node_modules in git
Well this answered one of my very first questions...
git  node  modules  deployment 
april 2012
Looking forward to being able to buy some Switch LED lightbulbs eventually. The Phillips ones have a delay when turning on and cost a lot and well, these look even better. Though the power usage is a bit higher than I'd like.
energy  lighting  led  lightbulb 
april 2012
Debunking the Cul-de-Sac - Design - The Atlantic Cities
Exploring the perils of designing for cars over pedestrians.
april 2012
The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)
"Imagine the U.S. Census as conducted by direct marketers - that's the social graph."

"Asking computer nerds to design social software is a little bit like hiring a Mormon bartender." among other great quotes.
culture  design  social 
november 2011
The Filter Bubble
Compelling talk about the insulating effects of current internet filtering and personalization. The full-length book was a good read too.
privacy  filter  bubble  internet  society  psychology  ted-talk 
october 2011
Old world construction alive and well.
design  manufacturing  goods  store  shopping 
october 2011
Jar lamp / Prototype | Noon Studio
Love the clean lines of this lamp, and the trendy red cloth cord.
furniture  lighting  design 
september 2011
Javascript Constructors and Prototypes
Very clear exploration of creating objects in JavaScript
JS  JavaScript  programming  objects  OOP 
may 2011
Realism in UI Design | UX Magazine
Great article on realism in UI design, focusing a bit on iconography. I would propose the same principles apply to realism in general but that could just be me tiring of all the kitch appearing in mobile apps, and their migration onto the desktop. Also, any article citing "Understanding Comics" is probably worth my time.
ui  design  realism  ux  icons 
may 2011
Welcome To The Hanna House
Unbeknownst to me: A Frank Lloyd Wright house in Stanford. I'll have to check out the tour sometime.
architecture  frank_lloyd_wright  stanford  california  modern 
may 2011
Why your kids have such terrible handwriting and what to do about it. - By Emily Yoffe - Slate Magazine
Neat little piece on handwriting. I don't remember spending a huge amount of time on it in school myself, sounds like it;s only gotten less "important" since then. I've reverted to all-caps printing; although very legible, it's not the quickest.
school  education  learning  writing  handwriting  art 
april 2011
Folding Doors, Sliding, French Patio Doors, NanaWall Systems
Very nice looking walls of folding glass. I'm sure they're not particularly affordable though.
home  doors  glass  windows  design 
april 2011
Don’t Mimic Real-World Interfaces — The Brooks Review
Sensible call to action in light of all the real-world interfaces emerging in the virtual world.
design  ui  ux 
april 2011
ECMA-262 » JavaScript. The core.
I've bookmarked many of these JavaScript-fundamentals articles, but this one is the cleanest and most modern I've seen yet. It's clean and approachable for JavaScript developers of all levels.
javascript  programming 
april 2011
Browse | Unsuck It
I know each field may have their own vocabulary out of the necessity of precision or ease of communication, but none of them sound as bad as the language of project management and business in general.
business  language 
march 2011
oninput event | input event JavaScript
I keep forgetting about this particular event, there are plenty to choose from at this point for text inputs in particular. Frankly, I'm not sure if this is standard, but it behaves as expected compared to testInput and the composition events.
javascript  input  events  programming 
february 2011
requestAnimationFrame for smart animating « Paul Irish
Yep, no sense in writing your own timeouts for animation anymore. The animationFrame API is great.
animation  javascript  performance 
february 2011
The Lessons | Learning WebGL
Think I may have saved this previously, but if not I should have. Initially based on the NeHe tutorials, these WebGL tutorials provide a great introduction to working with WebGL.
