The Problem With Single-threaded Shared Mutability - In Pursuit of Laziness
Showing how Rust's RWLock and Cell types come in handy even in single-threaded code
concurrency  programming  rust  2015 
3 hours ago
mjg59 | Letting Birds scooters fly free
"In summary: Secrets that are stored on hardware that attackers can run arbitrary code on probably aren't secret, not having verified boot on safety critical components isn't ideal, devices should have meaningful cryptographic identity when authenticating against a remote endpoint."
(NRF52, STM32, cell modem)
security  hardware  reverse_engineering  vehicles 
4 hours ago
GitHub - mozilla/MozDef: MozDef: Mozilla Enterprise Defense Platform
"The Mozilla Enterprise Defense Platform (MozDef) seeks to automate the security incident handling process and facilitate the real-time activities of incident handlers."

effectively a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system , on top of a modified ELK stack
security  k8s  tools  devops  elk 
GitHub - machakann/vim-sandwich: The set of operator and textobject plugins to search/select/edit sandwiched textobjects.
A successor of sorts to tpope's vim-surround.
facme: note that it builds on operators and textobjects, and even improves on them: see 'unique count handling' section
vim  plugin  repo:github  facme 
2 days ago
A LSP client maintainer's view of the LSP protocol. : vim
the author of YCM is not happy with LSP: there's the usual MS "claim it's standardized, then break in areas", but nothing that can't be fixed.
However, the deeper point is that vim and vim's completion is probably incompatible with how LSP works. Note the comments on r/emacs on how they're working with LSP OK in company-mode:
vim  emacs  reddit  discussion  facme  2019  lsp 
2 days ago
"a minimal and free Kubernetes distribution."
- Kubernetes v1.16.2 (upstream)
- Single or multi-master, Calico or flannel networking
- On-cluster etcd with TLS, RBAC-enabled, network policy
- Advanced features like worker pools, preemptible workers, and snippets customization
- Ready for Ingress, Prometheus, Grafana, CSI, or other addons

lobsters: "the Terraform part, is nicely captured and maintained [by this], it works wonders across clouds and the developers do it as a for-fun completely open distro.

Sure, afterwards there’s all the YAML templating, to which I have no good answer, but it’s one fewer wall to bang against"
k8s  devops  containers  terraform 
3 days ago
GitHub - thockin/go-build-template: A Makefile/Dockerfile example for Go projects.
"This is a skeleton project for a Go application, which captures the best build techniques I have learned to date. It uses a Makefile to drive the build (the universal API to software projects) and a Dockerfile to build a docker image. This has only been tested on Linux, and depends on Docker to build."

"This assumes the use of go modules (which will be the default for all Go builds as of Go 1.13) and vendoring (which reasonable minds might disagree about)."
repo:github  golang  docker 
3 days ago
SHERP the true all terrain vehicle - YouTube
first comment:
"Engineers everywhere: ok we need to think about suspension, ground clearance, weight distribution, power distribution and much more....
Russians: Put big wheel on box"
video:youtube  vehicles  cars 
3 days ago
Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence
Note tools: duplicate these in vim or facme?
Also tools for SEO
Also, the"sitting down to write" seems like ADHD tips
writing  essay 
3 days ago
"Yes - I agree on "Vim should be a text editor only" - but I also want it to be smart enough to let me do what I want. And at some point you hit a border. Some people work around it to get close to there goals, but often its about adding yet another hack. "
vim  facme 
4 days ago
Marc Weber, author of mu-template vim snippets plugin.
Feature matrix of vim snippets managers
facme: "This section exists to illustrate the different features you may want to have which some engines implement, others do not. Thus add future ideas, too. "
facme  vim  reference 
4 days ago
GitHub - saibing/tools: [mirror] Go Tools
"I have ported some features such as references, rename, workspace symbol, implementation of bingo to gopls"
(as of 2019/10, slightly more stable/useful than mainline gopls? but author's intent is that they will eventually merge)
golang  lsp  repo:github 
4 days ago
@MammonMachine: The thing about AI: The Somnium Files that NO ONE is talking about is the Gary’s Mod level of 3D model physical comedy all the puzzle gameplay is centered around. The box says “dive into people’s dreams!” but the game is Alice In Wonderland with the two biggest dipshits on earth.
game  to-play 
4 days ago
WSJT Home Page
"open-source programs designed for weak-signal digital communication by amateur radio. Normal usage requires a standard SSB transceiver and a personal computer with soundcard, or the equivalent. SDR-style hardware including the SDR-IQ, Perseus, SoftRock, and FUNcube Dongle is supported by MAP65 and WSPR. SimJT is a utility program that generates simulated signals for test purposes. "
radio  ham  tools 
5 days ago
Loom — Rust concurrency library //
"a testing tool for concurrent Rust code. It runs a test many times, permuting the possible concurrent executions of that test under the C11 memory model. It uses state reduction techniques to avoid combinatorial explosion."
rust  library  testing  concurrency 
5 days ago
Counting the Countless — Real Life
@aphyr: I think @farbandish's essay on the ways in which large-scale data capture can be harmful to queer people should be mandatory reading for statisticians and data scientists. Especially in the context of James C. Scott's "Seeing Like a State".
datascience  ethics  culture  lgbt  categories 
5 days ago
the rant | the m john harrison blog
"Prophecy is over. Persuasion is over. Action is the last thing left. Rebellion is the last thing left. Stay steady in the face of it all. Do what you can. Write that. Record that. Try to pass helpful messages between practical, determined people."

