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Open-access CACM articles | Mark J. Nelson
"In each issue, a few articles (but not all) are open access. Infuriatingly, the table of contents does not give a hint as to which ones. [...] These are the CACM articles that were open-access as of March 14, 2016."
computerscience  acm  articles  resource  programming  piperesearch 
march 2016 by mechazoidal
AllSides | Issues, political news, non-partisan news bias ratings "One thing they do not do is rate the bias of individual articles. They only rate news sources as a whole."
news  articles  resource 
december 2015 by mechazoidal
Red Blob Games
"I’ve been curating game development articles since 1990. All of my articles are available for free, with no signup and no ads. The main audience is independent, student, and hobbyist game developers, but I’d like to cover other math and computer science topics in the future. [...] Accompanying code is open source, under either the MIT License or the Apache v2 License."
gamedev  resource  articles  programming  math  algorithms  piperesearch 
january 2015 by mechazoidal
Rectal Foreign Bodies
I say what what (in the etc.) And you thought Scrubs made it up.
odd  science  humor  articles  medical  rectal 
october 2009 by mechazoidal - Melax
Stan Melax' page, with some (possibly out-of-date) game code examples.
personal  gamedev  game  physics  articles  programming  development 
february 2009 by mechazoidal
"A fast, easy, free tool to save web pages for reading later". In case you don't feel like bookmarking/tagging a page just to read it later.
iphone  webapp  web  reading  articles 
december 2008 by mechazoidal
Tyssen Design
Good articles on standards-compliant web-design and development.
blog  design  articles  web  css  webdev 
october 2008 by mechazoidal
Total Information Management System
Started by a goon, to provide more unified IT/CS knowledge.
wiki  articles  knowledge  programming  languages  code  community 
february 2008 by mechazoidal
vaporbase :: Authorization in Rails
Round up of various authorization recipies and plugins for rails, including acl_system2, Goldberg, and ModelSecurity.
rails  authorization  security  articles  Ruby  comparison 
january 2008 by mechazoidal

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