The Inexplicable Sexiness Of Ivy Valentine
"@xoxogossipgita: anyway this is probably the best refutation of the "tity bad" argument i've ever read, and maddy is incredible."
feminism  sexism  sexuality  games  from:kotaku 
9 hours ago
Guillaume Chaslot on Twitter: "The YouTube algorithm that I helped build in 2011 still recommends the flat earth theory by the *hundreds of millions*. This investigation by @RawStory shows some of the real-life consequences of this badly designed AI.… h
"So basically we have the two best AIs of the world, on Instagram and YouTube, competing to convince people that the earth is flat. Because it yields large amounts of watch time, and watch time yields ads. This is a #raceToTheBottom"
tweets  socialmedia  propaganda  2018 
From QAnon to Pizzagate, When Online Conspiracies Form Cults | WIRED
"The idea that “more speech” will counter these ideas fundamentally misunderstands the dynamic of these online spaces: Everyone else in the group is also part of the true believer community. Information does not need to travel very far to reach every member of the group. What’s shared conforms to the alignment of all of the members, which reinforces the group's worldview. Inside Cult 2.0, dissent is likely to be met with hostility, doxing, and harassment. There is no counterspeech. There is no one in there who’s going to report radicalization to the Trust and Safety mods"
propaganda  psychology  2016_populism  2018  from:wired 
Errata Security: Some notes about HTTP/3
Mostly about QUIC and some of its advantages. Not super-happy over it all, but QUIC does seem to offer compelling advantages over TCP
programming  networking  quic  standards  http  2018 
Shoeleather | Say Goodbye to Parachute Journalism
"a national database of writers from non-media hub cities (NYC, L.A., D.C., SF) who are local, knowledgeable and ready to tell their community stories. The database serves as a resource for publications, assigning editors and beyond to connect with writers in the towns, cities and states they are interested in covering instead of relying on “parachute” journalism."
journalism  resource  us  writing 
Dublin Central Housing Action on Twitter: "Thread: Airbnb are a successful company with an effective and well funded public relations (propaganda) department. They've got a lot of happy customers and a lot of people like them. This thread will explore why
"So what we're left with is a company with a valuation rivalling the GDP of many small countries. A company that drives up rents and distorts markets and neighbourhoods, a company that provides few jobs and pays minimal tax [...] A company that pays lip service to progressive causes but equally one which does the bare minimum to avoid controversy or reprimand while actively seeking to subvert the rule of law."
airbnb  housing  grim_meathook_future  2018  finance 
2 days ago
Jehanne Operating System - Simplicity awakes
Lots of good stuff: a rebuttal/analysis of the Unix/C "worse is better" approach, a note on how the various concurrent Unix system calls will trip each other up, how the Plan 9 design lessened but did not fully mitigate it, and how he's fixing it in the Jehanne P9 derivative. Also some notes from Italian artists on simplicity philosophy.
plan9  osdev  concurrency  2018  unix  pmz 
3 days ago
Rainforest by Simone Guggiari
"Help Joe push a trolley through a delivery warehouse on your first day at a job at rainforest, Inc.

Pick up boxes of the right size and carry them to the appropriate shelf. Watch out for space on your trolley and avoid boxes from falling out of the conveyor belt, or else you will get fired!"
(funny portal-style minecraft graphics)
game  to-play 
3 days ago
"The anti-golf game for people who hate golf."
game  to-play 
3 days ago
Washed Up!
@stevestreeting 's puzzle game!
game  to-play 
3 days ago
Remote data access is hard, need help! |
even quad weighs in on some low-cost options!
"What we need is a way to provide some type of data access (even if it’s just periodic) to these people for a mobile app or a desktop app. Email is also a bonus but not necessarily needed. All we really need at the base of it is the ability to remotely sync records that the user has submitted on their phone or in our desktop app on their laptop. We’ve dabbled with SMS, but some of these records are just too large and complex for SMS.

The overarching context of this is disease surveillance. We need to know when for instance a case or cases of Ebola have been reported in a remote village as quickly as possible. "
radio  networking  lobsters  discussion  decentralized  internet 
4 days ago
UN Says Climate Genocide Coming. But It’s Worse Than That.
"This is just the threat from sea level, and just one (very rich) metropolitan area. The world is much bigger than that, but so is climate change. It is also very fast, with more than half the carbon humanity has ever emitted into the atmosphere having come in just the last 25 years, since Al Gore published his first book on climate change. Monday’s IPCC may seem like a dramatic departure, and it is. But there is going to be much more like it coming. So long as we continue to squander what little time we have, the news will only get worse from here."
climate_change  this_is_fine  grim_meathook_future  2018  from:nymag 
4 days ago
A world run by technocrats or one ruled by oil firms? - Livemint
@bruces: "Contemporary science fiction writers are focused on writing dystopia because the political and economic classes are focused on creating dystopia. Chinese science fiction writers don’t write dystopias, mostly because they are not allowed to do that by their state. I would point out that in a true dystopia, people wouldn’t write or read dystopias—there would be no reason to write or read. "

