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Library Extension – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
"See books, music and more at your local library as you browse the internet"
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may 2019 by mechazoidal
Jennifer Anne on Twitter: "So here's the thing--I am worried that publishing is killing libraries, and that will, in turn, kill publishing."
Basically, the current ebook publishing model just isn't sustainable ($55 for a file that lasts only 24 months) (although it may be the distributors, not the publishers, at fault)
libraries  grim_meathook_future  tweets  2019 
april 2019 by mechazoidal
piLibs C++ :: Inigo Quilez :: fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more
"This is the set of libraries I've been using since 2006 to make all of my demos, experiments and CG activities. These have been used in demoscene productions, art exhibitions, VJ sessions, Siggraph tech demos, and private experiments. They cover everything from OS abstraction to file formats, rendering, VR, sound, meshes, compression, etc. This is not an engine or a framework. It's a set of individual modules, of which I only include a few as I need per project. There's no dependencies with external libraries other than a very few little for VR and sound. Right now the Windows implementation is the only maintained one, and it comes with Visual Studio 2015 projects." (MIT licensed)
libraries  c++  graphics  vr  piperesearch 
january 2019 by mechazoidal
Susan Orlean Talks About The Library Book | New York Intelligencer
"When Susan Orlean fishes for a story, she reels in a hidden world. And so the latest delightful trawl from the author of Rin Tin Tin and The Orchid Thief starts with the tale of the 1986 fire that damaged or destroyed 700,000 books in the Los Angeles Central Library. But The Library Book pans out quickly to the fractious, eccentric history of the insitution and then, almost inevitably, a reflection on the past, present, and future of libraries in America. Orlean follows the narrative in all directions, juxtaposing the hunt for the library arsonist — possibly a frustrated actor — with a philosophical treatise on why and how libraries became the closest thing many of us experience to a town hall."
interview  article  2018  libraries  books 
january 2019 by mechazoidal
RustAudio · GitHub
"An aggregate of audio libraries and functions written in Rust"
libraries  audio  rust  repo:github 
may 2018 by mechazoidal
Multimedia and Rust · GitHub
a (new?) org dedicated to building AV stuff in Rust.
piperesearch  multimedia  repo:github  rust  libraries 
april 2018 by mechazoidal
Alan Kay's answer to How could public libraries disrupt themselves? - Quora
"Libraries made their way in the US partly because they provided something not easily found otherwise. Still, it’s sobering to realize that about half of all the libraries in the US by about 1920 were there because they were funded by a single philanthropist (Andrew Carnegie)"
"One of many of Carnegie’s insights is that libraries are not just for access to information, but that they create important social and amplifying roles in their local communities. Better ideas along these lines will make a big difference."
"The progression has been to redefine “normal” downward, and this makes it difficult for unsophisticated people to see the decline (things look somehow better — but they are confusing convenience for content). Today, it’s a bit hard to imagine a force for good to make this happen."
libraries  quora  2017 
october 2017 by mechazoidal
Disney Open Source
A lot of Pixar's libraries for HDR, among other things
repo:github  programming  disney  libraries 
august 2017 by mechazoidal
Open Source Comcast
Original home of Apache Traffic Control, among other things
repo:github  comcast  programming  libraries 
august 2017 by mechazoidal
Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria
“Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25 million books and nobody is allowed to read them.”
from:atlantic  google  2017  libraries  books 
april 2017 by mechazoidal
The Libraries that Brought Us to Tears
"The other library that brought me to almost-tears was not because it was the site of a somewhat momentous life event but because of the library itself. Seattle Public Library is a library that I had been reading about for years, and it was the catalyst for my first trip to the US."
libraries  books  post  seattle 
march 2017 by mechazoidal
Awesome Go
"A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome-python."
golang  resource  dsec  libraries 
january 2017 by mechazoidal
ABI Tracker - Maintained Libraries
an automatic ABI tracker that sifts OSS repos and reports on ABI changes between versions. C++, Lua, even libraries like HDF5!
resource  abi  programming  libraries  piperesearch  tools 
may 2016 by mechazoidal
Unix Software from Plan 9
"These are ports of Plan 9's UTF-8, formatted print, buffered I/O, and regular expression libraries, along with mk, a simple replacement for make."
unix  plan9  libraries  software  programming 
february 2016 by mechazoidal
greiman (Bill Greiman) · GitHub
Lots of libraries and patches for AvR Arduinos, including other rtos
pmz  libraries  avr  arduino  RTOS 
january 2016 by mechazoidal - computational design tools for Clojure & Clojurescript
"An open source collection of 20+ computational design tools for Clojure & Clojurescript." : geom, mophogen, tweeny, etc.
clojure  clojurescript  libraries  resource  graphics  programming  piperesearch 
january 2016 by mechazoidal
Piston - a modular open source game engine
Started as a back-end 2D API, has evolved into a connector hub for game-related Rust projects+research.
rust  libraries  gamedev  games  graphics  piperesearch 
october 2015 by mechazoidal
LOCKSS | Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe
"provides libraries and publishers with award-winning, low-cost, open source digital preservation tools to preserve and provide access to persistent and authoritative digital content. [...] Librarians need to know that the digital content they acquire today will not disappear when they cancel subscriptions, and that their electronic collections can be preserved and accessed by readers far into the future."
libraries  archive  preservation 
june 2015 by mechazoidal
PicoLisp Libraries
Provides unit, bcrypt, https, json, and nanomsg(binding) libraries for PicoLisp, all under MIT license.
libraries  lisp  programming  software 
june 2015 by mechazoidal
Shibatch Audio Tools - Quality Audio Tools and More
SLEEF - SIMD Library for Evaluating Elementary Functions
NSFFT - Simple, Small and Portable Fast Fourier Transform Library
GPUMarkerTracker - GPGPU-Assisted Tracking Software Library for Fiducial Markers
SSRC - High Quality Audio Sampling Rate Converter

(if sourceforge is down, git repo is: )
programming  libraries  audio  tools  software  math 
may 2015 by mechazoidal
Little libraries
"I’m sure there’s little tasks that you’ve solved in your own projects that others might want to solve too, so unleashing them on the world as a focused library on would be great!"
rust  post  libraries 
april 2015 by mechazoidal
nothings/stb · GitHub
"single-file public domain libraries for C/C++": stb_image, stb_vorbis, stb_dxt, etc.
libraries  c  c++  gamedev  github  graphics  audio 
august 2014 by mechazoidal
The missing package manager for lua. Styled on BSD Ports, it can handle multiple platforms, compilers, etc. It can also create self-contained lua+rocks installs for further use.
lua  packaging  libraries 
january 2014 by mechazoidal
"A growing collection of open source Clojure libraries. We value solid documentation, ease of use, the "batteries included" philosophy, contributor-friendly development process."
libraries  programming  clojure  development 
december 2013 by mechazoidal
Agner - About
"a rebar-friendly Erlang package index inspired by Clojars and Homebrew"
erlang  libraries  software  package 
february 2011 by mechazoidal

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