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The Peek-a-Boo World of a Global Villager – The Hawk's Roost
Connects Blood, Rettberg, and McLuhan in the social media village:

> Does the disciplined approach, which blogging in its intended form is described as possessing, offer the solution to legitimizing the discussions we as a society are having. Am I wrong in sensing that social media has become plagued with a lack of ethical discourse, where important social issues are overwhelmed with copious amounts of misinformation. Where the atmosphere is clouded with an overall lack of informational credibility?
february 2017 by mcmorgan
Will the last person to leave social media please
Another set of reasons to establish one's own blog, wiki, and domain: social sites serve policies for dollars and fold when the dosh runs short. Emerson, Self Reliance.
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january 2017 by mcmorgan
The future of blogging is blogging
An end of year comment from Martin Weller. "So, no the edublogosphere isn’t what it was. And that’s just great. Becoming a blogger is still the best academic decision I ever made.
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december 2015 by mcmorgan
The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral | Hapgood
Its about trailblazing, building the garden. Getting your mojo workin. It's a lead reading for Weblogs and Wikis because it's something no one has been talking about, much less doing.

"Everybody wants to play in the Stream, but no one wants to build the Garden."

"I’m blown away by the vision of this every time I read this. But not because this has happened, but because it *hasn’t* happened. I’m blown away because here, in 2015, there are elements to this vision that we still haven’t explored.... More than that, there’s a substance to the vision that you can’t help but long for reading it. Note that connections here aren’t banter, but the construction of a mental model of a subject area. And that model can be taken by someone else and extended, built on. Humanity can advance, not through argument by through a true collaboration."
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october 2015 by mcmorgan
Joan Fragaszy Troyano, Ph.D Stephanie Westcott, Ph.D. White paper on establishing a scholarly filter blog. Consider it a syllabus for a collaborative grad project. Or a project for Weblogs and Wikis. Thank you to Troyano and Westcott, DHNow, and the Sloan Foundation.
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
Blogging is very much alive — we just call it something else now — Tech News and Analysis
a shift from a place where we publish our stuff and a blogospherical network to your own little corner of the market.
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january 2015 by mcmorgan
Is Twitter the Best Option for Online Professional Development?
"Can we really insist or even recommend Twitter for PD?" Yes, but blogs are better.
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december 2014 by mcmorgan
Peak StreamMode
StreamMode and StateMode as nascent stubs for more development.
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september 2014 by mcmorgan
Bad Subjects: Blogging Theory Jodi Dean
On the genre of theory blogs. Dean opens up the rhet sit of theory/academic blogging, and then places extreme comments as transgressions to further widen the conversation., with the knowledgr that academic blogging is itself transgressive. I love this stuff.
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february 2014 by mcmorgan
McNeill - Blogging as New Literacy Practice
Looks at some affordances in weblogs that enable "a new literacy practice characterised by what Lankshear and Knobel call an “active sociality” (2006: 1). This “active sociality” is exemplified by modes of participation and displays of identity and affiliation that mark it out as significantly different from other forms of textual communication."
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january 2011 by mcmorgan
Reading in the Digital Age, or, Reading How We’ve Always Read | Booksquare
Some interesting consideration of how to move the act of once-considered-private reading (annotations, notes, synopses, summaries, responses, discussions) into an online social environment. Ties to aggregate and remix in Downes's frame of a MOOC. Might be good to ease readers into PLE frames and repurposing.
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december 2010 by mcmorgan
Student Bloggers | Electronic Frontier Foundation
From the EFF: a review of students' speech rights in the US. Don't panic. If students really want to trash teachers, they'll do it on Facebook, anyway.
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october 2010 by mcmorgan
BBC NEWS | Technology | Blogger arrests hit record high
More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.
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june 2008 by mcmorgan
Weblogg-ed » 2005 » November » 06
I learn from it. When people are moved enough by an idea to compose the types of responses reflected in that thread, it’s pretty inspiring, and I get my own thinking pushed and stretched. Even in cases where people pretty much tell me I’m out to lunch
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june 2008 by mcmorgan

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