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The Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships, Right Down to the Bolts | Outside Online
Ships from before nuclear testing days are usually made out of a lot of structural steel, which is valuable. This then leads to loss of tourism and fishing(due to loss of coral areas)
The other part noted is that the salvage operations are amazingly clean and unnoticed--the author isn't sure how they're doing it.
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may 2017 by mechazoidal
The Fighter -
"The Marine Corps taught Sam Siatta how to shoot. The war in Afghanistan taught him how to kill. Nobody taught him how to come home."
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april 2017 by mechazoidal
How the Yakuza went nuclear - Telegraph
"One worker said, “When I tried to quit, the people employing me mentioned the name of a local yakuza group. I got the hint. If Tepco didn’t know what was going on, I believe they should have.” Former Tepco executives, workers, police officials, as well as investigative journalist, Katsunobu Onda, author of TEPCO: The Dark Empire, all agree: Tepco have always known they were working with the yakuza; they just didn’t care. "
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april 2017 by mechazoidal
Merchants of Meth: How Big Pharma Keeps the Cooks in Business | Mother Jones
"For the most part, businesses and organizations that lobby, if they have important issues going on, they'll add lobbyists to their list. They'll employ more people to go out there and talk to legislators. CHPA[Consumer Healthcare Products Association, Washington-based industry association representing the makers and distributors of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements] employs very few lobbyists and they spend 99 percent of their lobbying expenditures on this sort of grassroots outreach on phone banking[robocalling] and advertising. As far as I know, nothing's ever produced the number of calls or the visibility of this particular effort."
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april 2017 by mechazoidal
Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm - Bloomberg
not sure of soundness, but interesting. "The Moneyball of detecting serial killers"
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february 2017 by mechazoidal
The Yakuza Are Running Japan’s Hollywood - The Daily Beast
from a quote: "Thugs and bullies and yakuza shouldn’t run Japan’s entertainment industry. That’s why the quality is so poor. It’s time for a change. But the courts, the cops, the media—they support the status quo, whether it’s wrong or right. That’s Japan."
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february 2016 by mechazoidal
The Twin Insurgency - The American Interest
Nils Gilman: "The postmodern state is under siege from plutocrats and criminals who unknowingly compound each other’s insidiousness."
@bruces: "Makes sense to me, but why call 'em 'insurgencies' when they've won already"
government  crime  essay  postmodern 
november 2015 by mechazoidal
Cash Drops and Keystrokes: The Dark Reality of Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Games - The New York Times
Surprise surprise, "fantasy" sports betting is just the same as regular sports betting. Except it's much harder to regulate.
gambling  crime  nytimes  article 
october 2015 by mechazoidal
Life in the Paris Banlieues - The New Yorker
"Although the alienated, impoverished immigrant communities outside Paris are increasingly prone to anti-Semitism, the profiles of French jihadists don’t track closely with class. Many of them have come from bourgeois families."
france  culture  religion  crime 
august 2015 by mechazoidal
The Deadly Global War for Sand
"Though the supply might seem endless, sand is a finite resource like any other. The worldwide construction boom of recent years—all those mushrooming megacities, from Lagos to Beijing—is devouring unprecedented quantities; extracting it is a $70 billion industry. In Dubai enormous land-reclamation projects and breakneck skyscraper-building have exhausted all the nearby sources. Exporters in Australia are literally selling sand to Arabs."
(note that this article is more about sand used for concrete, not sand/sillicon used in electronics)
wired  article  environment  crime 
july 2015 by mechazoidal
The Cartel Gunsmiths | Motherboard
"There is also nothing revolutionary about the technology the men used to manufacture their cache of untraceable guns; people have been milling untraceable firearms in garages for a long time. But that a cartel was dabbling in homebrew gunsmithing in the first place is enough for [the prosecutor] to take pause."
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june 2015 by mechazoidal
"In fact, the idea of faking your own location through attaching your GPS anklet to a Roomba, for example, and letting it wander around the house all day is perversely brilliant, like something from a 21st-century Alfred Hitchcock film. "
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march 2015 by mechazoidal
Dark Leviathan: On The High Seas of the Hidden Internet
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Silk Road's rise and fall is mapped out in mafia dealings, Hobbes' Leviathan, and 20C game theory.
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february 2015 by mechazoidal
Why would someone steal the world’s rarest water lily? | Sam Knight | News | The Guardian
"Each chromosome is a letter. Each gene is a word. Each organism is a book. “Each plant that is dying contains words that have only been spoken in that book,” he said. “So one plant goes, one book goes, and also one language goes and perhaps a sense of words that we will never understand. What would have happened with Shakespeare with no roses? And Monet with no water lilies?”"
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october 2014 by mechazoidal
Three times, and never again
@SwiftOnSecurity : "Why women don't report being raped. By someone that was. Who did. By someone who regrets reporting being raped."
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october 2014 by mechazoidal
Business | Sword-Wielder Lived On Streets As Strange Loner | Seattle Times Newspaper
The infamous "Seattle sidewalk swordsman" incident involving Tony Allison in 1997.
article  crime  history  seattle  swords 
august 2011 by mechazoidal
Into the Abyss: Why Gangs Form
Notes on the common causes of gangs forming: for security and acceptance.
education  teaching  crime  gang  research 
march 2009 by mechazoidal

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