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GitHub - mpv-android/mpv-android: #mpv-android @ freenode
Doesn't appear on Google Play through Android TV, as of 2020/01?
android  video  app  repo:github 
16 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - automerge/automerge: A JSON-like data structure (a CRDT) that can be modified concurrently by different users, and merged again automatically.
Ink & Switch: "a library of data structures for building collaborative applications in JavaScript."
Used in:
- Pushpin
- Farm
- Capstone
- Pixelpusher
- Trellis

Limitations: no integrity checking, no security, storage bloat, etc.
javascript  library  crdt  piperesearch  collaboration  repo:github 
18 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - psanford/wormhole-william: A magic wormhole implementation in Go (golang)
"Currently, wormhole-william supports:
- sending and receiving text over the wormhole protocol
- sending and receiving files over the transit protocol
- sending and receiving directories over the transit protocol
golang  repo:github  collaboration  networking 
19 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - warner/ NOT FUNCTIONAL YET. Slowly porting magic-wormhole to Rust. See wiki for game plan.
"I've spoken to several people about porting Magic-Wormhole from Python to Rust, so here's a repository to get things started. It's likely to be a long road, and I'm personally pretty new to the language, so don't expect things to be working for a while yet."
(note that for PR, pmz, the wiki description of the protocols is more useful: )
rust  collboration  piperesearch  repo:github  networking 
19 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - launchbadge/sqlx: The Rust SQL Toolkit.
"typesafe pure SQL on Rust "
noted on lobsters as being similar to hugsql/pugsql
sql  library  rust  database  repo:github 
19 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - konradrenner/kolabnotes-android: Note taking app with integrated Kolab sync
"Kolab Notes is the open source note taking app, which makes it possible to sync your notes with Kolab and IMAP server in the Kolab v3 storage format."
android  imap  app  repo:github  asspad 
25 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - nbenm/ImapNote2: Sync your notes between Android, iOs devices and different accounts like Gmail, iCloud and others
"This project is a fork of "imapnote" one created by boemianrapsodi ( Probably Pasquale Boemio. Some things didn't work correctly but it was impossible to contact him to correct these bugs.

Original app is named "imapnote", and is available at, So I decided to name this one "imapnote2". It is under the GPL v3 License, same as "imapnote"

It is based on Apple way to manage notes. They are stored in an imap folder named "Notes". imapnote uses Gmail for syncing. As I use my own imap server, I have modified it to be used with any imap server that respects Apple method. It has been tested with Gmail, iCloud (, Yahoo! (, AOL ( and of course my server. Even if not still tested, it should work with others."
imap  android  app  repo:github  asspad 
25 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - hexagonal-sun/bic: A C interpreter and API explorer.
A REPL for C: great for investigating calls/libraries!
also note their "Tree Objects" system
repl  c  programming  tools  repo:github 
5 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - cortesi/devd: A local webserver for developers
callahad@lobsters: "Whenever I need to spin up a local server to work with bits of static HTML, I reach for devd. It’s a super fast, self-contained binary with great ergonomics. Running devd -lo . serves the current directory, opens (-o) your browser for you, and automatically livereloads (-l) your browser whenever any of the files change. It can do much more, including simulating bad connections, reverse proxying, and generating ephemeral self-signed TLS certificates, but I’m completely happy with just the basics."
(also see 'modd', which does the daemon-management)
repo:github  webdev  tools  web  golang 
6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - geoffmeyers/interceptty
A github repo for the original Scott Gifford version:
"probably one of the most indispensable tools for dealing with serial data since we can easily replay or monitor transactions."
terminal  serial  modem  tools  security  unix  repo:github 
6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - Think-Silicon/GLOVE: GLOVE (GL Over Vulkan) is a cross-platform software library that acts as an intermediate layer between an OpenGL application and Vulkan
"a software library that acts as a bridge between an OpenGL ES application and a Vulkan GPU driver. GLOVE receives OpenGL ES / EGL calls & ESSL shaders sources from an OpenGL application, it translates them at runtime to Vulkan commands & SPIR-V shader sources respectively and finally relays them to the underlying Vulkan driver"
vulkan  opengl  repo:github 
6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - crabmusket/vlrtt: Vim-like real-time tactics.
(looks to be torquescript, so unsure if I can get it to run. might be neat just to check it out)
vim  repo:github  game  to-play 
6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - StanfordSNR/gg: The Stanford Builder
using AWS Lambda to 'outsource' building: from lobsters, "Chrome built 'locally' in 18 minutes, this is impressive." for about USD 0.20 in server time.
repo:github  tools  build  software  paper 
8 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - trailofbits/SecureEnclaveCrypto: Demonstration library for using the Secure Enclave on iOS
"It resolves all the Apple problems we mentioned above by providing an easy-to-use wrapper around the Secure Enclave API. Integration with your app could not be easier.":
ios  library  repo:github  security 
9 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - JuliaComputing/llvm-cbe: resurrected LLVM "C Backend", with improvements
landley: "an llvm backend that produces C. Have LLVM run itself through this, teach tinycc to compile the result, and you don't need cfront anymore! You can bootstrap up to a modern optimizing compiler from a tiny auditable system!"
pmz  repo:github  llvm  c  compiler 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - raxod502/straight.el: Next-generation, purely functional package manager for the Emacs hacker.
works directly with git and can pin versions, as opposed to melpa/*elpa that use undocumented http protocols from a central server
repo:github  emacs  facme  packaging 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - mvdan/sh: A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter (sh/bash/mksh)
formatting/indenting/style tool for *sh. Use ShellCheck if you need a linter!
tools  bash  unix  shell  golang  repo:github 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - not-yet-awesome-rust/not-yet-awesome-rust
"A curated list of Rust code and resources that do NOT exist yet, but would be beneficial to the Rust community."
rust  repo:github  list 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - dcjones/mk: make remade
A port of 'mk' to Go, with a few extra user-friendliness features. Hasn't been updated since 2015, but looks to be fairly feature-complete with the plan9 mk.
mk  golang  repo:github  tools 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - trustedsec/unicorn: Unicorn is a simple tool for using a PowerShell downgrade attack and inject shellcode straight into memory.
"Based on Matthew Graeber's powershell attacks and the powershell bypass technique presented by David Kennedy (TrustedSec) and Josh Kelly at Defcon 18."

