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Revolution Hits the Universities - An exam
I glossed over this on a first read - anything that starts "LORD knows there’s a lot of bad news in the world today to get you down," is going to be a sermon - and on a second read, it's still tripe. But it sparks a great set of equally facile responses. Maybe I don't read the mainstream enough, but it's scary out there.

Just listen to this: "Nothing has more potential to lift more people out of poverty — by providing them an affordable education to get a job or improve in the job they have."

Is that Friedman's statement or a commentator? Hard to tell? What does that say about Friedman? NYT readers? School systems in general? Discuss. Be detailed. Try please please try to ground your discussion in observations and reason. Don't fall back on social determinism. 10 points.
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january 2013 by mcmorgan

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