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Dr Jekyll NES
@kidfenris: That last RT is a good piece. I never knew that the Japanese version of NES Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lets Jekyll get laid. I wonder if Bandai themselves opted to remove it for America, since Nintendo apparently had no problem with the sex scenes in Vic Tokai's Golgo 13 games.
games  review  ludology 
27 days ago by mechazoidal
Death Crimson
Tweet from @BadGameHOF: New article! "

In 1996, a perfect storm occurred on the Sega Saturn; given an amateur developer, an incomprehensible creative vision, and cripplingly limited means. All hail the "Emperor of Kusogē."

"In this article, we’ll be dissecting this disreputable rail shooter in order to examine all its mechanical details and historical merits. Of course, telling the story of the so-called ‘Death-sama’ also requires recapping the story of Ecole themselves, which we’ll also be doing our best to relay. Along the way, I hope to find the answers to several questions: Is Death Crimson truly the worst game the Saturn has to offer? How exactly did it come to cement its legacy? And perhaps most pertinently for our purposes: Is it still worthy of its title as the King of Kusogē? The only way to find out is to set our Crimson’s sights on the monster ahead, and to bravely combat roll forward."
kusoge  history  games 
4 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Infinitely Scrolling Castlevania on an Raspberry Pi Powered LED Matrix Cube element14 Community Halloween | element14 | Halloween - Projects and Videos
"Back in September I set out to build an LED cube made out of LED matrix panels. What I eventually ended up with is a battery powered / raspberry pi driven interactive cube, able to (among other things) play emulated NES and gameboy games while dealing with all the intricacies of wrapping a 2D game around the outside of a cube. Oh, and I threw in a lazy susan to make single player games actually playable."
games  diy  electronics  retrogaming 
5 weeks ago by mechazoidal
8BitDo Lite | 8BitDo
@downchasm: @supcat and it works on iOS (had to use that accessibility device method)
gear  games  nintendo 
5 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Video Games Densetsu: Alisia Dragoon / アリシア ドラグーン (Mega Drive - Game...
Alisia Dragoon / アリシア ドラグーン
(Mega Drive - Game Arts, Gainax - 1992)
Monster illustrations: Hajime Satō / 佐藤 肇
art  games  history  tumblr 
9 weeks ago by mechazoidal
アリシアドラグーン 攻略メモ | うえぽんのゲームランド
JP fan site explaining the Alisia Dragoon ranking system.

GamingHell: "They're split into two basic types, with one set reserved for players who mostly used Alisia's thunder magic, and another set reserved for those who relied more on the beast friends, and the different ranks are given based on your play time, number of deaths and shot-down rate. Like a lot of things in this game, it's an extra bit of fluff, but what a charming way of assessing your player's performance!"
games  gamedev  inspiration  reference 
9 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Alisia Dragoon – 1992 Developer Interview |
"This small Alisia Dragoon interview originally appeared in BEEP Megadrive magazine and features staff members from both Gainax and Game Arts. It presents a very different picture from the Game Arts which would later be known for the Grandia series; in many ways, it was the last hurrah for the development of Game Arts’ first action series, Thexder (note the involvement of Thexder/Fire Hawk co-creator Satoshi Uesaka)."

