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Secrets to Success with Email Autoresponders
A consideration of the rhet sit on the edge of spamming. Articles like these open up the reasoning of the rhetors while concealing their motivation.
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may 2014 by mcmorgan
Communicate Like MLK and Change the World | Duarte Blog
video and line graph analysis of MLK speech. presentation form follows one dimension - what is / what can be - and so seems short on semiotic possibilities.
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january 2011 by mcmorgan
Should I Work for Free?
flowchart. but it's not about the flow. it's about the players. illustrates how to play with genres.
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january 2011 by mcmorgan
Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive « alex.moskalyuk
Love 'em or 'ate 'em. "a pop psych book, where a bunch of research in psychology is distilled into one readable volume. ... 50 scientifically proven ways constitute 50 chapters of the book, longest of which take 7 pages. The authors take the position that persuasion is a science, not art, hence with the right approach anybody can become the master in the skill of persuasion." Many of the techniques aren't about designing so much as appeals to pathos and presentation. And they say *rhetoric* is dodgy! 
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august 2010 by mcmorgan

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