3d  graphics  javascript  webgl  tutorial 
february 2011
#dt Blog on deviantART: HTML5 Canvas Performance in deviantART muro
Observations on Canvas drawing performance. Plenty of insight from the developers of one of the more impressive Canvas painting apps.
canvas  html  painting  art  performance  javascript  programming 
february 2011
Stop Imposing Programming Languages On Kids by Victor Noagbodji
Had a very similar introduction to computers myself. Probably would have been turned off it had been any more formal and less magical at the time.
learning  computing  computers  children  programming 
february 2011
JavaScript Madness: Keyboard Events
Very thorough article on JavaScript keyboard events and the sorry state of cross browser compatibility.
js  javascript  keyboard  events 
february 2011
Camera strap accessories.
camera  photography  goods  shopping 
december 2010
Upcoming text editor for OS X. Excited about the Node.js scripting support and control of the UI via CSS. Will be interesting to see how well it actually edits text.
kod  programming  text  editor  tool  coding  node  css 
december 2010
Home Page : Humble Earth Productions
Electronic fireflies as seen at MakeFaire.
firefly  lights  insect 
december 2010
Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
Handy polar coordinates overview; useful for extending a line along the same angle.
math  angle  geometry 
december 2010
Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers | Video on TED.com
Conrad Wolfram suggests a computer based math education during his 2010 TED talks to free math from the shackles of calculation.
math  education  wolfram 
december 2010
Road rules - Mathematica-users
Neat writeup of the rule based system used in SimCity 3000 with some brief insight into how it was exercised in Mathematica.
simulation  gaming  simcity  mathematica  math  roads  networks  modelling 
december 2010
BDD with Rspec and Steak — Timeless
Step by step example of BDD testing with integration testing provided by Steak. Though really most of the advice is library agnostic and true of Cucumber as well. Also glad to see some FactoryGirl examples in the mix.
bdd  tdd  rspec  testing  programming  ruby  factory_girl 
december 2010
SSL Checker - SSL Certificate Verify
Quick little way to check the validity of your SSL certificate.
SSL  http  web  security  encryption  tool 
december 2010
Ignite Realtime: Openfire Server
Open source Jabber server that may be worth investigating for my lovely new mini home server.
jabber  xmpp  chat  server  communication  im 
december 2010
Jasmine: BDD for Javascript | Jasmine
Familiar looking RSpec like BDD framework for testing JavaScript. Looks like it has some momentum and plenty of complimentary projects.
spec  bdd  tdd  testung  javascript  programming  development 
december 2010
HDMI Cable, Home Theater Accessories, HDMI Products, Cables, Adapters, Video/Audio Switch, Networking, USB, Firewire, Printer Toner, and more!
Can't go wrong with the price of these cables. Nice to se a retailer not trying to follow in Monster Cable's footsteps.
cables  shopping  hdmi 
december 2010
Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac
Very nice looking git client, I'll have to see how it stacks up against gitx.
git  programming  versioncontrol  vcs  gui  application  tower 
november 2010
YouTube - RailsConf 2010: Robert Martin
Good keynote from Railsconf 2010 that articulates how very little has changed in the world of programming.
language  programming  rails  uncle_bob 
november 2010
LeMond Fitness | LeMond Revolution Bike Trainer | Indoor Bike Trainer
Wonder how nobody thought of this before. Great stable looking trainer from Lemond. That should save some tires.
biking_  training_  trainer_  lemond  biking  training  trainer 
october 2010
THE WALKING DEAD "Opening Titles" on Vimeo
Can't wait for The Walking Dead on AMC. These "opening titles" set a high bar for the actual production.
animation  motiongraphics  zombies  walking_dead  amc  tv 
october 2010
The Quandary texture pack for Minecraft
Wow. Awesome looking seasonal textures for Minecraft.
minecraft  textures  gaming  seasonal  skin 
september 2010
Maintaining Lookup Data in Your Rails Application | Viget Extend
I can't decide if this is a bad idea or what but I found I'd stumbled upon the same approach when I wanted an easy way to use named statuses from a lookup table myself.
activerecord  cache  rails  constants  lookup 
september 2010
Hacking at 0300 : Understanding jQuery UI widgets: A tutorial
jQuery widget guide. IT explains a good bit about the convention.
