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British Library seeks taxpayer-funded Wikipedia-fiddler • The Register
Is it really a fiddle when it's the BL? Aren't the experts just correcting what they find? I mean, it's the BL. The taxpayer expense is a red-herring. Its the "Wikipedian-in-Residence" that's interesting.
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february 2012 by mcmorgan
Are Your Internets Broken Today?
not authorative but fundamental: "No, I can’t just lift stuff from there; all I can do with Wikipedia is gain an understanding of dozens of things I know nothing about."
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january 2012 by mcmorgan
if:book: the truth is in the back and forth
A complete history of the Wikipedia article on the Iraq War (the second one) in XII volumes, printed. We *so* need a semiotics of writing. "Four years later, we don't yet have the tools that would let people read Wikipedia articles in "a new way" but hopefully Bridle's very impressive experiment with this one article will spur efforts to develop new tools for reading online works which are constantly being changed and edited."
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september 2010 by mcmorgan
A Speculative Post on the Idea of Algorithmic Authority « Clay Shirky
A consideration on a spectrum of authority from "good enough" to "cite it in the diss."
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november 2009 by mcmorgan
Writing for Wikipedia in coursework
Brief teacherly article on creating and using a wikipedia-like set up in fyc.
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november 2008 by mcmorgan
Writing Effectively for Wikipedia: How to Write Sticky Copy that Anybody Can Edit
A primer for marketing on Wikipedia: "Wikipedia is not the source of easy promotion and marketing that many novices believe it to be. It takes practice to avoid being reverted." Still, the advice is pretty good.
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november 2008 by mcmorgan
Displays Wikipedia articles in a mind map format.
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june 2007 by mcmorgan
We-think: The power of mass creativity - Charles Leadbeater
v. chap 3 for bloggy media. notable for being a draft posted for comment and for its thesis: "Most creativity is collaborative. It combines different views, disciplines and insights in new ways. The opportunities for creative collaboration are expanding"
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january 2007 by mcmorgan
The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: Vanity, Thy Name Ain't Wikipedia
why wikipedia isn't a vanity press, and why peer-review is valued.
november 2006 by mcmorgan
The New Yorker: Can Wikipedia conquer expertise
"Wikipedia is an online community devoted not to last night’s party or to next season’s iPod but to a higher good. It is also no more immune to human nature than any other utopian project. Pettiness, idiocy, and vulgarity are regular features of the s
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july 2006 by mcmorgan
Times on wikipedia
brief observations on wikipedia as a "first draft" of knowledge.
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july 2006 by mcmorgan
Wikiversity - Meta
using wikipedia as a model for learning: educators create the materials ("neutral" of course) projects, and cohorts of students learn from pursuing the projects.
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january 2006 by mcmorgan

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