Also note "pink flamingo": like a black swan, but an event known about yet silently agreed to ignore
interview  writing  stacks  sf  2018 
4 days ago
In conjunction with OpenStreetMap
maps  cars  api  openstreetmap 
4 days ago
V2 synthesizer | - delivering superior consumer technology since 2004
"Here it is - the synthesizer that was responsible for creating all sounds in the famous farbrausch intros such as .the .product, poemtoahorse, Candytron, Flybye and of course the 96 kilobyte shoot-em-up .kkrieger, and the 177 kilobyte miracle called debris. makes it available to YOU - from this time on you can download all tools necessary for composing as well as a library that you can put into your own productions at your own will. So, enjoy!"
demoscene  tools  piperesearch  music  audio  Farbrausch 
4 days ago
The Amory Lovins bottleneck – keeping simple
"If you start by improving power efficiency of air-conditioning – a good thing in itself – you cannot obtain the scale improvements that can be gained on the other end of the pipeline by reducing the activities that use power and generate heat. That is, if you can increase work-done/computational-steps you drive savings up the pipeline. And the kind of large scale savings Lovins achieves in other industrial processes seem plausible: if you reduce power demand at the work end enough to reduce the inputs of cooling needed so that a smaller air conditioning unit can be used, you have a potentially greater savings than by improving the efficiency of the air conditioning unit."
optimization  programming 
4 days ago
Facebook is a normal sleazy company now.
"The three features that make Facebook Facebook also make it the ideal platform for working on behalf of dangerous and violent forces. The first is scale. Facebook gathers posts from more than 2.2 billion people in more than 100 languages. The second is algorithmic amplification. Facebook promotes extreme content like hate speech and conspiracy theories over thoughtful, balanced, deliberate work. And the third is the best advertising system ever created. Facebook can put an ad in front of exactly the type of person who might respond to a sales pitch or a call to political action and ignore those who might not."

Also note: Chuck Schumer lobbied for them because his daughter worked there, and the Zuck basically mentally checked out, letting the COO run wild using smear agencies to discredit critics.
stacks  facebook  business  2016_populism  2018  from:slate  socialmedia 
5 days ago
Young People Are Having Less Sex - The Atlantic
Parts 3-5: ouch, this explains a lot. Also confirms that Tinder is useless if you're not already good-looking.
sex  society  relationships  2018  from:atlantic  dating 
5 days ago
Run SQL directly on CSV files with q | Lobsters
Sqlite can actually read most common CSV directly!
sqlite  tips  sql  lobsters  comment 
5 days ago
Space Harrier – Developer Interview Collection
"In this collection of decade-spanning interviews, former and current Sega AM2 members discuss the making of Sega’s classic 3D shooting arcade game, Space Harrier. As with so many classic games of the era, many of Space Harrier’s most distinct and memorable traits were not merely conceived through ingenuity or vision but as pragmatic solutions to immediate problems, be they related to hardware, software, manpower or just keeping the higher-ups at bay."
shmuplations  sega  interview  gamedev  games 
6 days ago
European Commission in the UK - European Commission
The EU has to debunk myths about the EU that made the rounds in Britain (how much to bet they were the usual tabloids?)
europe  reference  debunking 
6 days ago
Thayer's Quest
apparently a full-on RPG using laserdisc graphics. Comes complete with a membrane keyboard(!) to perform actions, a synth voice to instruct you, and instruction pamphlets(!!) attached to the machine.
games  history 
6 days ago
VFIO Discussion and Support
Vfio allows passing devices through a VM, so you can run windows as a guest inside Linux and still get GPU performance
gaming  reddit  virtualization  linux  windows 
7 days ago
Capsicum | Lobsters
As usual, nickpsecurity has some good comments
security  osdev  pmz  discussion  lobsters 
8 days ago
Surprisingly Turing-Complete -
Now the subsection for "just how many computers are in a 'computer'"
computerscience  programming  reference  math 
9 days ago
Foldscope Instruments | Magnify Your Curiosity
Cheap folding lenses to turn your phone into a microscope
gear  science  store 
12 days ago
SMT Solving on an iPhone — James Bornholt
Nearly beating a desktop processor with an iPhone with Z3 solver. Suspicion is Apple pays more attention to cache
intel  performance  apple  solver  2018 
12 days ago
The Citizens Agenda in Campaign Coverage - PressThink
Jay Rosen: "political reporters usually DON'T do this because they want to hang with the big guys"
journalism  reference  politics 
14 days ago
Voter Suppression Efforts By Republicans Target Minorities, Journalist Says : NPR
A sum-up of the midterm voting suppression efforts: Georgia, North Dakota, Florida
us  2018  elections  politics  racism 
15 days ago
Maybe Women Won’t Date You Because You’re Awful
@morninggloria: "Heterosexual women might be turned off by a man’s politics, by their philosophy, by their musical taste, by their affinity for talking about gadgets, the most boring thing in the world to talk about. But if the man in question is a nice enough person, if he takes care of himself and treats others with genuine respect, somebody will probably date him. The world is full of lonely people who will let things slide in the name of companionship.