(in case you thought Windows Defender is going to save you)
repo:github  security  exploit  powershell  windows 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - deezer/spleeter: Deezer source separation library including pretrained models.
@dancow: I don't know how far along easy-to-use deep learning is these days. But this is an amazing, pretty easy-to-install (Python) library that uses Tensorflow to extract vocal, bass, drum, etc. tracks from audio files:
music  audio  python  repo:github  tools  machine_learning 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - thepowersgang/mrustc: Alternative rust compiler (re-implementation)
"mrustc is an alternative implementation of the Rust compiler. It doesn’t implement borrow checking but can be used to bootstrap the upstream Rust compiler from a C++ compiler."
pmz  rust  compiler  repo:github 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - processone/ejabberd: Robust, Ubiquitous and Massively Scalable Messaging Platform (XMPP, MQTT, SIP Server)
stackoverflow: "one of the most well know erlang application and the one I learnt erlang with. I think it's the one of most interesting project for learning erlang because it is really building on erlang's strength. (However some will argue that it's not OTP, but don't worry there's still a trove of great code inside...)"
erlang  xmpp  repo:github  reference  piperesearch 
11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - apache/mynewt-nimble: Apache mynewt
Bluetooth stack that "completely replaces the proprietary SoftDevice on Nordic chipsets" (BT Controller works on nrf51 and nrf52, BT Host works on any board supported by mynewt)
bluetooth  ble  pmz  osdev  repo:github 
11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - jamiehannaford/what-happens-when-k8s: What happens when I type kubectl run?
"This guide will lead you through the full lifecycle of a request from the client to the kubelet, linking off to the source code where necessary to illustrate what's going on."
k8s  repo:github  reference  learning 
11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Workflow examples - how do you use taskwiki? · Issue #190 · tbabej/taskwiki · GitHub
"I originally started out from text files containing my projects. Then I found vimwiki and that lead me to taskwiki. At first I did not really use the command line with it, but now I use it more and more, especially for simple or stand-alone tasks. On the other hand to combine the tasks with more information and have a proper task hierarchy, taskwiki is an invaluable tool.

I tend to put all tasks for one project into one taskwiki file and start with a simple viewport:"
taskwarrior  vim  vimwiki  productivity  tips  repo:github 
12 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - arineng/nicinfo: NicInfo is a smart, command-line RDAP client
"general purpose, command line Registry Data Access Protocol (RDAP) [...] RDAP is an HTTP-based RESTful protocol defined by the IETF as a replacement for Whois."

