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Free Speech Is Not an Academic Value - Chronicle - Stanley Fish
Accurate speech is, free inquiry is, but free speech is an extracurricular value. The responsibility falls to the administrators:

>My advice to administrators: Stop thinking of yourselves as in-house philosophers or free-speech champions or dispensers of moral wisdom, and accept your responsibility as managers of crowd-control, an art with its own history and analytical tools, and one that you had better learn and learn quickly.
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yesterday by mcmorgan
Trump’s Comey tweet was one of his most terrifying lies yet.
My parents let me watch the Cuban Missile Crisis unfold on The News at 6:00 and 10:00 pm. I watched the Watergate investigation live on network tv all summer. I watched the news reports with death tolls from Viet Nam every evening. I even saw Oswald shot live on a b&w tv. This is scarier because it is Trump going nihilist.

> It’s difficult to describe the feeling of seeing the president of the United States lie, in the moment, about ongoing events and testimony.
> ...

>This, in the end, is what’s so disturbing about his Monday afternoon tweet. It’s another sign of Trump’s basic contempt for the idea of an independent, observable reality that stands as a baseline for his actions. That reality is how you hold politicians accountable; it’s why the press is vital to a free and healthy democracy. But Trump sees no advantage in accountability, no reason to honor the truth or even gesture toward its existence. Both he and his White House have made a conscious decision to destabilize public discourse, to fracture and undermine common understanding. President Trump isn’t just lying to the American people; he’s saying, almost openly, that the truth just doesn’t matter either way.
rhetoric  trump 
7 days ago by mcmorgan
Trump Embraces One Of Russia's Favorite Propaganda Tactics — Whataboutism : NPR
Rhetoric is *always* about policy.

> But whataboutism extends beyond rhetoric, said Dmitry Dubrovsky, a professor at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. "It's not only a narrative practice; it's real policy," he said. "For example, the Russians installed a special institute to cover the violation of human rights in the United States."
epistemology  politics  rhetoric  trump 
11 days ago by mcmorgan
Trump’s Speech to Congress Was Not “Normal” - The New Yorker
> Yet these were superficialities. On closer inspection, Tuesday’s speech was not that normal at all—at least, not in light of what the President and his aides have spent the past few weeks doing and saying. Trump’s sudden distaste for “the wedge of disunity”—a wedge he has used with such abandon that he could just as well brand it, gild it, and have his sons sell it—was so obviously at odds with his public persona that it provoked, on the Democratic side of the aisle, bitter laughter. But the starkest contradiction the speech contained was the one between the President, who promised “a new program of national rebuilding,” and the words of his senior adviser, Stephen Bannon, who announced, only five days earlier, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, in Washington, that the Administration had begun a project of “deconstruction.” So which is it: Is the federal government in the construction business, as Trump insists, or the deconstruction business, as Bannon has put it? Can it possibly be in both?
26 days ago by mcmorgan
Donald Trump and the Enemies of the American People - The New Yorker
How to define the enemy as anyone who challenges power

> an old-fashioned autocrat wielding a very familiar rhetorical strategy.

> all follow a general pattern. They attack and threaten the press with deliberate and ominous intensity; the press, in turn, adopts a more oppositional tone and role. “And then that paves the way for the autocrat’s next move,” Simon told me. “Popular support for the media dwindles and the leader starts instituting restrictions. It’s an old strategy.” Simon pointed to Trump’s lack of originality, recalling that both Néstor Kirchner, of Argentina, and Tabaré Ramón Vázquez, of Uruguay, referred to the press as the “unelected political opposition.” And, as Simon has written, it was the late Hugo Chávez who first mastered Twitter as a way of bypassing the media and providing his supporters with alternative facts.
trump  politics  rhetoric 
5 weeks ago by mcmorgan
Donald Trump Will Leave You Numb - The New York Times
I can't recall the rhetorical figure of "repeat until exhausted." Too tired. But this is also about kairos: "Not by accident did he put on that 77-minute performance for the media — hurling insults, flinging lies, marinating in self-pity, luxuriating in self-love — just three days after the resignation of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and amid intensifying questions about collusion between Team Trump and the Russians.
"He was cluttering the landscape. Overwhelming the senses. Betting that a surfeit of clangorous music would obscure any particularly galling note. That wager got him all the way to the White House, though he has no place being there, and so he sticks with it. The news conference was a case study in such orchestrated chaos."
rhetoric  rhetorical_velocity  kairos  exhaustion  simuations  analysis 
5 weeks ago by mcmorgan
Trump’s America, where even park employees have become enemies of the state | Sarah Kendzior | Opinion | The Guardian
A consideration of Trump's alternative facts and their rhetorical use. They make any poster of facts an involuntary dissident.

