absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured
I'm saving this for the next time I make a modem joke and nobody understands it.
sound  modem  audio  visualization 
6 weeks ago
ENIAC (Computer) | Smithsonian Libraries
ENIAC documents available online at the Smithsonian, including the manuals authored by Adele Goldstine.
8 weeks ago
The End of Guitar Center
This is going to be nasty if/when this goes down.
business  music 
11 weeks ago
An incomplete list of Go tools
Lots of really useful tools here.
golang  go  list  tools 
11 weeks ago
GeoAlchemy 2 Documentation — GeoAlchemy2 0.2.4 documentation
I'm impressed. PostGIS only but it's pretty straightforward and easy to call esoteric GIS functions with only a little bit of boilerplate.
documentation  postgresql  gis 
11 weeks ago
Mark Phillips Sound Design
Makes great music, sometimes music for people.
music  podcast 
11 weeks ago
Musical Cues For Video
Music and audio editing advice.
audio  radio  podcasting  mixing 
12 weeks ago
Errai Framework
Another Java web UI thingie.
gwt  redhat  java 
january 2015
SQLite Optimization FAQ
Includes some good information on how to get around some vacuum issues by using .dump to a new file.
sqlite  sql  optimization  performance  database 
january 2015
Boerne Stage Aero - 5C1.net
Looks like a fun place to get your tailwheel north of San Antonio.
flying  aviation 
january 2015
Freesound.org - Freesound.org
Apparently where all the cool kids get their sounds for soundscapes.
sounds  sound  audio  free  database 
january 2015
5 reasons your podcast audience isn't growing
Reason #1 because you haven't hired a professional consultant...
podcast  podcasting 
january 2015
08 Left.
OMG want so many things.
aviation  wishlist 
december 2014
Professional App Pricing
An interesting look at both professional software pricing and podcast production pricing in particular.
market  appstore  pricing  apps  app 
december 2014
The Podcast Method
This really is a solid introduction and equipment selection at various buy-in levels.
equipment  podcasting  podcast  advice  audio 
december 2014
Easy Listening – Marco.org
Make something, then make it sound better. It won't take long. I promise.
podcasting  podcast  audio  sound 
december 2014
Interesting solution to keeping tabs on a portable recorder.
recorder  podcasting  audio  sound 
december 2014
Make your audio sound awesome as a service.
editing  podcasting  podcast  tool  audio  radio  make-radio 
november 2014
Levels | Transom
Transom on levels and loudness.
radio  make-radio  podcast 
november 2014
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