@bruces: *Sure, Troy's in flames and Cassandra's dead, but there's eons of futurity ahead, and it's gonna make the present day look pretty parochial, no matter how upset you are right now
writing  2019 
6 days ago
hedgehog 🇭🇰 on Twitter: "zun explicitly doesn't want his legacy to become like disney copyright-wise… "
@AmyZenunim: this thread has a good look into a recent interview with ZUN:

* Touhou is currently most popular with young girls and women
* ZUN is still committed to keeping it doujin/indie
* he's wanting to break into other game genres
* he'd like Reimu in Smash
touhou  interview  tweets 
7 days ago
Blobs in Games: Verb-noun vs noun-verb
Starts with interesting stuff in the Ultima games, then goes into vim and auto-complete.
"In games it seems like it'd be better for players to first choose an object from the environment and then choose from a small set of actions, than to first choose from a large set of actions and then choose from a set of objects. However I haven't surveyed enough games to see what's more common. The next time you're playing a game, look at the structure of commands to see if it's verb-noun or noun-verb. "
gamedev  vim  facme  piperesearch 
7 days ago
Excelsior Class: After the Experiment - Srol - Medium
"(Note: If Star Trek had architecture critics, they would write about starship design. This essay is intended as an in-fiction critique of the Excelsior class of starships. Any canon mistakes are the fault of the author.)"
star_trek  fiction  space 
7 days ago
Weapons of War: The Defiant class — Starship Critic
"(Note: If Star Trek had architecture critics, they would write about starship design. This essay is intended as an in-fiction critique of the Defiant class of starships. Any canon mistakes are the fault of the author.)"
star_trek  fiction  space 
8 days ago
Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols (2nd Edition): Radia Perlman: 0785342634488: Books
lobsters: "If you’re looking for a solid, more in depth networking foundation, the book to read is still Interconnections by Radia Perlman. It’s not up to date with developments like vxlan, quic, and mpls, but it’ll give you the grounding you need to easily understand those. And it’s very well written; networking literature more than many other areas of tech tends to be excessively dry."
book  amazon  networking 
8 days ago
Plan 9 admittedly sucks in many ways. It has limited hardware support, a weird u... | Hacker News
"To draw to the screen there is one function: draw(). You pass it two rasters and some coordinates and it draws one on top of the other. That's it. Everything works across networks and architectures."

"The thread library is wonderful. Threads in Plan 9 are non-preemptive and run in a round-robin fashion. They communicate using CSP channels. CSP can greatly simplify the design of many programs."

"In a few of the programs I wrote would access the mouse and keyboard in seperate threads. You could use the regular open() and read() calls from each thread and there was no need to worry about locks. When I wanted something to run on both cpus I forked a process, which is very cheap."

PR: "In linux and windows programs are islands. These islands are expected to provide everything the program does in one executable. Acme is not an island. It does not have a builtin spell checker or word counter. What it does have is a namespace that allows you to access its resources."
pmz  piperesearch  plan9  hn  comment 
8 days ago
GitHub - joeycastillo/The-Open-Book
Building an open source e-reader. Basic board design and BOM are available as of 10/2019
electronics  hardware  pmz  repo:github 
11 days ago
Pointer Based Data-Structures in SPARK - The AdaCore Blog
"The specification and verification of pointer-based data-structures is a challenge in deductive verification whether the 'pointer' part is implemented as a machine pointer or as an array index (as an example, see our previous post about verifying insertion inside a red-black tree). In addition, SPARK has a strict ownership policy which will prevent completely the use of some (doubly-linked) data-structures, and complicate the writing of usual algorithms on others. However, I think I have demonstrated in this post that is still feasible to write and verify in SPARK some of these algorithms, with comparatively few user-supplied annotations."
Note how they're borrowing some ideas from Rust.

