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Re-imagining Twitter
Example of how making it complex changes its potential. There's nothing intuitive about categories and stories: they are social concepts imported to bootstrap connection. What they do is make contextual information explicit rather than implicit. That adds to what can be carried by 140 characters. Ease of use gives way to augmentation. The link to lowercase capital in the subhead of the article is both a prominent move and a declaration of alignment (calling attention to itself *because* it's in the subhead). If we make it more complex, more people will use it!
twitter  erhetoric  augmentation  socialmedia  socialpractices 
june 2015 by mcmorgan
Is Twitter the Best Option for Online Professional Development?
"Can we really insist or even recommend Twitter for PD?" Yes, but blogs are better.
weblogs  twitter  prodev 
december 2014 by mcmorgan
something is rotten in the state of...Twitter | the theoryblog
Yeah, ok, if writ large. But it's not happening this way in my sphericule. Which is the point: the rot may be a function of lack of context, looking at tweets as floating free, like plastic beads in the ocean. But locally, exchange is contextualized and there are other social mores and practices at work.
twitter  erhet  social_practices  network_practices 
september 2014 by mcmorgan
Peak StreamMode
StreamMode and StateMode as nascent stubs for more development.
twitter  ehret  wcw  weblogs 
september 2014 by mcmorgan
The Fickle Fame of Twitter - Boing Boing
One for the #en3177 crowd on getting a handle on Twitter. "I’ve since used my twitter – which was changed to @inthefade last year - for self-serving good by promoting my freelance writing, but I’ve also realized twitter’s potential for worldly good by utilizing it to launch to a toy drive for children affected by Sandy. That – five years after I joined twitter – was probably the moment in which I realized what a vast social media reach can be used for."
twitter  socialmedia  socialnetworking  #en3177 
january 2013 by mcmorgan
The Social Relevance of Public Writing
Huzza. Writing as a social practice. "In particular, I want to talk about how writing within my classroom has helped foster community amongst the students. In fact, the subtitle of this post could be, "How Wearing a Tie to Class Spurred Community Building."
#en3177  socialnetworking  socialpractices  twwt  twitter  education 
november 2012 by mcmorgan
Presenting for Twitter at Conferences - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Taking (an unacknolwedged? unknowingly?) leaf from 140 Characters, ProfHacker proposes tips passed off as BPs. Meh.
14Ocharacters  twitter  backchannel  BPs 
october 2012 by mcmorgan
Open-Thread Wednesday: Best Practices for Live-Tweeting at Conferences? - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle initiates a crowdsourcing project on, basically, etiquette. Best practices are "what we do locally."
crowdsourcing  twitter  DH  backchannel 
october 2012 by mcmorgan
The Twitter Essay | Digital Pedagogy | HYBRID PEDAGOGY
Write an essay in exactly 140 characters that does real work in the world.
DH  twitter  FYC 
august 2012 by mcmorgan
10 Tips for Getting Started Teaching with Twitter
Backchannel of an interview done for an edcetera article. Ok for newbies, but, as too often, both interview and article are about managing behavior and directions, forcing twitter to a set goal, rather than using it to student-driven ends. #squanderingEdOps
twitter  de  pseudoMOOC 
july 2012 by mcmorgan
What Your Klout Score Really Means | Epicenter |
Your own personal Jesus-meter. More like a scam to have the mark collate his own data. via Nick Carbone.
DigitalHumanities  digitalkulture  socialmedia  twitter  scamming  lifelogging 
may 2012 by mcmorgan
Man sued for keeping company Twitter followers
One for Weblogs and Wikis and A&E: "Corporate control of Twitter accounts has been a highly debated subject. Legal experts believe this latest case could set a precedent for future ownership tussles."
twitter  IP  socialmedia 
december 2011 by mcmorgan
The Ed Techie: Twitter as interdisciplinary tool & culture
Martin Weller discusses how some of the conventions of twitter help users organize their space to support interdiscplinarity. Mentions reasons for retweeting and how hash tags are used.
twitter  en3177  hashtag  retweet  collaboration  socialpractices  from delicious
september 2011 by mcmorgan
#fuckyouwashington « BuzzMachine
The start of the #fuckyouwashington hashtag escspade. How a hash gets started and moving.
twitter  hashtag  erhetoric  #en3177 
august 2011 by mcmorgan
No one owns a hashtag « BuzzMachine
From the originator of #fuckyouwashington, which created a minor hashblurp. Some thoughts on how the tag functions socially.
twitter  hashtag  fyw  fyc  erhetoric  en3177 
august 2011 by mcmorgan
Losing interest in social media: there is no there there
George Siemans placing social media (FB, Twitter, g+) in its place. Ephemeral. Distribution. Theres a place for the ephemeral, the emotive, but the considered work is foundational. I was thinking the same thing - even g+ is California - but more as a matter of pace and obligation: g+ and others demand a pace and regularity that I'm just not interested in engaging. Nor are many of my students.

