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Daring Fireball: Wading Through AccuWeather’s Bullshit Response
Be aware. But be aware of the rhetorical moves of the companies that appear to grant privacy.
privacy  en3177  rhetoric 
august 2017 by mcmorgan
Here and now
Bogus. How to tell: predominant use of second person. It's like using “lots of people say...” to make claims appear worthy. The straw you. There is no you there.
en3177  rhetoric  a 
july 2017 by mcmorgan
10 Tips For Online Persuasion
Sedley. Cf his A-Z: this list is focused on what he calls "persuation windows" aka kairotic moments, or just plain ol' kairos.
rhetoric  erhetoric  en3177  wcw  webdesign 
july 2007 by mcmorgan
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab: Captology
the study of computers as persuasive technology. The blog is the most interesting section.
rhetoric  credibility  design  en3177  research  usability  webdesign 
july 2007 by mcmorgan
Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us
Wesch. An anthropologist makes a video argument about web 2.0. Solid rhetorical use of new media. Discuss a) the argument: what is it exactly? b) the use of the visual techniques in making the argument.
web2.0  newmedia  rhetoric  en3177 
may 2007 by mcmorgan

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