  bump  diseño  plugin 
october 2015 by menosesmas
How to Schedule Emails in Gmail for Sending at a Later Date
If you are reluctant to provide access to your entire Gmail account to another service, there’s a good alternative – Google Sheets.
automatización  chrome  email  gmail  navegador  plugin  excel 
september 2015 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - Right Inbox for Gmail
Schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later. Create recurring emails, set reminders and follow up conversations
chrome  navegador  gmail  automatización  email  plugin 
august 2015 by menosesmas
My First Plug-in Training
Are you an Autodesk Revit power user with an interest in becoming even more productive? Would you like to automate or extend the capabilities of Revit, but are new to computer programming? If so, then this guide is designed for you.
revit  programación  plugin  C# 
july 2015 by menosesmas
HatchKit 2014
HatchKit 2014 CAD Hatch Pattern Editor and Generator. Create hatch patterns quickly AND VISUALLY.
cad  bim  hatch  plugin  revit 
march 2015 by menosesmas
Hatch-22 for Revit
Mertens 3D Tools create drafting and model fill patterns (hatch patterns) from within revit
revit  hatch  plugin  bim 
march 2015 by menosesmas
Revit to Lumion Bridge
This allows you to save your model in a format that Lumion can directly read.
bim  revit  lumion  export  plugin 
february 2015 by menosesmas
SoulburnScripts for 3dsmax - CG Tools
The SoulburnScripts for 3dsmax is a collection of scripts that I've written for my personal artwork at home.
3d  plugin  3dsmax  script 
july 2014 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - SafeBrowse
SafeBrowse te ayudara a pasar rápidamente sin esperar por links de sitios como, linkbucks y sitios similares, así no tendrás que volver a pasar por otras páginas llenas de publicidad, o esperar X segundos para poder ver lo que te interesa.
navegador  plugin  chrome  seguridad  publicidad 
june 2014 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - Escritorio Remoto de Chrome
Accede a otros ordenadores o permite que otro usuario acceda a tu ordenador de forma segura a través de Internet.
navegador  plugin  chrome  acceso-remoto 
january 2014 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - AdBlock
AdBlock for Chrome! Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu.
navegador  plugin  chrome  publicidad 
november 2013 by menosesmas
El programa ARKITool es un compendio de más de 500 rutinas, comandos y/o utilidades para los programas AutoCAD, BricsCAD, GstarCAD y ZWCAD.
cad  plugin  freeware 
october 2013 by menosesmas
Emmet - The essential toolkit for web-developers
Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow
plugin  css3  html  web  programación  css 
october 2013 by menosesmas
Complementos para WordPress - Google Analytics for WordPress
Track your WordPress site easily and with lots of metadata: views per author & category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.
estadística  google  plugin  wordpress  web 
december 2012 by menosesmas
Complementos para WordPress - W3 Total Cache
Improve site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.
cache  plugin  wordpress  web 
december 2012 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - OneClick Torrent Easier
Download the contents of a torrent the same way you would any other file. OneClick offers a browser torrent downloading experience that mimics normal downloads. No need for a torrent client to manage your downloads, just download, open and enjoy.
torrent  software  descargas  navegador  plugin  chrome 
july 2012 by menosesmas
CCEnhancer - SingularLabs
CCEnhancer is a small tool which adds support for over 500 new programs into the popular program CCleaner. The tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs
seguridad  plugin  ccleaner  software  windows 
may 2012 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - Yet another flags
This is another extension which shows country flag for the site in current tab. It also shows city, region and country name in the flag icon hint. Moreover, there are some additional data and links in the popup, refer to screenshot.
whois  software  chrome  plugin  navegador 
january 2012 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - ImageZoomer
Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the right mouse button and scrolling the mouse wheel. Left click to reset
navegador  plugin  chrome  software 
december 2011 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - Edit This Cookie
Edit This Cookie es un gestor de cookies. Puedes añadir, borrar, editar, buscar, proteger y bloquear cookies
cookies  navegador  plugin  chrome  software 
december 2011 by menosesmas
Complementos para Chrome - Send to Kindle
Send to Kindle is a Browser extension for Kindle owners who prefer reading web content on their devices. It’s designed to offer a quick way for pushing web content to Kindle, so you can read articles or news later on your device
kindle  navegador  plugin  chrome  software 
december 2011 by menosesmas
Media Control Plugin
Media Control is a plugin for Microsoft Media Center that adds lacking features such as : fast forward/rewind for any video format, resume video, switch between audio/subtitles streams, sets brightness/contrast, improves picture quality...
vídeo  plugin  windows  media-center 
october 2011 by menosesmas
Forest Pack for 3DS Max
Forest Pack is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, and 3ds Max Design, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants. Forest enables you to scatter millions of proxies, high-poly meshes or billboards, and using Mental Ray and VRay native shaders, create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons.
3d  max  plugin  jardinería 
august 2011 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - User Agent Switcher
The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser.
firefox  plugin  navegador  iphone  software 
december 2010 by menosesmas
Complementos para WordPress - SexyBookmarks
SexyBookmarks has proven time and time again to be an extremely useful and successful tool in getting your readers to actually submit your articles to numerous social bookmarking sites.
web  wordpress  plugin  marcadores 
december 2010 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - AutoPager
AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo..
software  firefox  plugin  navegador 
december 2010 by menosesmas
Complementos para WordPress - GTranslate
Get translations with a single click between 58 languages on your website with the help of Google Translate automatic
wordpress  plugin  traducción  idiomas  web 
december 2010 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - gTranslate
With gTranslate you can translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it. The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  idiomas  traducción 
october 2010 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - Webvisum
WebVisum is a unique browser add on which greatly enhances web accessibility and empowers the blind and visually impaired community by putting the control in your hands.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  accesibilidad  tiflo 
november 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - Torbutton
Provides a button to securely and easily enable or disable the browser's use of Tor.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  privacidad 
october 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - FlashGot
Descarga un enlace, los enlaces seleccionados o todos los enlaces de una página juntos a la máxima velocidad con un solo clic, usando los administradores de descargas externos más populares, ligeros y fiables.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  descargas 
october 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - Flagfox
Muestra la bandera del país correspondiente a la ubicación del servidor de la página web en uso y proporciona un acceso rápido a diversas informaciones detalladas sobre la ubicación y el servidor.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  ip 
october 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - FireFTP
FireFTP es un cliente FTP para Mozilla Firefox gratuito, seguro y multiplataforma que proporciona un acceso facil e intuitivo a los servidores FTP.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  ftp 
october 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - Delicious Bookmarks
Delicious Bookmarks integrates your bookmarks and tags with Firefox and keeps them in sync for easy, convenient access.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin  marcadores 
october 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - IE Tab
IE Tab, una extensión de Taiwán que permite: Integrar Internet Explorer en pestañas de Mozilla/Firefox.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin 
october 2009 by menosesmas
Complementos para Firefox - Add N Edit Cookies
Cookie Editor that allows you add and edit session and saved cookies.
software  navegador  firefox  plugin 
october 2009 by menosesmas

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