javascript  jquery  widget  webdev 
september 2010
mad.ly – Rails 2.1 Time Zone Support: An Overview
I'm sure things have changed as of Rails 3, but this helped me make some sense of TimeZone support in Rails 2.
activerecord  rails  webdev  internationalization  i18n  timezone 
september 2010
Second Age | UO T2A The Way It Was | UO Free Shard | Ultima Online Free Server | Free MMORPG
Apparently I can enjoy the glory days of MMOs circa 1997 or so with this third-party UO shard. It may not be Catskills, but it may be worth poking into and checking out.
mmo  t2a  uo  ultimaonline  ultima  game  mmorpg  server 
september 2010
Defining methods using closures
Been doing some meta-programming lately. This bit on defining instance methods was pretty essential to, well, defining new instance methods. The related article on unbound methods was also very useful.
closures  metaprogramming  ruby  programming 
september 2010
Understanding CSS 3D Transforms 1 | eleqtriq
This article, the ensuing series of posts, and indeed the rest of this blog have a lot of useful details about working with CSS and elements in 3D space. Plenty of fun math to relearn.
3d  css3  html5  math  webdev 
september 2010
Uses & Abuses of Mocks & Stubs
Use of the "Marker Felt" font aside, this is a nice quick little presentation regarding mocks and stubs.
mocks  stubs  testing  programming 
august 2010
Start Using HTML5 WebSockets Today | Nettuts+
Approachable demo of web socket client and server interaction.
ajax  development  tutorial  webdev  websockets  webdevelopment  programming  php 
august 2010
Album Covers - a set on Flickr
Awesome album cover remixes with a vintage style.
design  music  album  coverart 
july 2010
Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull - May 1st and 2nd, 2010 on Vimeo
Beautiful timelapse video of the Icleandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those dollies.
inspiration  art  nature  photography  eyjafjallajökull  iceland  video  volcano  timelapse 
may 2010
How To Node
Nice collection of tutorials and articles about node.js. Several standard, but well done, JavaScript tutorials for those unfamiliar with the language.
javascript  js  node.js  programming  webdev  tutorials 
may 2010
nvie.com » Blog Archive » NSPredicateEditor tutorial
Extremely helpful overview of the NSPredicateEditor, a clever control that is a necessity for any serious filtering. The whole RowTemplate concept is much easier to visualize in context.
cocoa  code  predicate  editor  tutorial  interface_builder 
may 2010
The CSS 3 Flexible Box Model ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
The flexible box-model looks infinitely useful for achieving what used to be very tedious layout effects. Here's hoping for some widespread adoption. Thankfully Firefox and WebKit seem to be working well.
webdev  box-model  flexbox  flexible  css3  programming  webdesign  webkit  firefox 
may 2010
zen-coding - Project Hosting on Google Code
Well this will save a lot of typing. I've usually used CSS selectors when describing a DOM on a whiteboard, not sure how I missed the awesome idea to use it to generate actual HTML markup quickly in an editor.
html  css  textmate  plugin  bundle  coding  automation 
may 2010
RFC 3092 - Etymology of "Foo"
Lest anybody ever dare use the metasyntactic variables out of order, there's an RFC to clear it up a bit.
amusement  coding  computing  programming  geek  RFC  foo  etymology 
april 2010
Tools for Sketching User Experiences | UX Booth
More inspirational than helpful in the way of equipment or anything. Get yourself some markers and get dirty sketching. Though really, it's Copic or nothing.
design  drawing  gui  interaction  ia  ui  tips  tools  webdesign  paper  pens  prototyping  sketch 
april 2010
YouTube- 8-Bit Dr. Horrible (Act 1)
Dr. Horrible in glorious 8bit. Now if only it were playable.