See also:
ada_language  ada  programming  verification  pmz  piperesearch 
11 days ago
‘What I Believe’ from Interzone
@ccohanlon: The extraordinary What I Believe by JG Ballard, part prose-poem, part secular prayer, first published in French in Science Fiction #1 (ed. Daniel Riche) in January 1984 – the original English manuscript reprinted in English in Interzone, #8, Summer 1984.
writing  poetry  postmodernism 
11 days ago
Steve Streeting on Twitter: "It's really annoying me that every time I do a build, Unity keeps flipping this Unity Connect project setting on. I can't find a way to opt out of it. I don't want it, and I keep reverting it. I removed the Analytics package a
@stevestreeting: @unity3d Ah, I found it - it's the "Disable HW Statistics" option buried in the Player settings. I remember flipping this for WashedUp now

I just don't like things making callbacks that I don't know about. Fine to opt in to these things, but really not fine to default them on & not ask
unity3d  tips  tweets  gamedev 
11 days ago
Underdiagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adult Patients: A Review of the Literature
Must read in a desktop browser.
"Almost every aspect of adult life can be impacted by ADHD, including work and family life, particularly if the condition remains undiagnosed, untreated, or ineffectively treated, potentially with a detrimental effect on psychological well-being and quality of life. Conversely, some adults with ADHD may appear to function normally, although they might expend excessive amounts of energy trying to overcome their impairments; this may also affect their psychological well-being, as patients are distressed by persistent symptoms such as restlessness and mood instability."
adhd  paper  medical  2014 
11 days ago
How my application ran away and called home from Redmond
"Microsoft Windows 10 sends all new unique binaries for further analysis to Microsoft by default. They run the executable in an environment where network connectivity is available. This opens interesting data leak vector for attacker and also includes some privacy concerns. It is quite common that even in isolated environments, many of the Microsoft IP address ranges are whitelisted to make sure systems will stay up to date. This enables adversary to leak data via Microsoft services which is extremely juicy covert channel."
microsoft  privacy  security  windows  2019  from:medium 
12 days ago
ULTIMATE VERSUS (2004) - Ryuhei Kitamura - YouTube
@DarylSurat: There's no need for implications here, people. Just tell me "Ryuhei Kitamura, the writer/director, uploaded his Ultimate Versus cut onto Youtube in 720p last year" and have that be it. You can watch it here, 10 extra minutes compared to the Special Edition
film  movies  video:youtube 
12 days ago
ArduPilot Open Source Autopilot
"It is the only autopilot software capable of controlling any vehicle system imaginable, from conventional airplanes, multirotors, and helicopters, to boats and even submarines. And now being expanded to feature support for new emerging vehicle types such as quad-planes and compound helicopters."
drones  software  vehicles  diy 
13 days ago
How to Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing and Scanning Them
Windows: Use Adobe Reader
osx/macos: built into Preview, as far back as 10.11
Linux/Android: It's Complicated(tm): use "Adobe Fill & Sign"
ios: built in
chromebook: use HelloSign
pdf  reference  business  documents 
13 days ago
An Introduction To Real-Time Subsurface Scattering
'If you were to ask me right now to choose between the 3 techniques that I discussed, I would probably go with the screen-space option. In general it seems to have the least corner cases to handle, and most closely resembles a ray-tracing approach. But that could also be a bit of "the grass is always greener" syndrome on my part. I also fully expect a few games to start using ray-traced SSS on high-end hardware at some point in the near future, since you can use that for high-quality results while keeping a screen-space path as a fallback for weaker hardware'
gamedev  rendering  raytracing  piperesearch  textures  shaders  2019 
13 days ago
FreeBSD and custom firmware on the Google Pixelbook / Home
"Pixelbook, FreeBSD, coreboot, EDK2 good.

