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Will the Media Ever Stop Admonishing Hillary Clinton? | Dame Magazine
And there is certainly a self-preservation element to some in the political media’s insistence that Clinton should shoulder most or all of the blame for the election’s results: It offers the Fourth Estate an avenue toward absolution for their own role in the outcome.

[...] We will never learn the most incisive lessons from this election if an overwhelmingly white and male news media is setting these stories. To put a finer point on it: A press that is not representative of the country it reports on will always be limited in scope and out of touch with the population at-large.
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Autocracy: Rules for Survival | by Masha Gessen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
However well-intentioned, this talk assumes that Trump is prepared to find common ground with his many opponents, respect the institutions of government, and repudiate almost everything he has stood for during the campaign. In short, it is treating him as a “normal” politician. There has until now been little evidence that he can be one.
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Wow, as a millennial it's so weird to see how Hillary was perceived when she first came on the national scene in 1992. "I thinks she's a very aggressive woman, and she's overly ambitious." : hillaryclinton
Interesting how that guy called her "aggressive" to insult her, and the woman at 1:34 uses the same word to describe why she admires her. It's a small point that explains the gender gap in this election.
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november 2016 by meitachi
A Hillary Clinton Story I wish she would share more : hillaryclinton
Someone asked her - "If you had a time machine, what point in time would you go back to and why?"

The person asked "Ok, but what about a point selfishly, just for you, something that would only matter to Hillary Clinton"
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Constance Wu Doesn’t Want to Be Your “It” Girl -- Vulture
Talking about the importance of the FOTB portrayals, how to make the Tiger Mom stereotype human and understandable, validating Eddie Huang's disagreement with the show, and of course Asian representation in Hollywood. And how to be true to yourself.

"I'd rather lose all my stuff than lose myself, because I've done that before, and that feels way worse."

(SO MANY GOOD QUOTES HERE. She's such a great, thoughtful voice.)
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It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician
She won the Democratic primary by spending years slowly, assiduously, building relationships with the entire Democratic Party. She relied on a more traditionally female approach to leadership: creating coalitions, finding common ground, and winning over allies. Today, 523 governors of members of Congress have endorsed Clinton; 13 have endorsed Sanders.

This work is a grind — it's not big speeches, it doesn't come with wide applause, and it requires an emotional toughness most human beings can't summon.
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On Becoming Anti-Bernie - Medium
I concluded that Sanders was less interested in actually accomplishing anything than he was in staging protests where he could claim some kind of moral high ground, not interested in getting in the weeds and doing anything to actually achieve his goals within the Congress he worked in.

...It’s rather extraordinary that he has made it virtually unacceptable to care that for the first time in history a woman is poised to win the Democratic nomination and seems likely to become the president; we are told it should not matter to us that representation of the half of this country that has been excluded from the presidency for the entirety of its existence is within reach. It’s not supposed to matter that a woman who has been a leader for women’s rights and reproductive rights around the globe, and who has broken so much ground for women, an actual feminist, could possibly be our next president. Suddenly, as the country is on the verge of possibly, finally, at long last, nominating and even electing a woman, the most important thing ever is that we ignore that possibility and instead once again put a white guy in the office because he correctly observes the obvious — that we have a broken campaign finance system and we have income inequality?

...It is amazing that this simple diagnosis makes Sanders a truth-teller whose nomination is groundbreaking, while electing a woman for the first time in history is somehow not.

(I started off in a very similar position of liking Bernie's ideas a lot and having real concerns about Hillary, and I still have disagreements with her on fundamental issues like the death penalty and fracking and the Iraq War. But she allows for nuance in areas where I disagree with her (state versus federal, imposing tighter regulations/restrictions while shifting to nuclear and other alternative sources), and has over her lifetime been a progressive, albeit a pragmatic one who is willing to effect real change where she can, even if it means incrementally. The longer Bernie's campaign goes on, the more it started falling into the intellectually dishonest traps highlighted in the article. Moral purity feels good, except when it works in opposition to actual real world progress and we suffer real world consequences for it.)
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More Than Just a Symbol of Women, Hillary Clinton Fights for Women - The Atlantic
Reckoning with the contradictions that she embodies is one of the toughest challenges that Clinton faces. But to call her just a “symbol” is a major discredit to the concrete progress she has made and to the qualifications she possesses. Talk about reductionist. Like any candidate, Clinton needs to be asked tough questions and pushed for answers. But to suggest that Millennials are being asked to vote for her simply because she is a woman, and not because she would be good for women, is foolhardy and dismisses Clinton’s deep experience championing and prioritizing women’s issues domestically and globally. In fact, contrasting Clinton’s and Sanders’s approaches, it’s clear that she’s not simply a supporter of policies for women; she’s a leader.
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KING: Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies - NY Daily News
Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies, as detailed in explosive court documents showing ugly smear campaign against his alleged sex assault victim
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february 2016 by meitachi
Apologize? The Patrick Kane case leaves a trail of sorry
Most of all I apologize to real victims of sexual assault everywhere, the vocal and the silent. You who have had to sit on the sidelines and watch a fairly predictable script play out: the automatic victim-blaming, slut-shaming, hero worship and name-naming while the investigation proceeded and no one’s guilt or innocence had been conclusively established

...When Patrick Kane stepped onto the ice on the opening day of Blackhawks training camp to rousing cheers, those cheers sent a message to everyone. The people who cheered knew the situation, but they made a conscious choice to cheer for a man because he had been accused of rape.

