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manifesto for teaching online
Edinburgh nails its theses to the door, loosing the chains of DE. I feel a kin.
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december 2012 by mcmorgan
Online Universities: Why They Still Don't Measure Up
"According to the government recruiter, "For a decent job with upward mobility here, a University of Phoenix degree wouldn't get someone through the door unless they had something else really good on their resume. A recent USC grad with no experience could get an interview, but I'd be shocked to see a recent online grad get the same." and other observations
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november 2012 by mcmorgan
Nine principles for excellence in web-based teaching
V good overview article, mainly because it mentions, if not develops, implications and human requirements for each of the principles. Beneath it all: Excellent DE courses depend on excellent teachers.

This article explores excellence in web-based teaching. Drawing on the views of experts in the field and the perspective of their own years of experience, the authors compiled a list of 9 principles to provide direction in the search for online excellence. The principles include: the online world is a medium unto itself; sense of community and social presence are essential to online excellence; in the online world, content is a verb; great online courses are defined by teaching, not technology. The list is not intended to be an exclusive set of principles or a comprehensive guide to online teaching. Rather it is a collection of important ideas and suggestions for teaching excellence in the online world.
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november 2009 by mcmorgan

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