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TW: Love Runs Wild, Derek/Stiles, NC-17, 9K
"You've got a hickey on the back of your neck!" A Neckz 'n Throats story.
au  author:devildoll  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:nc-17  pornstars 
april 2013 by meitachi
TWRPS: All The Better, O'Brien/Hoechlin, NC-17, 4K
How Dylan manages to keep such a straight face during shoots mystifies Tyler. Seriously, how was he supposed to stand there with his dick in his hand and say, “All the better to fuck you with”?
fandom:twrps  pairing:obrien/hoechlin  rating:nc-17  author:saltandbyrne  au  pwp  pornstars 
november 2012 by meitachi
AIRPS: so get down and get off, Adam/Kris, NC-17, 15K
AU. But still, Kris would not be surprised if one day, he stumbled upon the definition of a Bad Relationship Decision in a textbook somewhere and beneath it, there was a picture of Adam. Eyeliner and all, and maybe swinging a pair of handcuffs around his finger. Because just – yeah.
au  author:moirariordan  pornstars  rating:nc-17  fandom:airps  pairing:kradam 
august 2010 by meitachi
CWRPS: Even Porn Stars Gotta Eat, J2, NC-17, 3K
AU. In which everyone works in the adult film industry. (And yet after reading this story about porn stars, I guarantee the first thing you think will be: d'awww, omg, how CUTE.)
fandom:cwrps  pairing:j2  rating:nc-17  author:airgiodslv  au  pornstars  schmoop 
june 2010 by meitachi

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