If nobody likes you, the problem is you."
2017  us  culture  gg 
15 days ago
Why do C to Z80 compilers produce poor code? - Retrocomputing Stack Exchange
A nice example to use when someone says "but the C model is how computers work deep-down, isn't it?"

"Array indexing is inefficient since there's no reasonable base + offset addressing mode that can use a variable offset, which means the compiler needs to generate code to do the address calculation.

Similarly, it's awkward to save and restore function arguments on the stack because there's no stackpointer + offset addressing mode. The same goes for the local variables of non-leaf functions.

Paucity of truly general purpose registers. Most registers have specific uses which complicates register allocation.

The ISA makes it difficult to mix 8-bit and 16-bit operations."
c  programming  retrocomputing  assembly  hardware  stackoverflow 
15 days ago
A hammer you can only hold by the handle - Systems Group Blog
Using the Rust type system to better enforce invariants in things like timely dataflow
rust  types  programming 
15 days ago
Hard line against migrants helps Robert Mercer
"Since Trump’s election, the policies the Mercers had promoted have taken off — and paid off, according to an investigation by Yahoo News supported by the nonprofit Project on Government Oversight. With Trump ratcheting up anti-immigrant rhetoric and enforcement, Renaissance Technologies — where Mercer was co-CEO until last fall and where he continues to be active — invested in corporations directly involved in the president’s immigration crackdown and the administration’s embrace of private prisons.

These include CoreCivic and GEO Group, the two biggest Department of Homeland Security contractors operating immigrant detention centers. In the last two years, Renaissance has purchased millions of dollars worth of shares in CoreCivic and GEO Group, which have seen their stock prices soar."
2016_populism  finance  2018  capitalism  this_is_fine  us  politics 
16 days ago
Let's remove Quaternions from every 3D Engine | Lobsters
Fascinating discussion! Check out this geometric algebra thing
math  piperesearch  quaternion  3d  gamedev  lobsters  discussion 
17 days ago
"It is like a calculator, but for more than just numbers. You feed it a dice mechanic and it will tell you the odds for every possible result that you could get."
gamedev  probability  tools  webapp  math 
17 days ago
STUDY: Trump’s phony caravan “crisis” consumed Wash. Post, NY Times
"The only caravan crisis is the one Fox and Trump wanted to create in order to help Republicans triumph in the midterms. But the crisis in political journalism is real and ongoing. It doesn’t seem like editors and producers have learned much from their failures in recent years. They remain stymied by how to respond when political leaders seek to manipulate them in order to focus the public’s attention on the issues of their choice."
journalism  politics  propaganda  2018  us 
18 days ago
XMPP Compliance Tester
"Picking the right extensions to implement or enable isn't always easy. For this reason the XSF has published XEP-0387 XMPP Compliance Suites 2018 listing the most important extensions to date. This app won't just help you to assess if your server supports those compliance profiles(and more), but also give you some instructions on how to implement the profiles which are currently not supported. "
xmpp  chat  security  reference  tools  webapp 
18 days ago
RevK®'s rants: [Unicode dicks]
Spoiler: they're in the Egyptian hieroglyphics set
humor  unicode 
20 days ago
iPhones are Allergic to Helium | Lobsters
@flux: "I wonder if there’s a reasonable adversarial model for MEMS gyros in helium-rich environments? Drones which use MEMS gyros can be knocked out of the air with sound waves at the gyro’s resonant frequency (cite:, so a garden-hose of liquid helium which rapidly expands to gas should also be able to take those drones down."
drones  electronics  lobsters  comment  inspiration 
21 days ago
iPhones are Allergic to Helium | iFixit
Apparently Apple had been using MEMS-based base clocks in newer iPhones, which helium molecules can physically stop. Quartz oscillators are unaffected. Discovered in a hospital that had helium leakage around an MRI
apple  electronics  w-hat  ifixit  2018 
21 days ago
Special Counsel Alerts FBI Of Scheme To Pay Women To Accuse Mueller Of Sexual Assault | Hill Reporter
As a further note: Wohl claimed he had nothing to do with Surefire; his mom's phone number was listed as the DNS administrative contact
2018  reference  information_warfare  us  news 
21 days ago
Fifty Shades of J - J Wiki
@hwayne: "I’m a few chapters in and it’s fantastic. The eight character rule and the f~g construct alone would be worth paying money for!"
book  ebook  j_language  apl  piperesearch  programming 
21 days ago
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