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Donald Trump Will Leave You Numb - The New York Times
I can't recall the rhetorical figure of "repeat until exhausted." Too tired. But this is also about kairos: "Not by accident did he put on that 77-minute performance for the media — hurling insults, flinging lies, marinating in self-pity, luxuriating in self-love — just three days after the resignation of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and amid intensifying questions about collusion between Team Trump and the Russians.
"He was cluttering the landscape. Overwhelming the senses. Betting that a surfeit of clangorous music would obscure any particularly galling note. That wager got him all the way to the White House, though he has no place being there, and so he sticks with it. The news conference was a case study in such orchestrated chaos."
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february 2017 by mcmorgan
Croquet Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The strength behind Croquet is the shared distribution of worlds: not centralized, but peer to peer. Croquet works by employing the principle of replicated computation (synchronization) together with a peer-based messaging protocol that makes it possible to coordinate the activities of people within virtual worlds without the requirement of maintaining central server resources (other than those needed for specialized data and institutional middleware services).
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november 2008 by mcmorgan
The Future of the Internet is not Secondlife
Brief consideration of open source immersive environment. Don't buy an island; buy a new server.
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november 2008 by mcmorgan

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