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Mike Caulfield - Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers
Mike Caulfield's "nstruction manual to reading on the modern internet." Fact checking, detecting bias, getting around as a web-literate person. Built with PressBooks.

> We’ll show you how to find pages that have been deleted, figure out who paid for the web site you’re looking at, and whether the weather portrayed in that viral video actual matches the weather in that location on that day. We’ll show you how to check a Wikipedia page for recent vandalism, and how to search the text of almost any printed book to verify a quote. We’ll teach you to parse URLs and scan search result blurbs so that you are more likely to get to the right result on the first click. And we’ll show you how to avoid baking confirmation bias into your search terms.

> In other words, we’ll teach you web literacy by showing you the unique opportunities and pitfalls of searching for truth on the web. Crazy, right?
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february 2017 by mcmorgan

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