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something is rotten in the state of...Twitter | the theoryblog
Yeah, ok, if writ large. But it's not happening this way in my sphericule. Which is the point: the rot may be a function of lack of context, looking at tweets as floating free, like plastic beads in the ocean. But locally, exchange is contextualized and there are other social mores and practices at work.
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september 2014 by mcmorgan
TidBITS Opinion: Why The Daily Is So Yesterday
Adam's observations on Murdoch's wooden goose. It's about the news, Rupert, not the publication. The problem isn't the app; it's lack of the social.
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february 2011 by mcmorgan
Gillmor Gang 2.12.11 (TCTV)
a breakneck consideration of email and twitter, adding social signals, and @mentions
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february 2011 by mcmorgan
Reading in the Digital Age, or, Reading How We’ve Always Read | Booksquare
Some interesting consideration of how to move the act of once-considered-private reading (annotations, notes, synopses, summaries, responses, discussions) into an online social environment. Ties to aggregate and remix in Downes's frame of a MOOC. Might be good to ease readers into PLE frames and repurposing.
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december 2010 by mcmorgan

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