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25 Years of EdTech – 2000: Learning objects
LO couldn't die fast enough. Locally, they were pushed top down by admins looking for standardization. Pedagogically, the problem was decontextualization that drained them of worth outside of training.
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march 2018 by mcmorgan
Mike's recent paean to changing the institution from within.
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september 2016 by mcmorgan
Building a Place for Community: City Tech’s OpenLab
Report on CUNY's OpenLab, designed in part to align a dispersed community. Come together by way of a leaning community.
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january 2015 by mcmorgan
Politics of openness
I love it, but I hate it at the same time. It's not the politics, which are invigorating, but the ideology. Education is liberal. Get over it.
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february 2014 by mcmorgan
Open Textbook Tweet - WikiEducatorj
Buzz page for pdf and hard-copy editions of a text on OER and open textbook creation compiled by Sharon Fitzpatrick.
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may 2011 by mcmorgan
Faculty Views About Online Learning -
via Tech-Rhet. Bar charts. Online is more work for less educational quality, and practiced mainly by the tenure-track faculty. I'm assuming this refers mainly to institutionalized CMS stuff. That's my over-generalization for the day.
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november 2010 by mcmorgan
Stephen Downes: Deinstitutionalizing Education
Go, Stephen: "While a great deal of virtual ink has been spilled over the need to reform our schools and universities, I think we need to question how we manage education altogether. For it is manifest that the institution, the form in which we have managed education and society in general, has ultimately come to failure." This article is difficult to summarize, but it places institutionalized ed in there with corporate greed, exploitation, outsourcing, and powerlessness. And my university says, "Education is broken because we don't assess." Ed is broken alright, but it's broken like corporations are.
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november 2010 by mcmorgan
Through the Open Door: Open Courses as Research, Learning, and Engagement
Good intro and o review of MOOCs and open ed in general: movement towards the Socratic and away from content-centered.
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september 2010 by mcmorgan
'Open Teaching': When the World Is Welcome in the Online Classroom
Brief overview of open courses - that gets a number of matters wrong (ie: You don't open Bboard. You move to a different platform). Worth referring to in order to see how open courses are an attitude, not a technology. Comments from Siemens and Drexler correct the article.

: "What was different was the radically decentralized, "kids in control" environment. Instead of restricting posts to a closed discussion forum in a system like Blackboard, the class left students free to debate anywhere. Some used Moodle, an open-source course-management system. Others preferred blogs, Twitter, or Ning. In the virtual world Second Life, students built two Spanish-language sites. Some even got together face-to-face to discuss the material."
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september 2010 by mcmorgan

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