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The 100 Top Punk Songs of All Time, Curated by Readers of the UK's Sounds Magazine in 1981 | Open Culture
Pretty much on the money - for the guys. They left out Slits, Mo-Dettes, Raincoats, and Delta 5 - but that was 1981: Still focusing on the guys.
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december 2019 by mcmorgan
David Bowie and Klaus Nomi’s Performance on SNL 1979 via Open Culture
Our little Weimar. That’s how we like to remember it. 40 years ago. I remember, fresh back from a year in London, watching Bowie and Nomi on SNL. B&W tv in a 3rd floor apartment in St Cloud. Thought, “Nothing new here.” Wrong again.

Laurie Anderson and “O Superman” was right around the corner.

> 1979 was a strange year in music. A year of endings, in a way. Sid Vicious died, Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath… an old guard faded away. On the other hand, U2 went into the studio for their debut, Kate Bush went on her first tour, and new wave emerged from punk’s end.
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november 2019 by mcmorgan
Never Mind the Sex Pistols. Here's BLAST. 'Cause everyone should have a digital copy on hand. Never know when a good old BLAST will come in handy.
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march 2012 by mcmorgan
Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate HISTORYtalk
Local history of Notting Hill and Portobello Rd by London music journalist. Good read.
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february 2012 by mcmorgan

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