> What Americans have learned is that our system of checks and balances is so weak that even parks employees can become enemies of the state. They are learning their rights as they lose them, grieving for what they once took for granted. Fear is matched by incredulity that hundreds of years of imperfect democracy could cede into autocracy with such ease. Trump’s win was followed by debate over what it means to live in a “post-facts” world. This was a fatuous debate: if facts did not matter, then Trump and his team, whose threats of punishment and litigation long preceded his official lock on power, would not work so hard to suppress them. The idea of a fact always mattered – it simply had to be the Trump administration’s facts that counted. Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, made this blatant last weekend when she stated that the administration would proffer “alternative facts” that justified its political aims.

> America has become a country of involuntary dissidents, where those who seek to stay employed respond to illusions with allusions. (“If you’re part of a group that’s paid to applaud, you’re a ‘claqueur’,” Merriam-Webster dictionary slyly tweeted after Trump’s CIA visit, which allegedly included an entourage who clapped on command.) The media are “the opposition” and should “keep its mouth shut”, according to Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon. But in a digital age, where it is increasingly hard to classify who counts as “the media”, anyone who seeks to inform the public is potentially under attack.
rhetoric  trump  politics 
8 weeks ago by mcmorgan
Language Log » Gertrude Trump
There is Trump is channeling Gertrude Stein in his prose but there is no there there.
erhetoric  rhetoric  modernism 
june 2016 by mcmorgan
Should Academics Talk to Katie Couric? - The Chronicle
Once more into the breech of consumption. Don't make me think! "Academic writing has the benefit of scholarly rigor, full documentation, and original thinking. But the transmission of our ideas is routinely hampered — understandably, given academe’s publication, evaluation, and tenure conditions — by a great deal of peer-oriented jargon."
rhetoric  academicwriting  scholarship2.0 
march 2016 by mcmorgan
Silicon Valley Innovation: Stanford Law Student Crowdsources Her Graduation Speech – Wired Campus - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Not all that innovative, as commencement speeches tend to be formulaic anyway, and hardly inclusive with only 85 self-selected contributors. it does widen the available means of persuasion, a little. but it perhaps it's a choir preaching to a choir. I used to create a similar effect by grabbing lines of commonplaces from student themes to create an ur-theme that impressed a lot but said little.
rhetoric  hype 
may 2015 by mcmorgan
Adblockers are immoral
No, they aren't. Ad hominem takes on a new meaning. Really, this is your best argument? A good reminder to reinstall that ad blocker you were thinking about.
advertising  rhetoric  ad_hominem 
may 2015 by mcmorgan
Audience Invoked vs Audience Addressed in Pinker's The Sense of Style | David Durian
"Ultimately, it seems the case that, although the text does have mismatch issues between audience invoked and audience imagined, it has still proven to be a successful text, none the less. In terms of its status as "popular linguistics" text, it actually appears to conform pretty strongly to the genre conventions of that genre, at least, if earlier works such as Pinker's The Language Instinct and Tannen's You Just Don't Understand are used as a gauge for success. "
rhetoric  stylebook  review  linguistics 
may 2015 by mcmorgan
The Conference Manifesto -
Making the pre-conference season rounds in my neighborhood.
conference  rhetoric  rhetorical_velocity 
may 2015 by mcmorgan
Stereotropes - tropes
The penchant for cleverness limits its value, but it's a start.
rhetoric  dh 
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Fedwiki as a mockup prototype
Looks at FedWiki as a "mockup" prototype of Ward's next vision. Where as WikiWiki is a means for many to work on one piece of content (convergence) stored in one server, what if the similar mechanisms were in a place where we each manage our own small wiki, but through a network means, we can share and have it federated with collaborators.
fedwiki  rhetoric  chorusofvoices 
april 2015 by mcmorgan
A Season in the #fedwiki | Spoke & Hub
What does that title mean, you ask? During the Teaching Machines Happening, I learned many things that surprised me, and on this post, I’d like to write about two of them–teaching and…
fedwiki  rhetoric 
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Startup Board Decks: Free Templates from VCs | NextView Venture
how one VC defines the rhet sit for entrepreneurs. it's socilizaion, not education. On, let's be frank: it's a Trojan horse, a way of trying to control the agenda.
rhetoric  erhetoric  business  venture_capltalism 
august 2014 by mcmorgan
Bogost - The Rhetoric of Video Games
Central reading for an erhet project of procedural rhetoric
dh  procedural_rhetoric  e-rhet  rhetoric 
august 2014 by mcmorgan
The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post
It's a sure thing. It's based on Science. Consider what perfect means here: SEO ranking and shareable. Still, this is one of the rare how-tos that build in sharing and skimming to the reading. It helps us see the genre, and get a sense of how commodification drives it.
rhetoric  wcw  wcwexample  erhetoric  techwriting  lists  perfection 
may 2014 by mcmorgan