“Not in spite of that fact. Because of it.”
article  nhl:patrick.kane  topic:rape  sport:hockey 
november 2015 by meitachi
Pond Scum: Henry David Thoreau’s moral myopia.
The real Thoreau was, in the fullest sense of the word, self-obsessed: narcissistic, fanatical about self-control, adamant that he required nothing beyond himself to understand and thrive in the world. From that inward fixation flowed a social and political vision that is deeply unsettling. It is true that Thoreau was an excellent naturalist and an eloquent and prescient voice for the preservation of wild places. But “Walden” is less a cornerstone work of environmental literature than the original cabin porn: a fantasy about rustic life divorced from the reality of living in the woods, and, especially, a fantasy about escaping the entanglements and responsibilities of living among other people.
article  writer:henry.david.thoreau 
october 2015 by meitachi
Baffoe: Patrick Kane Is Not Your Friend « CBS Chicago
The reflex of “Leave Kaner alone — you’re ruining his reputation!” or anything remotely putting the onus on the woman involved shows you’ve let sports fandom strip you of your humanity. Your ethics have grown so out of whack while drunk on being a fangirl or fanboy that you’ve drowned your soul. You value sports over violation of the human body, and you then become no different than, say, a defender of Joe Paterno.
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Richard Sherman And Michael Bennett Are Having A Serious Public Debate On Black Lives Matter
Over the past few days, two Seahawks have publicly offered differing opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality, poverty, and a host of related issues. In the usually anodyne world of athlete press conferences, it’s really something.

(intelligent, cogent, excellent debate. of course it's not by politicians.)
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Bernie Sanders Can't Save Black People
Sanders may be the least-bad candidate for everyone who holds to some progressive concern, and the candidate who best represents a chance of getting racial injustice talked about in Democratic debate; but he still falls short. And whether or not he does, he shouldn’t be immune from critique. There is a long history of well-intentioned liberals failing to adequately or accurately address the nature and causes of racial inequality, and each one who intends to do so should be challenged, if only to challenge other candidates in turn.
article  topic:racism  politician:bernie.sanders 
august 2015 by meitachi
How NOT to talk about the rape investigation against Patrick Kane « CBS Chicago
Then, each time you remind the world that Kane is innocent until proven guilty (which, by the way, he is), remind yourself that the alleged victim is also presumed to be honest until she’s shown to be otherwise. Fair is fair.
nhl:patrick.kane  topic:rape 
august 2015 by meitachi
In My Blood | The Players' Tribune
Dupuis on his blood clot(s).

This is really upsetting, because it reflects the kind of mentality that equates life to ability to play hockey, trumping even other important realities like family and common sense. This is the kind of thinking that makes you wonder about Montador's death. I don't know how you deal with it except hope to train the younger generation with a better sense of self and perspective. For some, it is inherent. For do we help?
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Fresh Off the Boat Star: I Don’t Need to Represent Every Asian Mom Ever | TIME
I wouldn’t say that just visibility is important. I would say visibility as the stars of a show is important. That says that our stories matter. We’re not here to do the taxes of the white person, or to be the chipper best friend to the white person. It’s important to see Asians in those leading roles because it changes what I’m calling the anglo-heteronormative status of TV. [Imagine] that a producer says, “Guy and girl meet-cute at an ice skating rink. They fall in love, but then she has to move away.” If you say that to anyone, including an Asian person, you picture a white person because that’s what’s become normative to us. If it’s “Asian-American meet in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown,” that’s the only time you picture it. We need to have a picture of Asian Americans. We have a unique experience that has myriad opportunities for storytelling, if other people are willing to tell those stories.
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Review: The Colbert Report Is Dead. Long Live Stephen Colbert!
It’s a rare man who gets to attend his own funeral. It’s an even luckier man who gets to cheat his own death, dust his prints off the murder weapon, read his own eulogy, and rise to live again in another form.

That’s what Stephen Colbert did Thursday night with “Stephen Colbert,” in a show that sent his bloviating host character — one of the greatest sustained performances in pop culture, TV or otherwise — off into TV eternity. And his final Colbert Report was both a sweet ending and a perfect summation of the show’s spirit — smart and surreal, sly and sincere. The finale nodded to the massive creation that Colbert wrought over nine years, and — as he flew off with Santa, a unicorn Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek — promised something different to come.
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Mystery solved: Why you won’t find a tattoo on Cristiano Ronaldo | Dirty Tackle
So why doesn’t Ronaldo sport any tattoos?

Ronaldo, known for his efforts to help children overcome debilitating diseases, skips the ink so that he can continue to donate blood. In many countries, a new tattoo can affect how often a person donates blood, with a waiting period between six months and a year employed as a precaution against cross-contamination and diseases like hepatitis.
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