8bit  funny  music  dr.horrible 
april 2010
On PHP 5.3, Lambda Functions, and Closures - Fabien Potencier
Exactly what I was looking for today: Syntax for closures in PHP. The language du jour may change, but somebody will have to pry closures and lambda functions in general from my cold dead hands at this point.
php  programming  closures  lambda  5.3 
march 2010
Normal Mapping with Javascript and Canvas Tag — 29a.ch - Jonas Wagner's Blog
Well that's pretty awesome, interactive lighting/bump height maps in canvas
3d  effect  canvas  javascript  demo  lighting  mapping 
march 2010
Am I the Only One Who Uses a Text Editor to Edit Files? | Free PeepCode Blog
I was just reading about how great the ido mode is in emacs due to my frustration with the TextMate fuzzy matching in projects with many files of the same name, exactly as mentioned here. Can't wait to get my hands on the TextMate helper. It looks awesome. Can't say enough good things about peepcode.
programming  editor  emacs  textmate  geek  inspiration  navigation  fuzzy 
march 2010
How to make kombucha - Boing Boing
How to make kombucha. Seems a bit easier then brewing my own beer or sourdough starter.
diy  food  tea  fermentation  kombucha  boingboing  drink  howto 
march 2010
You Don’t Need Math Skills To Be A Good Developer But You Do Need Them To Be A Great One
Inspiration to brush up on my math skills and dust off some old classics I have on my shelf.
article  cs  math  programming  computer-science  opinion  career 
march 2010
How we Teach Introductory Computer Science is Wrong | blog@CACM | Communications of the ACM
I'm sure my formal computing education would have felt a lot more foreign to me had I not had some prior experience. The minimally guided learn to program by programming is not for everybody, and according to this article probably not very effective in general.
education  computer  computing  computerscience  teaching  programming  learning  acm 
march 2010
Active Record vs Objects
Old but still relevant article by Uncle Bob detailing the problem with using ActiveRecord data transport classes as business objects. It's such an easy thing to get away with in most cases though. I have taken to moving the business behavior into modules, primarily for testing purposes and convenience, but still rarely put as much distance between ActiveRecord and the rest f the application as I should.
activerecord  architecture  database  development  patterns  orm  oop  rails  ruby  programming  hibernate 
march 2010
A good programmer is lazy, not stupid at The Observer's Log
Thorough writeup on how to be a lazy, but not a stupid programmer.
career  development  programming  laziness  work 
march 2010
NorCal Velodrome Association
Apparently there's a velodrome not too far from me.
BayArea  cycling  racing  velodrome  track  sanjose  bicycling 
march 2010
Ask H&FJ: Four Ways to Mix Fonts
Nice writeup on how to combine several fonts within a single piece of work. Much appreciated for those of us without formal design training.
design  fonts  guide  howto  tips  typography 
march 2010
Express - Node.js Web Development Framework
I'l have to explore a bit more ut it looks like Express is Sinatra for node.js
development  framework  javascript  node.js  programming  webdevelopment  sinatra  express 
march 2010
icefox's git-achievements at gh-pages - GitHub
Achievements apparently make every system more entertaining.
fun  funny  git  achievements 
march 2010
PyCon 2010:Hg and Git : Can't we all just get along? (#154)
Very informative video by Scott Chacon highlighting some of the technical differences between mercurial and git. Either one is an awesome choice, which is almost unfortunate.
git  hg  mercurial  scm  versioncontrol  video  scott_chacon  pycon 
march 2010
Distributed Version Control is here to stay, baby - Joel on Software
Joel's finishes his blogging career with a nice send-up of Distributed Version Control, a technology that I am perhaps unhealthily enamored with. Few nice quotes in there as well, "If you are using Subversion, stop it. Just stop. Subversion = Leeches. Mercurial and Git = Antibiotics. We have better technology now."
advocacy  blog  distributed  dvcs  hg  git  joelonsoftware  mercurial  scm  versioncontrol 
march 2010
Learning Server-Side JavaScript with Node.js | Nettuts+
Glad to see a pretty low-impact tutorial for node.js: the naturally asynchronous server-side JavaScript environment. Though narhwhal is also pretty compelling.
development  javascript  programming  server  tutorials  webdev  node.js  server-side 
march 2010
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