Seriously, I have no big words to say, other than just recommending this laptop to FOSS enthusiasts :)"
freebsd  laptop  hardware  chromebook  google  2019 
13 days ago
Inigo Quilez :: fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, shaders, demoscene and more
"However I believe [fractional Brownian Motion] is not necessarily a well understood mechanism. So this article describes how it functions and their different spectral and visual characteristics for various values of their main parameter H, backed with some experiments and measurements."
math  random  procedural  dsp 
14 days ago
Vagrearg - Fast HSV to RGB Conversion
"Using a different color-space than RGB makes coding functionality much easier, but it comes at the expense of a more or less complex calculation to convert the color-space used in coding to the LED controlling RGB color-space. Therein also lies the problem, small micro controllers are unable to perform complex calculations without significant resources, which usually means increased calculation time."
color  avr  math  programming  graphics  reference  embedded 
15 days ago
A Rant On Terra
"You realize now, the monstrosity we unleashed upon the world? The sin that Terra has committed now lies naked before us.

Terra is C if you replaced the preprocessor with Lua.

Remember how Terra says you can implement Java-like and Go-like class systems? You can’t. Or rather, you will end up with a pathetic imitation, a facsimile of a real class system, striped down to the bone and bereft of any useful mechanisms. It is nothing more than an implementation of vtables, just like you would make in C. Because Terra is C. It’s metaprogrammable C."

(and don't even think of trying for a HM type system)
terra_language  metaprogramming  rant  2019  lua 
15 days ago
Video Games Densetsu: Alisia Dragoon / アリシア ドラグーン (Mega Drive - Game...
Alisia Dragoon / アリシア ドラグーン
(Mega Drive - Game Arts, Gainax - 1992)
Monster illustrations: Hajime Satō / 佐藤 肇
art  games  history  tumblr 
15 days ago
He Never Intended To Become A Political Dissident, But Then He Started Beating Up Tai Chi Masters
"There’s an unmistakable whiff of pro wrestling surrounding Xu’s entire project. Part of this is down to the fact that he can deliver monologues like a seasoned heel; part of it is because, for as seriously as he takes his fights against tai chi masters, there’s a slapstick quality to each of them. There’s just something inherently funny about watching an aging, chunky MMA fighter stride right up to a supposed martial arts master and proceed to beat the absolute hell out of him.

Of all the absurdities that have recently defined Xu’s life, none are seemingly greater than the fact that he, a loudmouthed fighter and entertainer with objectively modest political views, has become a real symbol of dissent. But perhaps that’s not so absurd. In modern China, the simple act of being brash and unapologetic can be enough to qualify one as a true rebel."
mma  fighting  china  2019  sports 
16 days ago
アリシアドラグーン 攻略メモ | うえぽんのゲームランド
JP fan site explaining the Alisia Dragoon ranking system.

GamingHell: "They're split into two basic types, with one set reserved for players who mostly used Alisia's thunder magic, and another set reserved for those who relied more on the beast friends, and the different ranks are given based on your play time, number of deaths and shot-down rate. Like a lot of things in this game, it's an extra bit of fluff, but what a charming way of assessing your player's performance!"
games  gamedev  inspiration  reference 
16 days ago
Alisia Dragoon – 1992 Developer Interview |
"This small Alisia Dragoon interview originally appeared in BEEP Megadrive magazine and features staff members from both Gainax and Game Arts. It presents a very different picture from the Game Arts which would later be known for the Grandia series; in many ways, it was the last hurrah for the development of Game Arts’ first action series, Thexder (note the involvement of Thexder/Fire Hawk co-creator Satoshi Uesaka)."

"This interview also focused heavily on Game Arts’ new software tools for map/sprite editing, “KETCHUP” and “DARI”. I’ve included several images which offer an extra window into both Alisia Dragoon’s development specifically and the Game Arts working environment generally in 1992."
shmuplations  history  interview  games 
16 days ago
Alisia Dragoon - Alisia's life was spared. She is now a woman with magical ability rivalling that of her father.
GamingHell/Ant take us on a walkthrough of Alisia Dragoon, just in time for the Mega Drive Mini release
16 days ago
Directory Opus
@stevestreeting: Every so often I like to do a shout out for Directory Opus (no spon).

It's hands-down the best file manager I've ever used on any platform, and I've used, and paid for, a few.

