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HoloWiki - A Holography FAQ
"Holography FAQ and Database for anyone who makes holograms."
holograms  wiki  reference  photography  science  art 
january 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - jgm/gitit: A wiki using HAppS, pandoc, and git
"Pages and uploaded files are stored in a git, darcs, or mercurial repository and may be modified either by using the VCS's command-line tools or through the wiki's web interface. By default, pandoc's extended version of markdown is used as a markup language, but reStructuredText, LaTeX, HTML, DocBook, or Emacs Org-mode markup can also be used. Pages can be exported in a number of different formats, including LaTeX, RTF, OpenOffice ODT, and MediaWiki markup. Gitit can be configured to display TeX math (using texmath) and highlighted source code (using highlighting-kate)."
wiki  haskell  tools  webapp  dvcs  asspad 
january 2019 by mechazoidal
Metalink | From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"It specifies files appropriate for the user's language and operating system; facilitates file verification and recovery from data corruption; and lists alternate download sources (mirror URIs)."
(RFC 5854, RFC 6249)
wiki  webdev  web  xml  networking 
august 2018 by mechazoidal
noted that it might store internal records directly in HTML
wiki  tools  web 
july 2018 by mechazoidal
Notes on using for EOMA hardware qa
eoma68  electronics  pmz  wiki 
february 2018 by mechazoidal
"aims at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system. [...] h-node lists only hardware that works with free drivers and without non-free firmware. Other GNU/Linux distributions (or Debian with contrib, non-free, or some 3rd-party archives enabled) include non-free firmware files, so they cannot be used for testing."
linux  opensource  reference  wiki  hardware  pmz 
december 2017 by mechazoidal
Ada Bare bones - OSDev Wiki
"One of the first things people ask on the Ada IRC channel on Freenode is "Can Ada be used for OS development?" to which the answer is a resounding yes. But there are 2 problems:
- The people asking this question are new to Ada, and
- GNAT is not the easiest compiler to build."

"For this tutorial, we will use the system GNAT compiler to build for a PC i386. GNAT is part of GCC. Later I will show how to build an arm-elf compiler and tools"
wiki  osdev  programming  ada 
october 2017 by mechazoidal
bootstrapping wiki
"This wiki is about bootstrapping. Building up compilers and interpreters and tools from nothing."
programming  wiki  reference  c  vm  compilers  assembly  interpreter 
july 2017 by mechazoidal
ThePlan - Wiki
"The overarching goal of is to seamlessly bridge the phone network to standard text/voice(/video) protocols so users have at least as much functionality but with far more flexibility. Once we've achieved that, then we should be able to convince everyone to switch to the standard protocols (since they can seamlessly communicate with those not (yet) using the standard protocols) and turn off the phone network. If we can't convince them, that's probably an indication that the goal hasn't been achieved (ie. the phone network still has features that we haven't yet replicated with standard protocols)."
(pmz: note the last point about making cheaper non-MMU phones: a case for inferno?)
pmz  cellphone  communication  inspiration  wiki  network  phone 
july 2017 by mechazoidal
Device Tree future |
it seems the Linux guys aren't rosy about DT's future, mostly due to lack of stable ABI and vendors doing whatever they feel like (along with most of the official docs vanishing)
linux  embedded  devicetree  wiki 
february 2017 by mechazoidal
Linux Wireless
The wiki on the Linux kernel's 802.11 subsystem. 'legal' because according to 'Implementation review', they also have a complete subsystem for wireless regulatory compliance(Central Regulatory Domain Agent)
wifi  linux  reference  programming  legal  wiki 
february 2017 by mechazoidal
On-device toolchains - iPhone Development Wiki
So supposedly this is a self-hosted tool chain directly on an iOS device?
programming  iphone  ios  wiki  osdev 
december 2016 by mechazoidal
TextEditors Wiki: DesigningTextEditors
"IMHO, you need the following logical parts to form a text editor:
Text BufferModels? (including capability for input and output)
User Interface (keyboard and mouse language)
Screen Handling
Data Syntax knowledge
MacroLanguage (optional)
CommandLanguage (optional)"
editor  programming  wiki  reference  piperesearch 
august 2016 by mechazoidal
Home · fabb/SynOSCopy Wiki · GitHub
"This is a proposal for a standardized [MIDI-inspired] namespace within OSC."
PR: note how in "Some Words" the use of Bundles is encouraged, along with some simple ideas on service-discovery, and file-format.
archive_it  osc  midi  piperesearch  standard  repo:github  wiki 
january 2016 by mechazoidal
Ninjam Protocol · wahjam/wahjam Wiki · GitHub
"The protocol is not standardized and this document was created by studying the source code to the Ninjam curses client 0.01a and server 0.06."

