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check contrast ratio in toolbar
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Little UI Details
Twitter feed of UI tips
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9 days ago
Why Beginning Designers Don't Need to Learn Grids, Type Scales, or Color Theory (and other “Designer Dogma”) – Learn UI Design
Started with a good, readable body text
For the subtitle, make it large enough to be easily distinguishable (while quickly scanning) from normal body text. A bolder weight can help here.
For the title, make it large enough to stand out from the subtitles, but not so large that any given title will run 3, 4 lines
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12 days ago
Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews
Practice design exercises whiteboard challenges
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17 days ago
Build your first app  |  Android Developers
Build your first Android app using Android Studio
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25 days ago
IBM Design: blog
Curate your portfolios and tell us a story
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7 weeks ago
How to see the world exactly as your customers do - GrowthLab
As an entrepreneur, you do not want your marketing, communication, or product to sound your target audience’s internal alarms.
8 weeks ago
Jason M. Lemkin's answer to What have people learned from getting fired? - Quora
Pick the right opportunity, yes, but not with the wrong boss.  Take a slightly worse opportunity with a boss that can take you to the next level.
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8 weeks ago
Word Art - Edit - WordArt.com
wordle word cloud visualization
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9 weeks ago
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