Squeezing Deep Learning Into Mobile Phones
This is a great deck on the things you can to to strip down trained models for running on mobile platforms.
neuralnetworks  frameworks  mobile  ai  ml  machine-learning  artificial-intelligence 
8 days ago
Unofficial Golang FAQ * Blog
The things you wish you knew.
go  golang 
5 weeks ago
What is new in Go 1.8
Solid round up of the new bits in Go 1.8.
golang  go 
5 weeks ago
Voodoo Manufacturing | Fast, affordable, scalable 3D printing service
Interesting. They're about 2/3the price of shapeways in volume on additive PLA but don't yet do sintering. They also use lower end but still nice machines. It'll be interesting if there are any tweaks on this model or if there are ways to drive down the costs of sintering and injection molding even more.
maker  3dprinting  manufacturing  yc  startup 
8 weeks ago
Step-By-Step Guide to Creating and Selling a Physical Product
I was barely able to re-create the search term to find this again, so saving for later.
design  product  sell  business 
8 weeks ago
HackerBoards:  Building blocks for the Internet of Things
News on little boards. A bunch of things I had never heard of including some Orange Pi permutations.
microcontroller  hacking  diy  electronics  blog 
november 2016
27 Great Online 3D Printing Services (To Get It 3D Printed) | All3DP
I need to look at more of these. Stratasys seems interesting.
design  print  3d 
november 2016
One Big Fluke › Realistic alternatives to Apple computers
More Thunderbolt 3 devices in the wild than I expected.
mac  apple  linux 
november 2016
Q&A: Performance + Art from Microsoft | News Center
I had one of these for many years. Fantastic design, fantastic mouse.
mouse  hardware  design  industrial-design 
october 2016
Resin Casting: Going from CAD to Engineering-Grade Plastic Parts | Make:
Looking at resin-casting for small runs where the economics of SLS doesn't work.
cnc  fabrication  diy 
october 2016
Review: Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer | Hackaday
This seems like a heck of a lot of printer for the price.
3dprinting  hacking  3d 
september 2016
Shapeways - 3D Printing Service and Marketplace
Direct export from Autodesk Fusion via their print plugin thing. Impressive.
3dprinting  manufacturing  printing  3d 
september 2016
This may be the closest I get to building an EZ.
model  airplane  rutan  canard 
september 2016
Introduction to SPICE
"Welcome to SPICE, an ancillary information system that provides scientists and engineers the capability to include space geometry and event data into mission design, science observation planning, and science data analysis software."
planet  gis 
august 2016
Orbital Data Explorer User's Manual
This feels like such a potential wikidive.
planet  moon  gis 
august 2016
Waveshare Electronics
Another place to look at hardware.
china  hardware  electronics  projects 
june 2016
Hodadies – World's Greatest Burgers
The best burger in the world, according to RC-13.
burger  san-diego 
may 2016
This looks like so much fun and such a timesuck.
dsp  diy  audio  hardware 
april 2016
Sketchup Tutorial QuickTip "Cut Object" - YouTube
This seems counter-intuitive and non-obvious, but totally does what I want to do: split an object on a slanted plane.
sketchup  3d  design  industrial-design  project 
april 2016
The Book of Shaders
TODO: Find time to read this.
opengl  graphics  book 
april 2016
How I Made a Cheap PCB | Hacker News
This is a really great snapshot of low volume PCB prototypes as well as PCB assembly options. I think I'll give OSHpark a try next.
circuits  pcb  electronics 
april 2016
PXFmini | Erle Robotics
This plus a zero are a pretty killer platform.
drone  robot  robotis  raspberry-pi 
march 2016
Observing With NASA
Virtual telescope in your inbox.
telescope  virtual 
february 2016
Turbo Codes for Deep-Space Communications
Good error correction, low bandwidth encoding for space satellite communication
space  satellite  communication 
february 2016
| mhacoustics.com
These look amazing. I always wonder if they're an array of inexpensive electret capsules or stupidly expensive ones.
microphone  audio  360 
february 2016
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