"This interview also focused heavily on Game Arts’ new software tools for map/sprite editing, “KETCHUP” and “DARI”. I’ve included several images which offer an extra window into both Alisia Dragoon’s development specifically and the Game Arts working environment generally in 1992."
shmuplations  history  interview  games 
9 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Alisia Dragoon - Alisia's life was spared. She is now a woman with magical ability rivalling that of her father.
GamingHell/Ant take us on a walkthrough of Alisia Dragoon, just in time for the Mega Drive Mini release
9 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Sayonara Wild Hearts - Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch - YouTube
"a euphoric music video dream about being awesome, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dance battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords and breaking hearts at 200mph. "
@christinelove: "God Sayonara Wild Hearts is just... so pretty. Is it even ALLOWED to be that stylish. Please save some for the rest of us"
video:youtube  games 
10 weeks ago by mechazoidal
[game]"emulator development articles and resources". Good articles on color emulation and arithmetic operations as of 2019/09
emulation  retrogaming  reference  games 
12 weeks ago by mechazoidal
@gosokkyu: so this is what the Dariusburst team is doing now: Alice Gear Aegis, a third-person free-range shooting game for smartphones with Zuntata tunes and Border Break-esque characters
game  anime  mobile  games 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
Warrior - Videogame by Vectorbeam
Uses a 3d diorama behind the 2d vector display
game_concepts  arcade  games  vector 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
How 'RAD' Made the Apocalypse "Relevant" With a Game | Hollywood Reporter
"There’s not a lot of joke-telling; there’s definitely a lot of puns, but a lot of the humor is the absurdity of the world, and I felt that was important. When we sat down to make a post-apocalyptic game — or in our case, a post-post-apocalyptic game — we didn’t want to go after that brown, hopeless environment that a lot of people have explored. Instead, we were more after this vibe of people surviving and these teenagers inheriting this world that generations before them have completely messed up. We felt that by having some humor, there’s a sense of dystopia, certainly, but there was an underlying sense of hope. Despite the odds, things could be fixed, but the solutions would rest in the hands of these underdogs, these kids. That tone, that neon-drenched wasteland tone, is in part a punk rock attitude."
games  gamedev  2019 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
GitHub - rexdex/recompiler: Xbox360 -> Windows executable converter
Early stage, but demo apps are running. Some clever tricks for converting POWER opcodes to x86, and some work on translating/emulating the GPU
repo:github  emulation  software_preservation  xbox  games 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
「熱血硬派くにおくん外伝 River City Girls」オフィシャルトレーラー - YouTube
JP trailer: shows more game play, some extra animation? English game audio, with JP commentator and JP text.
video:youtube  trailer  games  animation 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
Introduction|SRPG Studio ~ シミュレーションRPG作成ソフト
For doing Fire Emblem games? Not sure how well it would work for SRW. Available on Steam.
games  gamedev  framework  trpg  rpg 
july 2019 by mechazoidal
“Street Level Judgment,” by Yussef Cole – Bullet Points Monthly
@mostsincerelyed: I like to think that @youmeyou's article on how dividing from the system allows you to have a more meaningful impact on society in Judgment is especially prescient lately
games  society  essay 
july 2019 by mechazoidal
The bizarre, true story of Metal Gear Solid’s English translation - Polygon
"Although it’s hard to believe now, Hideo Kojima was unknown in the West at that point in the early to mid-’90s. I first met him when I worked at Konami’s HQ in Toranomon, Tokyo, from about September 1993 to March 1995. That one-and-a-half-year span felt like at least five years due to the high-pressure environment of being the only foreigner in the office, and the horrible Tokyo rush-hour train commute. I would later translate Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation, a job that might have been much too big for one person.

