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KORG Gadget for Mac | Get Inspired. Make Music.
Possibly the best DAW for iOS/iPad? Uses "Gadgets", which are like modules in Reason/Reaktor(there's even chiptune modules, including a wavetable synth from Namco!)
The Korg nano controllers (wireless mini music keyboards) are recommended for easiest use
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march 2017 by mechazoidal
Check out that customized keyboard with vi mappings!
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december 2013 by mechazoidal
Bluetooth | Attack Pattern
"turns any iPhone 4S, 5 or iPad 3 into a multi-device Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) simulator. The app allows developers to simulate five different Bluetooth devices without having to purchase or manufacture the hardware. Four Bluetooth sensors with existing profiles are simulated - time, heart rate, blood pressure and health thermometer - as well as a custom battery level simulation are included."
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october 2013 by mechazoidal

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