..but man, it sure does seem like there are Plan9 concepts here. The protocol's time/tempo model is the real innovation.
piperesearch  music  distributed  protocol  repo:github  analysis  wiki 
november 2015 by mechazoidal
Ghosts of Seattle Past
A crowdsourced atlas of Seattle memories, that will be collected into a print book at some point.
seattle  map  history  crowdsourcing  wiki 
november 2015 by mechazoidal
ProtocolV2 · WhisperSystems/TextSecure Wiki · GitHub
"Version 2 of the TextSecure messaging protocol uses the no header keys variation of the axolotl ratchet and protobuf records." -- so do they have a working axolotl library, then?
wiki  security  cryptography  protocol  repo:github 
november 2015 by mechazoidal
Home · omcljs/om Wiki · GitHub
Note colocated queries, identity, and the reconciler
clojure  wiki  om  piperesearch  notes 
october 2015 by mechazoidal
Double Ratchet Algorithm
Aiming at being a protocol that combines OTR-like DH ratchet with forward-security of symmetric-key updating(this allows for healing of the conversation by introducing new ratchet keys, if the original keys are leaked).
Idea is that it improves on OTR, allowing better support for out-of-order messages, reduces leaking of metadata. Formerly known as "Axolotl"
Still very early. A formal description is given, but not enough for implementation
wiki  security  cryptography  repo:github 
july 2015 by mechazoidal
"An extract, as complete as I can make it, of content from the wiki". Graydon made reference to some items in here for his (now-deleted) stellar post.
piperesearch  wiki  github  archived  version_control 
april 2015 by mechazoidal
"BCP38 is RFC2827: Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing."
wiki  security  network  internet 
january 2015 by mechazoidal
Micropublication and open source research
Upcoming book extract: "The idea of micropublication is to enable publication in smaller increments and more diverse formats than in the standard scientific research paper. The idea of open source research is to open up the licensing model of scientific publication, providing more flexible ways in which prior work can be modified and re-used, while ensuring that all contributions are fully recognized and acknowledged."
fedwiki  collaboration  research  post  wiki  science 
november 2014 by mechazoidal
Federated Education: New Directions in Digital Collaboration | Hapgood
Possibly the best "what's it all about" presentation on smallest_federated.
PR: an idea workflow method, although it may not scale to all media types. Also may need access-controls to prevent no-attribution/unlicensed use.
Also see the first comment on Workflowy.
fedwiki  wiki  piperesearch  collaboration  web  videos  presentation  transcript 
november 2014 by mechazoidal
Federated Wiki · GitHub
The new home of fedwiki, after the prototype of Smallest-Federated-Wiki
repo:github  wiki  web  webdev  fedwiki 
september 2014 by mechazoidal
Coverage | Strangeloop
Also includes the playlist, along with blog articles!
strangeloop  wiki  resource 
september 2014 by mechazoidal
All about the Device Tree specification, for hardware-description language use in bootloaders.
arm  wiki  programming  hardware  linux  devicetree  pmz 
september 2014 by mechazoidal
A modern wiki for a modern internet: the Smallest Federated Wiki on The GovLab’s Demos for Democracy | The Governance Lab @ NYUThe Governance Lab @ NYU
"Cunningham and Caulfield discussed a number of different use cases and examples, showing how different groups could have their wikis interact with each other and the outside world. All of the different groups above are using heavily overlapping sources and data, but each have a different take on the end product. Their wikis will be able to have the same foundational pages, but combined in different ways with different pieces of analysis. Cunningham and Caulfield walked us through the actual wiki itself, and the product was quite slick. When you use Wikipedia, you’ll often find yourself with tons of tabs. The Smallest Federated Wiki was created to make the process of moving between pages substantially easier by showing multiple pages of content on a single tab in your browser. Editing, linking, and simple browsing have all been made easier and more convenient for an ordinary user."
wiki  web  fedwiki  presentation  2014 
august 2014 by mechazoidal
Laptop Server
Ward's notes on running wikis from a laptop.
Note description of farming: "A browser sends to a server the address/name that it intends to browse. We can ask the wiki server to keep a separate wiki for each address it sees. When one server serves many wikis we call it a wiki farm. [...] Now if you browse localhost:3060 you will be looking at one wiki and when you browse you will be looking at another. The address ward.local:3060 is still another. When you port-forward in from the world, still another. Imagine rows an rows of little wikis sprouting up. This is farming.