This is how it all happened."
history  games  translation  writing 
july 2019 by mechazoidal
“Terminator, Why So Silius?” – Gaming Alexandria
Journey to Silius(raf world) really was a Terminator game originally
games  history 
july 2019 by mechazoidal
セガ・スーパーサーキット 横浜博覧会('89) - YouTube
Footage of "Sega Super Circuit" at Yokohama Exotic Showcase ’89 "(or 'YES ’89 ' as it was abbreviated at the time)".
Note that this was a new version of "Mach Vision", which had appeared at Nissan's "Super GameZ" pavilion in 1986.
(see: )
games  video:youtube  japan  arcade 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
NISSAN スーパーゲームZ マッハビジョン 夢工場'87 - YouTube
Footage of "Mach Vision" at Nissan's "Super GameZ" pavilion at Communication Carnival Dream Factory '87.
zimmerit: "Mach Vision was no normal video game but instead, a bunch of Outrun arcade machines rigged up to control remote control cars as they raced around an enormous, sci-fi-flavored race track. The cars and track were designed by [Makoto Kobayashi] and made use of tiny cameras that transmitted a driver’s eye view to players sitting in the arcade cabinets. Today drone racing and GoPro cameras are common enough that such a game doesn’t sound too impressive, but remember, this was 1987 and at the time home video cameras meant bazooka-sized rigs you put on your shoulder."
video:youtube  japan  games  arcade  drones 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
Reassembler - Emulation & Decompilation: The Insanity of Sega Super Circuit (セガスーパーサーキット)
"SC was conceived and developed by Sega’s Mechatronics R&D department, and it went through a series of iterations between 1987 and 1990. It was a bold attempt to combine multiplayer arcade racing with real world remote controlled cars. Visitors to venues including Sega World, Tokyo could watch up to 6 RC cars whizzing around a track, set in a futuristic city, that when unravelled was 103 metres long. "
"What impresses me the most about SSC, is its scale and ambition. It's a manifestation of Sega at the height of their arcade powers. The footage shows that the camera feed from the RC cars is imperfect and prone to breaking up; Sega were clearly pushing the limits of late 80s technology. It must have been a complex operation to run logistically and it’s hard to imagine arcade operators beyond Sega having the space or resources to maintain such a complex attraction. It must have cost a fortune to design, construct and operate."
also note that an early version of this, "Mach Vision" debuted at a Nissan pavilion in 1986
sega  games  history  japan  arcade 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
How Touhou Inspired Me To Live My Best Life
"The real magic of Touhou isn't the spells they cast, or the Gods and spirits that inhabit the world. To me, personally, subjectively, it's the power of storytelling, of imagining better worlds and then trying to make them manifest themselves for real in as many small ways as you can, as a direct resistance to the theft of creativity and energy our world often violently inflicts upon us."
inspiration  touhou  essay  lgbt  quiltbag  2019  writing  games 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
Doctor Spin - Tetris (Radio Edit) - YouTube
@TangoCharlie: In 1992 an artist named "Doctor Spin" released a single called "Tetris," linked below. I only just learned that half of "Doctor Spin" was ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER. The same Andrew Lloyd Webber as "Cats" and so forth.
video:youtube  music  games 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
who killed videogames? (a ghost story) | insert credit
108: "When a psychiatrist looks at videogames, he’s not going to appreciate the fineness of the sprite art; he’s going to find the elements that get stuck in the brain. We’re all Stockholm-syndromed, halfway in love with videogames; we grew up learning that videogames were awesome, and the makers of the most awesome of all games grew old constantly trying to “recapture” the “roots” of their former glory. The thing is one thing can affect a million people a billion different ways. You can’t trace glory back to one root. So through sequels and remakes and demakes and reboots and rebooquels, time and again, the makers of games presume that each element of a thing is some different someone’s favorite part of that thing. The hardcore gamers, in their fondest appreciation, have left clues littered here and everywhere, pointing even the most uninitiated toward the universal facets of electronic games that most directly touch our brains. Some clever people picked up the trail . . . and a few years later, here we are, each of us a different kleptomaniac in a different candy shop. God help us; Shigeru Miyamoto help us all."
gamification  games  2011  gamedev  addiction  essay 
may 2019 by mechazoidal
Castlevania - Developer Commentary -
Hitoshi Akamatsu:
- big Western film fan, responsible for the Alien influence in Contra by hyping the film around the office
- eventually pushed our of Konami after Dracula's Curse, since it wasn't making TMNT-level money.
shmuplations  gamedev  games  history 
may 2019 by mechazoidal
Metal Gear Solid In 5 Minutes (Live Action) (Sweded) - Mega64 - YouTube
@mega64: Hollywood can't adapt video games right. So we did it. METAL GEAR SOLID. LIVE ACTION. All homemade. Sweded. Stealth. "METAL GEAR SOLID IN 5 MINUTES" by MEGA64 featuring @kinucakes @egoraptor and many more.
video:youtube  humor  games 
may 2019 by mechazoidal
Mach Vision: A Bubble Era Arcade Game from Sega, Nissan, and Makoto Kobayashi – ZIMMERIT – Anime | Manga | Garage Kits | Doujinshi
"Mach Vision was no normal video game but instead, a bunch of Outrun arcade machines rigged up to control remote control cars as they raced around an enormous, sci-fi-flavored race track. The cars and track were designed by Kobayashi and made use of tiny cameras that transmitted a driver’s eye view to players sitting in the arcade cabinets. Today drone racing and GoPro cameras are common enough that such a game doesn’t sound too impressive, but remember, this was 1987 and at the time home video cameras meant bazooka-sized rigs you put on your shoulder."

"Despite being an event-only game, Mach Vision reappeared a couple of years later with a completely overhauled appearance at Yokohama Exotic Showcase ’89. Decidedly less information is available about the game’s (presumably) final appearance, but the Yokohama Exotic Showcase ’89 (or “YES ’89” as it was abbreviated at the time) was a celebratory event to mark the 100th anniversary of the city’s constitution. "
games  arcade  zimmerit 
may 2019 by mechazoidal
use uDraw GameTablet on PC as mouse/tablet
"This is a .NET PC application that allows you to use either the Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 uDraw GameTablets as a mouse input device. It supports absolute vs. relative cursor movement, mapping of actions to specific buttons, and multiple tablets at once."
Handy for reference of, say, how it appears as a Wiimote add-on. Actual device is underwhelming.
reverse_engineering  drivers  games  peripherals  wii  wiimote  xbox  dotnet  windows  reference 
april 2019 by mechazoidal
The story of the 3dfx Voodoo1
"In 1996 the company announced the SST1 (named after the founders Sellers-Smith-Tarolli-1) architecture which was promptly licensed by several OEMs such as Diamond, Canopus, Innovision, and ColorMAX. The marketing name given to their creation was "Voodoo1" for its magic like performances properties."
3d  games  hardware  history  graphics 
april 2019 by mechazoidal
The story of the Rendition Vérité 1000
"What handicaped the V1000 (and indirectly its successor the V2200) was its lack of a hardware-accelerated z-buffer. As soon as a developer enabled depth-test, the fill-rate dropped to 12.5Mpixel/s and framerate was halved. As Stephan Podell would later explain[10], vQuake (and all other games) had been banged into the V1000 by reading the z-buffer as little as possible.