"What has Twitter and Facebook done for me? Nothing, really. Other than perhaps attending to my emotive needs of being connected to people when I’m traveling and whining.
Social media=emotions.
Blogging/writing/transparent scholarship=intellect.
Put another way, Twitter/Facebook/G+ are secondary media."
Twitter  g+  FB  socialmedia  socialnetworking  social_obligations  scholarship2.0 
july 2011 by mcmorgan
Microstorytelling // Brevity is the soul of wit - Jennifer's thesis blog
Jennifer Parker's micro-history of short form narrative et al. An interesting angle would be to look at what readers add to the narrative to make the story work. Do they elucidate? Do they create motivation? Do they re-create a micro-meaning?
shortform  twitter  sms  haiku  #en3177 
may 2011 by mcmorgan
A Simple Guide for a Mindful Digital Life | zen habits
A how to: " How do we:
Connect the dots between our worlds in a way that propels us forward without overwhelming us with technology?
Shine a light on who we really are, but protect our identities and right to privacy?

Perhaps too minimal.
Share with the world, but only what’s appropriate for the world to see?

I say the simplest answer is to find the bonds that already exist and focus on them until they define us, ignoring the rest. Here’s how I do that. Take what works for you and leave the rest.
#en3177  socialpractices  twitter  privacy  sharing 
march 2011 by mcmorgan
Gillmor Gang 2.12.11 (TCTV)
a breakneck consideration of email and twitter, adding social signals, and @mentions
#en3177  twitter  email  social_practices  social_signals 
february 2011 by mcmorgan
Will #Quora Be Big In 2011?
a good article for en3177, in part for the subject of discussion but even more for the aggregatating and repurposing the writer's doing. trace the inputs and outputs and diagram how he links it all together. this is learning.
en3177  twitter  quora  mooc  ple  synthesis 
january 2011 by mcmorgan
Christine Brandel: First Year Composition in Twenty Tweets
Three notes: 1. These tweets aren't teaching; they are a teacher asserting her authority. Looks like teaching, but it isn't. 2. They aren't very good tweets. There's nothing memorable in them, nor concision, just reduction to the simplistic. 3. They sanction a misunderstanding of writing, and of teaching and learning. In a tweet, they fail to enact what they assert. And a comment: What do you do the second day of class? 
teaching  twitter  nonteaching 
december 2010 by mcmorgan
Social networking: teachers blame Facebook and Twitter for pupils' poor grades - Telegraph
The opening claim - "Children who spend much of their time online find it harder to concentrate in class, are permanently distracted and have shorter attention spans, researchers found." - turns out to be perceptions and beliefs by teachers. The article tells us more about misconceptions than what student are doing. Shame on Telegraph.
Fyc  myths  facebook  twitter 
november 2010 by mcmorgan
The Ed Techie: Twitter as interdisciplinary tool & culture
Martin Weller discusses how some of the conventions of twitter help users organize their space to support interdiscplinarity. Mentions reasons for retweeting and how hash tags are used.
twitter  en3177  hashtag  retweet  collaboration  socialpractices 
november 2010 by mcmorgan
The Eight-Word Mission Statement - Harvard Business Review
The short form forces concision, but it can also be used to generate possibles. 'Starr insists that companies he funds can express their mission statement in under eight words. They also must follow this format: "Verb, target, outcome."' It'd add "means."
genre  generator  mission  shortform  twitter  statement  branding 
november 2010 by mcmorgan
Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter - ProfHacker
Covering organization, access, frequency, substance, archiving, and assessment
twitter  twwt  social_learning  socialpractices  socialmedia  teaching  tips 
september 2010 by mcmorgan
How Social Media is Affecting the Way We Speak and Write
Light weight observations on social media, ending with the inevitable "it all depends" "There is no single right or wrong way to assimilate “social speak” into our lives and work — it all depends upon your own time and tolerance, your setting, your colleagues, and even the image you want to project. For better or for worse, though, we are all in a new world of communications — and most of us will have to learn the new language."
socialpractices  socialmedia  twitter 
april 2010 by mcmorgan
Backchannel via Twitter
Good response to Rankin's initial pass at twitter in the classroom.
twitter  twwt 
march 2010 by mcmorgan
The Twitter Experiment at UT Dallas
Preliminary report on using Twitter for discussions with a class of 90. Pretty straight foward but does't use the strengths of twitter.
march 2010 by mcmorgan
The Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009
An account of a presentation going bad through backchannel.
twitter  backchannel 
november 2009 by mcmorgan
Professors Are Not Sold on Twitter's Usefulness -
Brief news report, but the comments sketch out some uses and perspectives.
twitter  socialpractices 
august 2009 by mcmorgan
This Is Me: This Is Me Introduction
University of Reading. "In an environment where there are many ways to publish material quickly and easily, such as social networking sites ... and all manner of other ways of expressing yourself on the web, people can find that they have their 'web presence' spread across multiple sites. What's more, other people might post something about you without you knowing about it - and it might be done quite innocently.

