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RSS is undead
Reasons to love RSS: no branding, no user analytics, no ads, user rather than provider curation. Content.
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april 2018 by mcmorgan
The Ed Techie: Twitter is your IT support
Couldn't have come at a better time as setting up a new Weblogs and Wikis. but it's Martin's story of gathering support, the lessons embedded in the procedures, that counts here.
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january 2013 by mcmorgan
RSS Feeds, Community, Publishers, and Revisions - Shyftr Blog
Over the past few days, much discussion has occurred regarding the nature of Shyftr and its service.
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april 2008 by mcmorgan
Shyftr is a social RSS reader. Like other RSS readers, Shyftr provides tools for people to aggregate, organize, read, and share RSS feeds they are subscibed to. One extension of this experience is the ability to discuss content that is read.
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april 2008 by mcmorgan
Shawn Blanc » NetNewsWire: Just What You Wanted
Review of NetNewsWire that has extra interest in *how* and *where* and *when* Shawn uses it.
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december 2007 by mcmorgan

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