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HP: A Young Radical's Guide to Love, H/D, PG-13, 66K
Memories of the war are still fresh, which is all the excuse Decent People need to do appalling things. In this quietly waged conflict, Draco Malfoy is happy to be on the right side of things for once, and even happier to find he’s not alone.

(Oh fun, fun political machinations and maneuvering, good plot and involvement of background characters/the world, even if I don't fully buy characterizations as following from canon. Everyone gets along a bit too well, tbh, but I enjoyed it regardless. Sometimes I just want people getting along and working together against a greater cause.)
author:blamebrampton  futurefic  ewe  political  fandom:hp  rating:pg-13  pairing:harry/draco 
october 2015 by meitachi
TSN: ymorton political verse, Mark/Eduardo, NC17
the boys work in a liberal president's administration. a couple plot points stolen from west wing. political knowledge is shaky at best (first year of a poli sci major = my stunning expertise)
also warning: mark is really, really mean to conservatives (and briefly, people from Harvard). like rude. you may be offended. BE WARNED.
fandom:tsn  au  pairing:mark/eduardo  author:ymorton  rating:nc-17  political 
november 2014 by meitachi
MARVEL: my body is a cage, Thor/Loki, Odin/Loki, NC-17, 10K
my body is a cage / that keeps me from dancing with the one I love / but my mind holds the key

(The one where Loki is Odin's pleasure slave? Sort of. Politics, wtf.)
au  sexslaves  political  pairing:thor/loki  rating:nc-17  author:walksbyherself  fandom:marvel 
june 2012 by meitachi
GK: and my glory shall be love, Brad/Nate, NC-17, 26K
There is little that Agent Mike Wynn takes more seriously than the life of Vice President Nate Fick. When the number of death threats starts to climb, he calls in the one person he's sure he can trust, USMC Sgt. Brad Colbert, and assigns him the 24/7 task of being the Vice President's shadow.
au  author:beyond_belief  fandom:gk  pairing:brad/nate  rating:nc-17  political 
february 2012 by meitachi
GK: Noblesse Oblige, Brad/Nate, NC-17, 15K
This was not a normal day. This day existed to prove that hell was real and it came with musical accompaniment by On this day, Steve figured out how to get him out of the office and torment him at the same time by sending him to the godforsaken DNC where it was all 'we shall overcome,' oh-happy-day bullshit.
fandom:gk  pairing:brad/nate  rating:nc-17  author:alethialia  au  kidfic  political  !♥ 
february 2012 by meitachi
HP: We Are Young (I'll Carry You Home Tonight), H/D, NC-17, 69K
Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement--and financial gain--of their circle of friends. But when Harry agrees to work with Draco to put Kingsley Shacklebolt into the Minister's office, they can't work side-by-side again every day and sleep together; that would be courting disaster. Wouldn't it?

(Unbelievably engaging, plotty, with AMAZING relationships and characterization. In particular, I adored this version of Blaise and Hermione, loved the dynamics of Harry and Ron's friendship, and enjoyed the treatment of Lucius. Also: POLITICS. Really, everyone was written with such love and all the plots and subplots were balanced with care. Totally felt like we earned the warm and fuzzy ending there.)
fandom:hp  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  political  ewe  futurefic  !♥ 
january 2012 by meitachi
MERLIN: Keep Calm and Carry On, Arthur/Merlin, R, 10+K
Modern AU. How Arthur Pendragon, Director of Communications for Prime Minister Gaius, and his assistant, Merlin Emrys, fell in love - a story in goldfish, cats, webcomics, cups of tea, and sharpies.
fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  rating:nc-17  author:tongueincheeky  au  political 
october 2011 by meitachi
HP: Corridors of Power, H/D, R, 10 parts + epilogue
Being An Originally Intermittent Account of the Political (Mis)Adventures of the Viscount Northallerton, Lord Malfoy of Wimbledon; and the Rt. Honourable Harry J. Potter, Member of Parliament for North Southwark and Bermondsey (Liberal Democrat).
fandom:hp  pairing:harry/draco  rating:r  author:blythely  political  au  from delicious
july 2011 by meitachi
HP: For the Public Good, H/D, PG, 23K
Harry is loaned to the Muggle government to assist relations between the two governments after the London bombings. When his counterpart in the Communications team comes to him with evidence of a plot to expose wizarding Britain, he is all ears. And only in part because the messenger has such a familiar voice.
fandom:hp  pairing:harry/draco  rating:pg  author:blamebrampton  ewe  political  from delicious
july 2011 by meitachi
HP: Little Red Courgette, H/D, PG-13, 31K
Politics again. This time Draco is in charge of making sure that wizarding produce all meets the exacting standards set down for it in legislation. Harry Potter appears just in time to complicate most aspects of Draco's life, which you might think would lead to serious consideration of the interactions between law enforcement and regulation in the wizarding world. In actuality, it's 31,000 words of dreadful puns and smutty innuendo, with genius cartoons by raitala .
fandom:hp  pairing:harry/draco  rating:pg-13  author:blamebrampton  ewe  futurefic  !♥  political  from delicious
july 2011 by meitachi
ORIGINAL: Captive Prince - Chapter Index, NC-17, >100K (current WIP)
Damen is the true heir to the throne, but when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity and sent to serve the prince of a rival nation as a pleasure slave.

(I will find the time to write this the epic review it deserves, but suffice for now to say it is one of the best plotted and written and characterized stories I've read in a long time, fic or original. Don't let the summary or tropes fool you - it is shockingly much more than ~yaoi slavefic~.

One complaint: WHY A WIP WHYYYY)
sexslaves  fandom:original  rating:nc-17  wip  !♥  author:freece  political  from delicious
february 2011 by meitachi
GW: The Drums Of Heaven, 1x2, others, NC-17, 249K
Five years after Mariemaia, Heero meets up again with the only people he ever considered friends... but Duo and Trowa have disappeared into the underworld. When did the world go wrong?

(Let's not even pretend: this is easily my top favorite GW fic of all time. In fact, it ranks in my top favorite fics of all time in any fandom. Epic, plotty, thoughtful - political intrigue,  undercover action, friendships and relationships and character growth. Plus, awesome fucking hackers. Love is not a strong enough word.)

Alternate link:
fandom:gw  pairing:1x2  rating:nc-17  author:sol1056  futurefic  !♥  political  mystery  from delicious
january 2011 by meitachi
MERLIN: I'll be the Platform Shoes, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13, 8K
Modern day AU. In which Merlin is the most harangued PA in Westminister, Arthur is on the back of the backbench, Uther harasses Merlin (though the Queen never does), Morgana is very clever, and the datebook will take its revenge.
au  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  rating:pg-13  author:raphaela667  political 
august 2010 by meitachi

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