Social Media Influence: 10 Theories to Know For Greater Persuasion
An unpersuasive blip attempting to connect Science! to rhetoric. Ha ha.
rhetoric  marketing 
may 2014 by mcmorgan
Hacking at Education: TED, Technology Entrepreneurship, Uncollege, and the Hole in the Wall
Audrey Watters on TED talks. Shiny, compelling, but no room for critique. "But once something becomes a TED Talk, it becomes oddly unassailable. The video, the speech, the idea, the applause — there too often stops our critical faculties. We don’t interrupt. We don’t jeer. We don’t ask any follow-up questions. They lecture. We listen."
rhetoric  rhetorical_velocity  ted  DH 
april 2014 by mcmorgan
Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina. Or Encomium of Thrun.
An interesting defense of Udacious Thrun in the face of what has been more clever than critical critique. Interesting because the defense is itself more sympathetic than critical. Epideictic meets Epideictic. If I were a pedant, I'd be reminded of Gorgious. If I were a raving capitalist, I'd be sympathetic.
rhetoric  epidectic 
december 2013 by mcmorgan
Will MOOCs Work for Writing? | Open Education | HYBRID PEDAGOGY
I don't often post an article that hardly rates a meh, but this is one. Meh. Read your rhetoric, boy-o.
mooc  rhetoric 
march 2013 by mcmorgan
Flying Logic : Software for Visual Planning Support : About
Hmm. Marketing speak, pseudo-method, or something substantive here. That I have to ask the question suggests the former.
fyc  erhetoric  rhetoric 
september 2012 by mcmorgan
The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate
el reg's analysis is overstated as expected, but the study really is based on a grand misconception of lib arts: that te more studied think thevway the reasearchers do. from the discipline that brought us microagression.
rhetoric  psychology  microagression  urbanlegend 
may 2012 by mcmorgan
Communicate Like MLK and Change the World | Duarte Blog
video and line graph analysis of MLK speech. presentation form follows one dimension - what is / what can be - and so seems short on semiotic possibilities.
rhetoric  persuasion  vosualization 
january 2011 by mcmorgan
Ugly Vegas Carpets Want You to Keep Playing | Raw File
Maluszynski photographs Lost Wages carpets as "odd patterns that define particular places.” Maluszynski plans to point his lens at another smothering of American kitsch: “I have started shooting motel bedspreads; it’s a great excuse to go road-tripping.” And an opportunity for a diss in semiotics.
semiotics  rhetoric 
september 2010 by mcmorgan
Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive « alex.moskalyuk
Love 'em or 'ate 'em. "a pop psych book, where a bunch of research in psychology is distilled into one readable volume. ... 50 scientifically proven ways constitute 50 chapters of the book, longest of which take 7 pages. The authors take the position that persuasion is a science, not art, hence with the right approach anybody can become the master in the skill of persuasion." Many of the techniques aren't about designing so much as appeals to pathos and presentation. And they say *rhetoric* is dodgy! 
rhetoric  erhetoric  persuasion  persuasive_technologies 
august 2010 by mcmorgan
Does your org have a Facebook Page comment escalation flow-chart? ~ Stephen's Web
Stephen Downes on what decorum becomes when run through an organization. Good teaching tool? Not so much. The principle behind the decorum is CYA rather than Do No Harm or Show Practical Wisdom.
socialpractices  rhetoric  decorum 
august 2010 by mcmorgan
Naked CIO: Apple's iPad - why it's iBad for business IT | Page 2 | CIO Insights |
Businesses stay clear of ipad. Why? "All they care about is selling volume to pimply-faced teenagers looking for the next big thing. It is not in their business model and so it can't be in ours." Talk about a specious argument. I say, Fine. Keep ipads out of business. we spotty-faced pros do just fine without your tribe.
business  tribalism  rhetoric  fyc  iPad 
august 2010 by mcmorgan
Ben Davis on social media art - artnet Magazine
"Is there any more interesting way to think about the topic than the loose and impressionistic manner that it is currently framed?" Of course there is. And the doscussion is just getting started.
semiotics  social_art  socialmedia  newmedia  rhetoric 
august 2010 by mcmorgan
Tales of a MD/PhD student: What's the Deal with Neuromarketing?
A brief critique of neuromarketing with links to others. In brief, marketers may be making claims about the funtioning of the brain with no evidence. The bicameral brain, part 2.
neuromarketing  rhetoric 
december 2009 by mcmorgan
How Online Retailers Read Your Mind - Gadgetwise Blog -
Color and design don't persuade but make the mind receptive to an aspect of a message.
rhetoric  fyc  visualrhetoric  visualliteracy  erhetoric  neuromarketing 
december 2009 by mcmorgan
Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Entice Diners -
Light reading for FYC. Assignment: List five ways you could revise the menu to make even more profit - without alienating diners. Extra points for emerging with your ethos intact.
rhetoric  socialpractices  fyc 
december 2009 by mcmorgan
A Speculative Post on the Idea of Algorithmic Authority « Clay Shirky
A consideration on a spectrum of authority from "good enough" to "cite it in the diss."
authority  wikipedia  rhetoric 
november 2009 by mcmorgan
The Conversation Prism
A PR piece version of Rhetoric 101. Useful and revealing for the language the authors use to frame their version of social exchange - even while they hold themselves up as non-experts.