Ignore the awful 90's website and default theme, it's hugely customisable.
windows  tools  utilities  software 
17 days ago
GitHub - sinbad/UnityRecyclingListView: A fast scrolling list component for Unity UI which recycles its child elements
Unity UI virtualised / recycling ScrollRect now supports dynamic resizing like a well behaved boi
unity3d  repo:github  library 
18 days ago
The Fascinating Influence of Cyclone
The history of Cyclone, what it influenced, and who was involved. Covers Ada, Midori, M#, Pony, Rust, and others

PR: "For all their benefits, unique (linear) references have a significant limitation. Using only unique references, only hierarchical (tree) data structures can be built. Nearly all data structures with cycles need to allow multiple references to the same object, which unique references cannot do. This limitation, as well as the disruptive constraints of move semantics, should stay top-of-mind when touting the virtues of single-owner memory management and unique references."
programming  safety  history  c  c++  piperesearch  memory 
18 days ago
Go interfaces, the tricky parts
"If get a type error when you attempt to use a concrete value in a place needing an interface value and you think "but it fulfils the interface", remember: interface values and concretes are very different things. That you can place a concrete value in an interface value does not mean it is an interface value, so you can't use it in all the same ways."
Golang  2019  programming  tips 
18 days ago
GitHub - crawshaw/sqlite: Go SQLite3 driver
Not actually a DB driver, but an attempt to bring some of the SQlite non-db features into the interface via C linking.

See also:
sqlite  golang  repo:github  database  piperesearch 
18 days ago
Haunted By Data
"The terminology around Big Data is surprisingly bucolic. Data flows through streams into the data lake, or else it's captured in logs. A data silo stands down by the old data warehouse, where granddaddy used to sling bits. "

"And high above it all floats the Cloud. Then this stuff presumably flows into the digital ocean."

"I would like to challenge this picture, and ask you to imagine data not as a pristine resource, but as a waste product, a bunch of radioactive, toxic sludge that we don’t know how to handle. "

"In particular, I'd like to draw a parallel between what we're doing and nuclear energy, another technology whose beneficial uses we could never quite untangle from the harmful ones. "
big_data  history  culture  privacy  security  2019 
18 days ago
HOME | mysite
The MegaMarvin is used for horror films.
music  audio  instrument  foley 
18 days ago
Rosegarden: music software for Linux
"music composition and editing environment based around a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation and includes basic support for digital audio.

Rosegarden is an easy-to-learn, attractive application that runs on Linux, ideal for composers, musicians, music students, and small studio or home recording environments."
midi  software  linux  audio  music  tools 
19 days ago
Processing 40 TB of code from ~10 million projects with a dedicated server and Go for $100 | Ben E. C. Boyter
Lets get the elephant out of the room first. It was not 10 million projects as the “click bait” title indicates. I was shy by 15,000 so I rounded up. Please forgive me.

It took about 5 weeks to download and run scc over the collection of repositories saving all of the data. It took just over 49 hours to crunch the 1 TB of JSON and produce the results below.
Golang  big_data  analysis  programming  complexity 
19 days ago
GPS, Galileo & More: How do they work & what happened during the big outage? • articles
This lead me on a journey to monitor Galileo, but quickly also GPS, the Russian GLONASS and Chinese BeiDou systems. Along the way, I found out out how positioning satellites really work. This also helped me understand what went wrong with Galileo, more about which later.

In this post, I want to share what I learned, firstly because it is fascinating, but secondly because it serves as documentation of what the monitoring website “” is actually showing.
gps  space  math  navigation  reference 
19 days ago
GitHub - aras-p/ClangBuildAnalyzer: Clang build analysis tool using -ftime-trace

Which files are slowest to parse? i.e. spend time in compiler lexer/parser front-end
Which C++ templates took the most time to instantiate?
Which files are slowest to generate code for? i.e. spend time in compiler backend doing codegen and optimizations
Which functions are slowest to generate code for?
Which header files are included the most in the whole build, how much time is spent parsing them, and what are the include chains of them?
tools  gamedev  c++  clang  llvm  repo:github  optimization 
20 days ago
Pete Corey - All Hail Glorious Voice Leader!
"I’ve been writing code that generates guitar chords for over a year now, in various languages and with varying degrees of success. My newest addition to this family of chord-creating programs is Glorious Voice Leader!"
guitar  music  composing  tools 
20 days ago
PDF Insecurity Website
Not like it was a huge surprise, but password-locked PDFs aren't hard to break.
pdf  security  2019 
20 days ago
The Thundering Ninja! Trailer! - YouTube
(be warned, little surprise nudity in this one)
video:youtube  trailer  movies 
20 days ago
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