Note that while this is in some package managers(like macports), it's a Rubygem and should be installed through there. Macports in particular will try to pull in old versions of ruby and openssl.
rdap  internet  tools  ruby  sysadmin  devops  repo:github 
12 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - machakann/vim-sandwich: The set of operator and textobject plugins to search/select/edit sandwiched textobjects.
A successor of sorts to tpope's vim-surround.
facme: note that it builds on operators and textobjects, and even improves on them: see 'unique count handling' section
vim  plugin  repo:github  facme 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - thockin/go-build-template: A Makefile/Dockerfile example for Go projects.
"This is a skeleton project for a Go application, which captures the best build techniques I have learned to date. It uses a Makefile to drive the build (the universal API to software projects) and a Dockerfile to build a docker image. This has only been tested on Linux, and depends on Docker to build."

"This assumes the use of go modules (which will be the default for all Go builds as of Go 1.13) and vendoring (which reasonable minds might disagree about)."
repo:github  golang  docker 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - saibing/tools: [mirror] Go Tools
"I have ported some features such as references, rename, workspace symbol, implementation of bingo to gopls"
(as of 2019/10, slightly more stable/useful than mainline gopls? but author's intent is that they will eventually merge)
golang  lsp  repo:github 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - joeycastillo/The-Open-Book
Building an open source e-reader. Basic board design and BOM are available as of 10/2019
electronics  hardware  pmz  repo:github 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - crawshaw/sqlite: Go SQLite3 driver
Not actually a DB driver, but an attempt to bring some of the SQlite non-db features into the interface via C linking.

See also:
sqlite  golang  repo:github  database  piperesearch 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - aras-p/ClangBuildAnalyzer: Clang build analysis tool using -ftime-trace

Which files are slowest to parse? i.e. spend time in compiler lexer/parser front-end
Which C++ templates took the most time to instantiate?
Which files are slowest to generate code for? i.e. spend time in compiler backend doing codegen and optimizations
Which functions are slowest to generate code for?
Which header files are included the most in the whole build, how much time is spent parsing them, and what are the include chains of them?
tools  gamedev  c++  clang  llvm  repo:github  optimization 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
oil/ at master · oilshell/oil · GitHub
"Egg Expressions (Oil Regexes)"
"The language is designed for "dumb", one-to-one, syntactic translations. That is, translation doesn't rely on understanding the semantics of regexes. This is because regex implementations have many corner cases and incompatibilities, with regard to Unicode, NUL bytes, etc."
"Eggexes are meant to be used with existing regex engines. For example, you translate them to a POSIX ERE, which is executed by egrep or awk. Or you translate them to a Perl-like syntax and use them in Python, JavaScript, Java, or C++ programs."
regex  oil_shell  piperesearch  repo:github 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - xceedsoftware/DocX: Fast and easy to use .NET library that creates or modifies Microsoft Word files without installing Word.
"the free, open source version of Xceed Words for .NET. Originally written by Cathal Coffey, and maintained by Przemyslaw Klys, it is now maintained by Xceed."
repo:github  dotnet  library  datajournalism  ms_word  journalism 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - spacejam/tla-rust: writing correct lock-free and distributed stateful systems in Rust, assisted by TLA+
However, it needs to be noted that when creating lock-free high-performance algorithms, we are going to need to sidestep the safety guarantees of the compiler. Our goal is to create data structures that are mutated using atomic compare-and-swap (CAS) operations by multiple threads simultaneously, and also supporting reads at the same time. We choose not to sacrifice performance by using Mutexes. This means using Rust's Box::into_raw/from_raw, AtomicPtr, unsafe pointers and mem::forget. We are giving up a significant benefit of Rust for certain very high-performance chunks of this system. In place of Rust's compiler, we use the TLA+ model checker to gain confidence in the correctness of our system!
rust  tla  repo:github  formal_methods  piperesearch 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - souporserious/react-media-player: React audio and video player.
"Components and decorators to help build video & audio players in React. Supports HTML5, Youtube, and Vimeo media types."
library  repo:github  javascript  reactjs  webdev 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
tools/ at master · golang/tools · GitHub [gopls]
"gopls (pronounced: "go please") is the official language server for the Go language. It is currently in alpha, so it is not stable. [...] In general you should not need to know anything about gopls, it should be integrated into your editor for you."
(it should come with all current(2019) go installations)
lsp  golang  repo:github 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
psl-problems/ at master · sleevi/psl-problems · GitHub
Don't use the PSL/Public Suffix List/eTLD+1, use Same-Origin Policy instead
security  webdev  web  repo:github  advice 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - postlight/mercury-parser: 📜 Extract meaningful content from the chaos of a web page
"Written in JavaScript and running on both Node and in the browser, Mercury Parser is the engine that powers the Mercury Parser API, Mercury AMP Converter, Mercury Reader, and even more third-party software and services. Mercury Parser allows for better reading experiences, easier content migration, and endless opportunities for remixing the web, by making semantic sense out of any article. Mercury Parser sees web pages the same way you do: It sees titles, content, authors, and lead images, and makes all of that extracted data easily available to your software, which, unfortunately, sees only a sea of HTML markup, where page navigation, advertising, and the like are indistinguishable from content."