All of these wiki pages are stored in subfolders of the same .wiki directory. Look for them."
"I recently relaunched, a domain name I held even after the local community chose to call itself

I built this site by making a farm site on an old mac that I leave on at home. I port-forward port 80 to this machine. I called the site some weird name while I assembled the content for launch.

To launch I went to my domain name registrar,, and revised to point to my home router. I then renamed the subdirectory in .wiki to be Done.

I announced as a gift where I would assemble pages from my other wikis that I think they would like. My server is providing this service to my community. Its that simple. "
wiki  fedwiki  unhosted  networking  web 
may 2014 by mechazoidal
Method Control Loops
"We consider configuring a Method plugin to retrieve values from the right rather than the left. This allows computational cycles that suggest the finite-difference solution of differential equations though our interests tend more to approximate solutions that are easily reconfigured and conveniently animated."
Hey, this sounds similar to Propogator!
wiki  piperesearch  fedwiki  webdev 
april 2014 by mechazoidal
User:Jiri/SummerOfCode2005/Verse Integration - BlenderWiki
Jiri muses/describes how to integrate Verse as a backend for Blender. Some insights into the mismatches between Blender and Verse data storage / operations
piperesearch  blender  verse  wiki 
november 2013 by mechazoidal
Wouter's Wiki : Home
Wouter van Oortmerssen, inventor of Amiga E, creator of Cube/Cube2/Sauerbraten, and game software developer/lecturer
3d  gaming  people  programming  wiki  software 
may 2012 by mechazoidal
Wikimedia Commons
Free media of all types, for public use.
free  images  media  photography  wiki  resource 
february 2011 by mechazoidal
Political Memory - La Quadrature du Net
Helping you reach members of European Parliaments and tracking voting records(i.e. who claims they weren't playing dirty tricks the last time)
activism  archive  government  internet  politics  wiki 
march 2010 by mechazoidal
EventScripts Python
Hooks into Valve's Source engine, not just server-control, but game- and entity-manipulation via Python scripting.
source  valve  embedding  python  gaming  wiki  scripting  gamedev 
march 2009 by mechazoidal
Zim - a desktop wiki
A text editor(in GTK2/perl) that saves out as wiki-marked text files. Not sure if there's an OSX version(without MacPort fumbling).
pim  notes  zim  wiki  desktop  software  tools  opensource 
february 2009 by mechazoidal
A wiki promoting the sharing of biology and biological engineering information between interested groups. Heavily technical.
wiki  biotech  genetics  biology  knowledge  open  community  science 
february 2009 by mechazoidal
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
"a worldwide free and open community focused on improving the security of application software."
security  standards  webdev  wiki  software  reference  opensource  architecture  community 
february 2009 by mechazoidal
Cuil Theory: Cuil Theory Home and News
Cuil is so bad, a theory has sprung up using it as a unit of measure for abstraction/surreality.
humor  theory  Wiki  philosophy  cuil  surrealism 
january 2009 by mechazoidal
A lightweight wiki engine written in Lua.
wiki  cms  lua  web  opensource 
september 2008 by mechazoidal
The SCP Foundation: Main
"To Secure, Contain, and Protect" - a collaborative fiction wiki for various containment and safety procedures for anomalous-items(much like what you'd find in Black Mesa or GURPS Warehouse 23).
collaboration  wiki  sf  scifi  writing  horror  resource  inspiration  neato 
august 2008 by mechazoidal
Main Page - wiki
Exhaustive wiki on every facet of the Tetris game design.
games  tetris  Wiki  reference  strategy  design 
april 2008 by mechazoidal
An open collection of libraries and utilities, not tied together in a game engine.
programming  opensource  library  development  wiki  gamedev  game  utilities 
february 2008 by mechazoidal
Total Information Management System
Started by a goon, to provide more unified IT/CS knowledge.
wiki  articles  knowledge  programming  languages  code  community 
february 2008 by mechazoidal
Which wiki sites are the most popular?
list  wiki 
october 2007 by mechazoidal

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