Realm object server
Forget RESTful API calls. Event Handling on Realm Mobile Platform helps implement no-fuss, no-muss business logic.
swift  development 
may 2017
Reducing FOOMs in the Facebook iOS app | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code
While profiling for memory usage through Instruments, we also observed instances in the app usage where the application allocated a significant amount of memory (~30 MB) temporarily and then deallocated shortly thereafter. If the CPU was not idle during this allocation, there was a chance that the OS could kill the application. We were able to get rid of these temporary allocations, which helped reduce OOM crashes for certain scenarios by up to 30 percent. We also experimented and discovered that allocating once and holding on to memory was better for app reliability, rather than having repeat allocations and deallocations.
april 2017
Migrating Code Signing Configurations to Xcode 8
want to migrate to the new Automatic Signing method then you should read the rest of this b
october 2016
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