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What’s Next for Text? RICHARD A. LANHAM
A 2001 version of chap 3 of Economies of Attention. Illustrated. "ABSTRACT This article describes and illustrates the fundamental changes which alphabetic text undergoes when it moves from the printed page to the digital screen."
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august 2014 by mcmorgan The Glass Box And The Commonplace Book
A brief look at how text that can circulate through the web creates more value than text locked in boxes- the problem starts when we're limited in what we can circulate, whether by lack of copy and paste or rights restrictions. Starts with commonplaces books as web snippets and rests the argument on that practice. "A single piece of information designed to flow through the entire ecosystem of news will create more value than a piece of information sealed up in a glass box." "When text is free to flow and combine, new forms of value are created, and the overall productivity of the system increases. " The
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