We are developing a number of short exercises and learning materials to help people think about what sorts of issues there are about DI."
twitter  blogging  identity  teaching  socialpractices 
august 2009 by mcmorgan
Bedford Bits » Blog Archive » Twitter Resources for the Classroom
Now that you’ve learned to use Twitter to communicate with friends and colleagues, it’s time to think about how to use it in the classroom.
twitter  twwt  fyc  courses 
august 2009 by mcmorgan
Collect Data About Yourself with Twitter – your.flowingdata
A project in data collection and visualization by Nathan Yau, a statistics graduate student at UCLA. Use twitter to post data points <action> or <action> <value> to a direct twitter feed. Collect enough data entries and patterns begin to emerge. Visualizations are at <> Keep this project in sight. It's likely to be useful in classes, but it will also become news soon.
visualization  twitter  socialmedia  design  statistics 
august 2009 by mcmorgan
apophenia: Would the real social network please stand up?
"Not all social networks are the same.
You cannot assume network transitivity.
You cannot assume that properties that hold for one network apply to other networks.
To address this, I want to begin by mapping out three distinct ways of modeling a social network. These are not the only ways of modeling a social network, but they are three common ways that are often collapsed in public discourse."
twitter  facebook  socialnetworking  socialpractices 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
Is Twitter ‘Digg’ing Their Own Ditch? | FutureNow's GrokDotCom / Marketing Optimization Blog
* It becomes the next big thing and the place where the cool kids hang out
* People begin manipulating the signal to their benefit, thereby destroying the quality of the signal.

5) Either the technology adapts, or people adapt and social conventions adapt, or the “thing” takes a massive nosedive in importance.
twitter  ms_culture  change  blogging  blog 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
MediaShift . How Journalists Are Using Twitter in Australia | PBS
Excellent overview of uses by and responses to twitter in pro journalism. From ABC Australia.
newmedia  journalism  citizenjournalism  socialmedia  Twitter 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
Twitter in higher education
Really just a technique or two > A better model for twitter integration was suggested which I quite like. This would involve defined periods when students were encouraged to ‘tweet’. For example, 20 minutes in you say to the students “for the next 3 minutes discuss with your neighbour the issues raised so far (or have a specific question you want them to answer). Please feel free to ‘tweet’ your thoughts or questions using the tag #xxxx”. The lecturer could then choose to take a couple of minutes to respond there and then or follow up after the class.
twitter  web2.0  lecture  teaching 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
Professors experiment with Twitter as teaching tool - JSOnline
List of faculty at Marquette who are using twitter for classes and why. The usual reasons and uses. One warning to limit personal exchanges.
twitter  socialpractices  socialmedia  privacy  facebook  teaching  fyc 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You - Clive Thompson -
Updates and weak ties. Always on means a return to village life, where everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Monitor your online persona so you can control it. "This is the paradox of ambient awareness. Each little update — each individual bit of social information — is insignificant on its own, even supremely mundane. But taken together, over time, the little snippets coalesce into a surprisingly sophisticated portrait of your friends’ and family members’ lives, like thousands of dots making a pointillist painting. This was never before possible, because in the real world, no friend would bother to call you up and detail the sandwiches she was eating." "“It drags you out of your own head,” she added. In an age of awareness, perhaps the person you see most clearly is yourself. "
weak_ties  ambient_awareness  findability  facebook  twitter  socialmedia  web2.0  socialnetworking  microblogging  intimacy 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live -- Printout -- TIME
ambient awareness. An ok entry article for FYC students. Deals with live twittering as a fundamental move / difference: "Put those three elements together — social networks, live searching and link-sharing — and you have a cocktail that poses what may amount to the most interesting alternative to Google's near monopoly in searching. " Follow up with students twittering a class session for another group of students who aren't attending.
twitter  FYC  reading  CWI  literacy 
june 2009 by mcmorgan
Commuters asked to write Haikus
Remember the Guardian's txting poetry contest?
twitter  socialmedia 
may 2009 by mcmorgan
Based on wefeelfine, calls on twitter.
tools  twitter  mashup 
may 2009 by mcmorgan
Let's Stop the Twitter Madness - The Daily Beast
Second of two recent columns dissing twitter as a waste of time. Again, no evidence, a lot of straw arguments, and invoking the usual scary tropes and commonplaces: we aren't reading Great Works, Losing the Craft of the Thank You Note ... Comments from readers show insight.
twitter  media  so  newmedia 
march 2009 by mcmorgan
Twitter Jumped the Shark This Week - The Daily Beast
One of two recent columns on why twitter is a waste of time - the arguments really seem that thin and puritan. It's a diversion from Real Work and Real Contact. Lots of name calling. Lots of fallacies. Little evidence.
twitter  media  newmedia  socialnetworking 
march 2009 by mcmorgan
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