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Tooling Up for Digital Humanities
"The Tooling Up workshop series offers an introduction to fundamental concepts, methods, and issues within the field of digital humanities. It is appropriate for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members, but is aimed primarily at humanities scholars with minimal exposure to digital methodology and a curiosity to learn more about the digital humanities."
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september 2012 by mcmorgan
Capitol Words
A set of filters for working with word frequency of the congressional record. By cloud, by time, by speaker. Get your George Lakoff ready.
tools  newliteracy 
may 2009 by mcmorgan
Based on wefeelfine, calls on twitter.
tools  twitter  mashup 
may 2009 by mcmorgan
SIMILE Project
from MIT building a semantic web. A set of Java/rfd tools in development. Includes Timeline and Timeplot apps. Mashups go pro.
visualization  visualliteracy  semanticweb  tools  mashup  web2.0 
march 2008 by mcmorgan
Blog monitoring working methods and applications for research and scholarship.
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august 2007 by mcmorgan

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