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Wikifying Annotations
Mike imagines a world where notes and annotations are wikified and hence shareable in Pinboard. How about a link in the Pinboard note to a FedWiki page? Does that work? ( Gimme my memex! If we can't have flying cars, least we can have intertwingled tools.
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
Course Management Workflow in Federated Wiki | Hapgood
More from Mike teaching in sfw. He details the rationale for the workflow. But what's striking is how well sfw suits teaching and learning. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. After all, Ward designed it.
sfw  wiki  workflow 
september 2014 by mcmorgan
Writing Tools and Workflow — Hack / Make
another notetaking / DH workflow article for today. More and more, academic writers and writers in general are switching between digital and analogue apparati. Hack/Make's workflow is like a day in the life of a knowledge worker. at hack
DH  workflow  academia2.0 
march 2013 by mcmorgan
Arno's Tech Tools
I don't typically post workflow articles here but this one is so complete and intertwine led for DHers that it has to live here. the kind of stuff digital academics need to know. a little anarachish, but aren't we all anarachish at heart?
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march 2013 by mcmorgan
Detailed workflow that combines procedure with writing advice. Well, more detailed in using DT and Sente than Scrivener and Pages, and more detailed in note taking than drafting.  Highlights affordances of each application. 
Ple  notetaking  workflow  research  from delicious
december 2010 by mcmorgan
edtechpost - PLE Diagrams
A Collection of PLE diagrams: "all the diagrams of PLEs I could find, as a compare and contrast sort of exercise."
ple  visualization  workspace  workflow  web2.0  elearning  mindmap  pln 
november 2009 by mcmorgan

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