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No, wealth isn’t created at the top. It is merely devoured there | Rutger Bregman | Opinion | The Guardian
We won't mention names. That would be indelicate. Rentiers require a low profile. "growing share of those we hail as “successful” and “innovative” are earning their wealth at the expense of others. The people getting the biggest handouts are not down around the bottom, but at the very top. Yet their perilous dependence on others goes unseen. Almost no one talks about it. Even for politicians on the left, it’s a non-issue.... The fact of the matter is that feudalism has been democratised. To a lesser or greater extent, we are all depending on handouts. En masse, we have been made complicit in this exploitation by the rentier elite, resulting in a political covenant between the rich rent-seekers and the homeowners and retirees."
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may 2017 by mcmorgan
Alana Taylor: How to Get Ahead [The Way I Think] & Other Things I'm Honest About
Interesting blog post that relies on some tricky rhetorical devices to affirm honesty, virtue, and dubatiatio. Good target text for ENGL 2101
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