Feedbin makes heavy use of it
repo:github  parser  web  rss  webdev  javascript  library 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - gravitational/teleport: Privileged access management for elastic infrastructure.
"a modern security gateway for remotely accessing clusters of Linux servers via SSH or SSH-over-HTTPS in a browser. [also Kubernetes clusters.]"

"It is intended to be used instead or together with sshd for organizations who need:
- SSH audit with session recording/replay.
- Kubernetes API Access with audit and kubectl exec recording/replay.
- Easily manage trust between teams, organizations and data centers.
- Have SSH or Kubernetes access to behind-firewall clusters without any open ports.
- Role-based access control (RBAC) for SSH protocol.
- Unified RBAC for SSH and Kubernetes."

lobsters: "I'm a fan of using teleport over trying to wrangle OpenSSHD for 'multi-user enterprise' setups. While there are a few rough edges (mainly around logging output), it coves the same kind of PKI discussed here, has a friendly logging interface and offers upgrades for RBAC/IDP integration."
ssh  repo:github  golang  security  devops  sysadmin 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
nrf-rs · GitHub
Rust on the nRF microcontroller family
repo:github  rust  embedded  pmz 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - dekuNukem/daytripper: A Multifunctional Laser Tripwire
Daytripper is a laser tripwire that can, upon triggering:
- Hide all your windows
- Lock your computer
- Execute a custom script to do whatever you want!
hardware  repo:github  gear 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - SOSML/SOSML: An interpreter for Standard ML written in TypeScript.
"It is to be used as a learning tool in a freshman class at Saarland University; you can try it out at"
ml  sml  javascript  typescript  repo:github  education 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - propublica/upton: A batteries-included framework for easy web-scraping. Just add CSS! (Or do more.)
"a framework for easy web-scraping with a useful debug mode that doesn't hammer your target's servers. It does the repetitive parts of writing scrapers, so you only have to write the unique parts for each site."
scraping  tools  ruby  repo:github  datajournalism  journalism  propublica 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - luarocks/hererocks: Python script for installing Lua/LuaJIT and LuaRocks into a local directory
"a single file Python 2.7/3.x script for installing Lua (or LuaJIT) and LuaRocks, its package manager, into a local directory. It configures Lua to only see packages installed by that bundled version of LuaRocks, so that the installation is isolated."
repo:github  python  lua  devops  tools  sysadmin 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - kkinnear/zprint: Library to reformat Clojure and Clojurescript source code and s-expressions
"One of the things I like the most about Clojure (and any Lisp) is that the logical structure of a function has a visual representation -- if the function is pretty printed in a known way. Zprint exists in part to take any Clojure code, and pretty print it so that you can visually grasp its underlying structure."
clojure  library  repo:github  formatting 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - ARMmbed/littlefs: A little fail-safe filesystem designed for microcontrollers
"originally built as an experiment to learn about filesystem design in the context of microcontrollers. The question was: How would you build a filesystem that is resilient to power-loss and flash wear without using unbounded memory?"
arm  mbed  embedded  filesystems  library  repo:github  pmz 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - WebAssembly/wabt: The WebAssembly Binary Toolkit
"These tools are intended for use in (or for development of) toolchains or other systems that want to manipulate WebAssembly files. Unlike the WebAssembly spec interpreter (which is written to be as simple, declarative and "speccy" as possible), they are written in C/C++ and designed for easier integration into other systems. Unlike Binaryen these tools do not aim to provide an optimization platform or a higher-level compiler target; instead they aim for full fidelity and compliance with the spec (e.g. 1:1 round-trips with no changes to instructions)."
webassembly  compilers  tools  repo:github 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
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