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Melania Trump and the politics of airbrushing - The Washington Post
Fashion meets politics in the open media, with some semiotics chucked in to start the discussion. "Mahaux has given the public a two-dimensional version of Trump: just the gloss, just the facade. Trump is the fantasy, the dream."
visualrhetoric  semiotics  politics 
april 2017 by mcmorgan
How Online Retailers Read Your Mind - Gadgetwise Blog -
Color and design don't persuade but make the mind receptive to an aspect of a message.
rhetoric  fyc  visualrhetoric  visualliteracy  erhetoric  neuromarketing 
december 2009 by mcmorgan
Writing on the Walls
Mainly focused on information and visualization murals.
visualization  visualrhetoric 
october 2008 by mcmorgan
Dave Gray » Why PowerPoint rules the business world
A call for visual literacy - aka, visualization and representation but with a link to a set of primaries Gray is developing for teaching / learning it
visualization  ppt  visualrhetoric 
august 2008 by mcmorgan

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