Developers found out that the only way to ship was to have the CPU do most of the work. In the case of vQuake, that meant using the card as a super fast horizontal span renderer which always wrote to the z-buffer but only performed z-read-compare when rendering enemies. Even though good products shipped, the consequences of these design "choices" would be far reaching."
graphics  3d  hardware  history  games 
april 2019 by mechazoidal
R-TYPE FINAL2 -Teaser - YouTube
@iiotenki: For people concerned about this being an April Fool's joke since this is Japan: Granzella and, by extension, old Irem, who used to be known for their yearly April Fool's shenanigans, but have held off on doing much in recent years and I think the timing is mostly a nod to fans.
video:youtube  games 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
Charlie Chaplin | The Obscuritory
@ItsTheShadsy: This is such a great kernel of an idea, but I couldn't figure out what to actually do when I was acting. But I love how the game takes place on film sets. It's a tribute to the filmmaking process
gamedev  games  review 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
Dave@Why's It So Cold on Twitter: "One more thing: Grid illustrates just how hard it is to make a working fighting game at a modern standard. You've got a base professionally competing to be the first person to find the design flaw that single-handedly de
@sasuraiger: One more thing: Grid illustrates just how hard it is to make a working fighting game at a modern standard. You've got a base professionally competing to be the first person to find the design flaw that single-handedly destroys your game. That's *hard* to account for.
fightman  games  gamedev  tweet 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
(Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space) White Base: Episode 1 - Earth - YouTube
Note how they reanimated/redid scenes from the TV show to update the looks.
Game-wise, I really like the 3D movement: hard to say without playing, but I wonder if it's like Omega Boost?
video:youtube  games  anime  lets_play 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers •
Barrett seems to be the most energetic with the M82 being photogenic. The NRA involvement is even more damning looking back from 2019.

None of the major game companies (inc Sega) wanted to talk about it.
us  2013  games  guns  branding  capitalism  gamedev 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
S L Ö T H M Ö T H E R on Twitter: "So, I've read and re-read this Escapist piece several times now, and it's a doozy:'s some good points raised, and Pitts goes to great lengths throughout to condemn GG and laboriously descri
"We were having a very public conversation about games journalism, the role of games media, its relation to marketing, and the influence of publishers over review scores, all for the best part of a decade! GobblyGuck didn't start that conversation: It *ENDED* it."

"Quite honestly, I broadly agree with the sentiment of that Escapist piece that we do need to have these conversations again. However, that's not something we can do if we're crediting the movement that killed those conversations with bringing up an uncomfortable truth. It didn't."

"And god damn, I can't get over how perfect that is. From now own I'll be referring to GravellyGrave as the gaming industry's Pinkertons."
( )
gg  tweets  2019  games  journalism  ethics 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
QUOVADIS 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei – Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster
Control scheme, but also fairness. Only bummer is requires knowing JP because lots of orders are vocal.
Also note: not a 4X or RTS: you have finite units for each mission, so in practice it's more like Cannon Fodder.
archive_it  games  game_concepts 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
Mike Rose on Twitter: "Little thread of potential horror:I am getting very, very worried about the future of Netflix-like subscription models. In the last 6 months, I have been contact by over a dozen different services, who all want to put No More Robots
"But here's the catch: None of these platforms want to pay anything upfront. Instead, they want to pay us "per number of hours" that their users play our games, compared to how many hours their users are playing games overall. Which is obviously going to be *shit* for indie devs"
as @bruces would say, what happens to musicians etc.

But note later in thread: music got cheaper on latter 20th century, but production costs got cheaper as well. Same thing hasn't happened to games yet.
2019  games  business  tweets  gamedev 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
Bradley Trainer: Atari’s Top Secret Military Project - The Arcade Blogger
a lot of history on the legendary converted-Battlezone-arcade-game that Atari created for the US Army.
Surprise twist: one unit STILL exists in the hands of a private collector, and pictures are shown.
atari  games  military  history  simulation 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
What would a EvE online Internet look like?
Visualizing the Internet and BGP via Eve online systems and the London underground
bgp  networking  internet  visualization  games 
february 2019 by mechazoidal
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