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Steinar H. Gunderson
Let's first look at some obvious things that isn't the case: First of all, development is not primarily limited by typing speed. There are about 9,000 lines of new code in 1.4.0 (depending a bit on how you count), and if it was just about typing them in, I would be done in a day or two. On a good keyboard, I can type plain text at more than 800 characters per minute—but you hardly ever write code for even a single minute at that speed. Just as when writing a novel, most time is spent thinking, not typing.
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october 2016 by melo
The Clean Architecture | 8th Light
Over the last several years we’ve seen a whole range of ideas regarding the architecture of systems. These include: Hexagonal Architecture (a.k.a. Ports and…
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august 2016 by melo

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