"People aren’t lured into relationships simply because you cast the bait to reel them into a conversation.

"Sincerity extends beyond the mere act of creating a profile on Twitter or forming a fan page on Facebook or a group on LinkedIn. The dual definition of transparency serves very different forms of both genuine and hollow separated by intent and impression. Relationships are measured in the value, action, and sentiment that others take away from each conversation. Talking “at” or responding without merit, intelligence, or quality grossly underestimates the people you’re hoping to befriend and influence.

"If participation were this simple, then perhaps everyone would excel as a Social Media “expert.”'
rhetoric  web2.0  socialpractices  socialmedia  erhetoric 
april 2009 by mcmorgan
Alana Taylor: How to Get Ahead [The Way I Think] & Other Things I'm Honest About
Interesting blog post that relies on some tricky rhetorical devices to affirm honesty, virtue, and dubatiatio. Good target text for ENGL 2101
rhetoric  argument  en2101 
march 2009 by mcmorgan
10 Tips For Online Persuasion
Sedley. Cf his A-Z: this list is focused on what he calls "persuation windows" aka kairotic moments, or just plain ol' kairos.
rhetoric  erhetoric  en3177  wcw  webdesign 
july 2007 by mcmorgan
Persuasive-Solutions-for-Demanding-Times.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
podcast. Richard Sedley. Solid intro to persuasion - and how it applies to web development and writing, with a focus on basing rhetorical strats on current psychological theory.
rhetoric  wcw  webdesign  web2.0 
july 2007 by mcmorgan
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab: Captology
the study of computers as persuasive technology. The blog is the most interesting section.
rhetoric  credibility  design  en3177  research  usability  webdesign 
july 2007 by mcmorgan
Web 2.0: The Sleep of Reason, Part I - Britannica Blog
Gorman goes back to the interplay of print = Authority and net does not. Good entry point to the main issues: "Print does not necessarily bestow authenticity, and an increasing number of digital resources do not, by themselves, reflect an increase in exp
web2.0  rhetoric  literacy  socialpractices  authenticity  scholarship2.0  credibility  authority 
june 2007 by mcmorgan
Pachyderm Presentation: How to write a great paper
Interesting for its (ahem) use of Pachyderm new media authoring system. Essentially yet another repackaging / re-mediation of advice far removed from any particular situation. Focus is on stasis by way of discovering a paradox. The Flash media text is t
newmedia  twwt  fyc  rhetoric 
june 2007 by mcmorgan
Trivium - Brooks and Mara
"new media and the web specifically supports grammar as the organizing and collecting of texts and knowledge, rhetoric as tools and know-how for political engagement, and dialectic as a method of reflection"
rhetoric  wiki  newmedia  hypertext  readme 
may 2007 by mcmorgan
Paul Robeson Library:: Provost Video on Plagiarism
In the name of entertainment, the videos represent academic integrity as the demands of a bobble-headed school marm, while the i"real life" examples are from a nonsense paper and illustrate poor practices.
literacy  newmedia  plagiarism  fyc  rhetoric 
may 2007 by mcmorgan
Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us
Wesch. An anthropologist makes a video argument about web 2.0. Solid rhetorical use of new media. Discuss a) the argument: what is it exactly? b) the use of the visual techniques in making the argument.
web2.0  newmedia  rhetoric  en3177 
may 2007 by mcmorgan
digital rhetoric wra 415
Digital Rhet course at MSU, dànielle nicole devoss
erhetoric  twwt  scholarship  rhetoric 
july 2006 by mcmorgan
Into the Blogosphere
collection of articles on blogging from comp/rhet perspective
blogs  erhetoric  rhetoric  teaching  twwt  academicblogging 
january 2006 by mcmorgan
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