qgis - ST_Union based on attribute - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange
This is amazingly cool and allowed me to greatly simplify geometry with lots of adjacent polys with the same attribute value.
postgres  postgis 
7 days ago
PostgreSQL / PostGIS
Lots of little PostGIS tips and tricks.
postgis  geo 
7 days ago
Batteries included. No left-pad.
nodejs  node  framework  javascript  api 
15 days ago
Aleph1 Audio | The 3D Printed Speaker
The most ridiculous 3d printed speakers ever.
3d  printer  speaker 
23 days ago
Gameboy Camera Extraction Via Arduino
I actually have a Madkatz parallel port adapter somewhere...
gameboy  Arduino  electronics 
october 2017
Looks like lots of fun.
demo  svg  art  javascript 
october 2017
Modeling a Knightchess setmodeling a knightknight chess piecemodifierssurfacesurface tools
I flailed about in 3dsr4 a little more than max, but things other than decently lit cubes, cones, and tori alluded me.
3d  modelling  3dsmax  childhood 
october 2017
The Pixel Factory
This presentation is absolutely amazing: information-dense, accessible, and beautiful.
presentation  math  gaming  graphics 
october 2017
Rules for new FPGA designers | Hacker News
Sane rules for getting started until you understand why and when to break the rules.
logic  electronics  design 
august 2017
iOS Apps | Post River Software
A collection of aviation iOS apps developed just down the street from me.
iOS  apps  aviation  flying 
august 2017
ProjectDent/ARKit-CoreLocation: Combines the high accuracy of AR with the scale of GPS data.
A pretty potent combo. Bring real world Lat, Lon, altitude information in to ARKit.
swift  ar  ios 
august 2017
Software Updates: Courgette - The Chromium Projects
This appears to still be state of the art binary diffing/patching.
compress  chrome  compression  deployment  diff  patch 
august 2017
Steam Audio
Another major option in VR audio.
audio  3d  vr 
may 2017
Spatial Audio  |  Google VR  |  Google Developers
Oh Audio in VR how I want to play with you.
vr  spatial  3d  sound  audio 
may 2017
Download - Flint OS
Probably the quickest (still developed) way to turn an RPi in to a Chromebox.
chrome  chromium  raspberry-pi  linux 
april 2017
Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone | Indiegogo
This looks interesting but at almost OpenROV prices.
uav  uuv  submersible  submarine  sub 
april 2017
Chrome Sign Builder - Chrome Web Store
Might come in handy for kiosk standalone stuff. Not sure it works with Chromium on RPi.
chrome  browser  kiosk 
april 2017
Mobile Landing Page Optimization Tips | Optimizely Blog
Basically: make your call to action big and near the top.
mobile  design 
april 2017
COAP endpoints on IKEA Trådfri | /dev/urandom
More details on the Trådfri. I like what I see.
iot  ikea  security 
april 2017
mjg59 | A quick look at the Ikea Trådfri lighting platform
Looks like Ikea did a solid job on their connected lightbulbs.
iot  ikea  diy  electronics 
april 2017
Squeezing Deep Learning Into Mobile Phones
This is a great deck on the things you can to to strip down trained models for running on mobile platforms.
neuralnetworks  frameworks  mobile  ai  ml  machine-learning  artificial-intelligence 
march 2017
What is new in Go 1.8
Solid round up of the new bits in Go 1.8.
golang  go 
february 2017
Voodoo Manufacturing | Fast, affordable, scalable 3D printing service
Interesting. They're about 2/3the price of shapeways in volume on additive PLA but don't yet do sintering. They also use lower end but still nice machines. It'll be interesting if there are any tweaks on this model or if there are ways to drive down the costs of sintering and injection molding even more.
maker  3dprinting  manufacturing  yc  startup 
january 2017
Step-By-Step Guide to Creating and Selling a Physical Product
I was barely able to re-create the search term to find this again, so saving for later.
design  product  sell  business 
january 2017
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