SparkFun Pressure Sensor Breakout - MS5803-14BA - SEN-12909 - SparkFun Electronics
Waterproof pressure sensors have come a long way in recent years. These MEMS-based sensors go deep and are extremely accurate compared to older transducers.
pressure  sensor  electronics  arduino  raspberry-pi 
6 weeks ago
Make Human
Making people with Python.
human  3d  vr  python 
10 weeks ago
osx - intelliJ not working on El capitan 10.11 - Super User
This and homebrew permissions are the only issues I've had (so far) moving to El Cap.
osx  java 
october 2015
A developer's introduction to 3D animation and Blender - O'Reilly Radar
Doing something non-trivial in blender is on my bucket list. Every experience to date has felt like several hours wasted. Someday, though.
blender  animation  3d  graphics  software 
october 2015
Font Bureau Fonts | Big Caslon FB
Big Caslon captures the quirks of the bigger Caslon typefaces that are less regular than their smaller family members.
caslon  typeface  font  american  history 
october 2015
Long s - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The long S was popular through the 1770's in America, started to fall out of fashion in the 80's and 90's.
typography  typeface  america  history 
october 2015
The Dunlap Broadside - Fonts In Use
Caslon and knockoffs were very popular typefaces used by American printers in the 1770's-1790's.
american  caslon  fonts  design 
october 2015
Podcasting Microphones Mega-Review – Marco.org
The epic mic review. Not perfect but a great conversation starter.
podcasting  review  podcast  audio 
september 2015
An epic tome on mixing and mastering surround sound.
surround  sound  audio  recording 
september 2015
Berlin Ambience techniques
A comprehensive roundup including sample recordings for various surround sound field recording techniques.
recording  sound  audio  field-recording  surround 
september 2015
Stereo Bars & Arrays - Microphone Accessories - Microphones - Vintage King Audio
The K&M bars may be the least expensive way to put a mini array together.
microphone  array  wishlist 
september 2015
Fairness | NPR Ethics Handbook
Guidelines from the NPR Ethics Handbook on fair use.
july 2015
Want a Better Pitch? Watch This. — Firm Narrative — Medium
Solid technique. Tends to work best when you're Elon Musk.
pitch  presentation  startup  howto 
july 2015
Harrison Consoles: Mixbus
This is pretty cool, reminds me a lot of Auria on the iPad (and that's a huge compliment).
daw  software  audio 
july 2015
Some great dota2 advice.
dota2  game  games  gaming 
july 2015
Matt Lieber, The Art of Podcasting No. 21 - The Timbre
A great interview with the silent but deadly driving force behind Gimlet.
podcast  podcasting  business 
june 2015
Welcome - GCSurplus
I basically can't stop refreshing this page and seeing what the random thing is.
government  shopping  surplus 
june 2015
Media everywhere.
media  free  server 
june 2015
"Antimony is a computer-aided design (CAD) tool from a parallel universe in which CAD software evolved from Lisp machines rather than drafting tables."
cad  functional  3d  mac  design 
may 2015
ROV Depth Gauge Instructions -- Andrew Davidson - YouTube
I've always wanted to play with ROV/UUV/etc. A $25ish Honeywell 24PCCFA6G sensor can be used to measure depth. Inertial movement is likely a lot trickier.
uuv  rov  underwater  robotics 
may 2015
Defer Panic
Almost like New Relic for go (and this is high praise).
services  monitoring  golang  design 
may 2015
Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1
This is probably the most fascinating reading on the minutiae of weather observations, reporting, and formatting that you'll ever read.
wx  metar  aviation 
may 2015
The (Mis)Adventures of CMDR Branch — Day 43: Pilgrimage, Pt. 2
"As far as stars go, it wasn’t a particularly remarkable Class M star. Orange-ish & small-ish, nothing I would jump past many times a day. But this one is the one that gave birth to my species, who spent untold centuries gazing upon it, wishing to see it closer."
elite-dangerous  quotes  future 
may 2015
absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured
I'm saving this for the next time I make a modem joke and nobody understands it.
sound  modem  audio  visualization 
march 2015
ENIAC (Computer) | Smithsonian Libraries
ENIAC documents available online at the Smithsonian, including the manuals authored by Adele Goldstine.
february 2015
The End of Guitar Center
This is going to be nasty if/when this goes down.
business  music 
february 2015
An incomplete list of Go tools
Lots of really useful tools here.
golang  go  list  tools 
february 2015
GeoAlchemy 2 Documentation — GeoAlchemy2 0.2.4 documentation
I'm impressed. PostGIS only but it's pretty straightforward and easy to call esoteric GIS functions with only a little bit of boilerplate.
documentation  postgresql  gis 
february 2015
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