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Research on speech enables secrecy
An article interesting both in methodology of Q, and in the implicit use of results: to manage administrative secrecy.
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december 2018 by mcmorgan
On Research and Academic Diversity
Well, not really. It's a defense of that mooc meta study released this week, and roundly critiqued by Stephen Downes. Tip: the exchange is more enlightening than the study itself. Maybe that's the meta.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
Conflicted: Faculty And Online Education, 2012 I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman with Doug Lederman and Scott Jaschik 
Faculty are skeptical - they ought to be - and administrators are excited - they're paid to be. An ad-laden, administrator-focused knee-jerk measuring survey report that shows little news. Perhaps one interesting bit: We're still suspect of the learning outcomes that (seemingly) suggest online is valid. "Professors, over all, do not have a positive view of the learning outcomes for online education. Nearly two-thirds (66 percent) say they believe that the learning outcomes for an online course are inferior or somewhat inferior to those for a comparable face-to-face course. Most of the remaining faculty members report that the two have comparable outcomes. Fewer than 6 percent of all instructors consider online to be either superior or somewhat superior to face-to-face instruction." That is, an online learning outcome is not the same as a face to face learning outcome. Huzzah! That's always been the place where the DE advocates like to hide the difference. That and using ENTHUSIASM as a substitute for consideration. Which, in fact, this survey is based on: they measured fear vs excitement, rather than, say, concern vs mindless buy in. As here:
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june 2012 by mcmorgan
Digital Breadcrumbs, Purdy and Walker
Framed in a google search clone. "We call for examining the ways in which researchers actually use online resources for scholarly projects rather than lamenting how these researchers are not following prescribed models of efficient, purposeful online research. We, in other words, seek to consider the value of researchers' existing practices. In this early research, we find that for the participant-researchers in this study:

Multiple online resources are used together in unadvertised, collaborative ways.
“Unstructured” online research can be inventional."
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may 2011 by mcmorgan
zombiescholar [licensed for non-commercial use only] / More Brains!
Weller and Groom. State of the academy: " The uptake of new technologies in research and associated practices can be seen as a barometer for innovation within higher education. ... We suggest one possible antidote to this zombification of higher education is the use of new technologies and particularly the cultural norms they embody." Yes, and yes again. Complication arises when the local culture is a Dawn of the Dead shopping mall.
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march 2011 by mcmorgan
Detailed workflow that combines procedure with writing advice. Well, more detailed in using DT and Sente than Scrivener and Pages, and more detailed in note taking than drafting.  Highlights affordances of each application. 
Ple  notetaking  workflow  research  from delicious
december 2010 by mcmorgan
Patterns of Collaboration on Wikis
identifies some of the strategies that create solid collaborative work on wikis by looking at life cycles on corporate wikis
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march 2010 by mcmorgan
WikiResearch / Improving Academic Writing Skills
Thorough research with a diverse group of students. The reach the usual conclusions but wisely emphasize moderation of claims. Representative anecdotes. "Through collaboration and iteration, we were able to significantly increase and improve the effectiveness of our use of wikis in writing-intensive classes. We found that although the wikis were a compelling tool for teaching writing and although students improved their confidence in and ability to write, we could not attribute either of these effects directly to our use of wikis. Instead, wikis facilitated the methods of teaching writing we already practiced, such as multiple drafts, self and peer review, and writing for audiences other than the teacher. We found wikis most useful as a tool for student collaboration and were delighted by the community building effects of this collaboration.
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august 2009 by mcmorgan
ACU's iPhone initiative: a year later
An outside view of ACU's distro of iphones to students and teachers based on interviews with the players. "The success of such programs depends both on the ubiquity and availability of the devices, as well as acceptance by the staff and students. The purely voluntary method of distribution and the freedom to use the device as a social and entertainment tool offered as part of the package both went a long way toward furthering the latter."
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july 2009 by mcmorgan
Ed/ITLib Digital Library → Home
Check periodically for seminars and publications.
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july 2009 by mcmorgan
Twitter at MLA II: Panel notes | HASTAC
MLA panel on Twitter with David Parry and others,
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january 2009 by mcmorgan
U. of Houston Study: Students in 'Hybrid' Course Got Better Grades
Looks like a point for hybrids - until you look at the confounds created between the two courses. This was not an online or DE course.
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april 2008 by mcmorgan
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab: Captology
the study of computers as persuasive technology. The blog is the most interesting section.
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
Language Log: An apology
summary post concerning "email makes you stupid" media reports of 2005.
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august 2006 by mcmorgan
Wiki Brainstorming and Problems with Wiki Based Collaboration
University of York Computer Science Project
Jonathan Davies, Sept 2004
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august 2006 by mcmorgan
Wikis in teaching and assessment
use of NMPOV in writing and assessment. researchers place students under rhetorical constraints of writing in NPOV as a way of prompting negotiation and collectivist moves.
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august 2006 by mcmorgan
WIDE research center
writing in digital environments - MSU
twwt  erhetoric  newmedia  research 
july 2006 by mcmorgan

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