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BBC - Future - The secret codes of British banknotes
The "EURion Constellation" used on banknotes, that apparently every major copier and printer are hardcoded to read as "do not copy".
bbc  article  money  security 
june 2015 by mechazoidal
Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics
"When you are determinedly apolitical [in the tech industry] while your bosses spend the money you generate on political change, you're not impartial; you're being played for a sucker."
politics  tech  article  education  money  california 
december 2014 by mechazoidal
Not fully compatible with MacPorts yet, btw.
haskell  money  finance  software  accounting  tools 
october 2013 by mechazoidal
File Taxes Online - Do Taxes FREE - File Taxes With TaxACT
Offering free U.S. federal tax filing(with optional e-file fee)
tax  software  online  webapp  free  finance  money 
february 2008 by mechazoidal
Wesabe: Get to Know Your Money
"A community site that makes managing your money easy."
finance  money  to-read  community  tools  personal  business 
august 2007 by mechazoidal

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