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Are 'grammar Nazis' ruining the English language? - Telegraph
A light introduction to the focus of linguistics and the Language Log. Followed by 100s of inane comments. "Despite what many people think, the rules of a language – any language – are only defined by how people use that language. When you think about it, that has to be the case: the rules of English are different now from how they were in Milton’s time, let alone Chaucer’s, and no one has ever sat down and deliberately changed them; they’ve changed because the language has evolved, through changing use. Pullum’s job is determining what those rules are."
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march 2014 by mcmorgan
A Rule Which Will Live in Infamy - Lingua Franca - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Whacks the prescriptivist mole of which/that. But what I really like is the side note that White edited Strunk's original version to comply with White's stylistic prescriptions.
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december 2012 by mcmorgan
Language Log: "Everything is correct" versus "nothing is relevant"
the term correctness conditions for whatever are the actual conditions on your expressions that make them the expressions of your language — and likewise for anyone else's language .[...] The expressions of your language are the ones that comply with al
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august 2006 by mcmorgan

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