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TidBITS Opinion: Why The Daily Is So Yesterday
Adam's observations on Murdoch's wooden goose. It's about the news, Rupert, not the publication. The problem isn't the app; it's lack of the social.
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february 2011 by mcmorgan
From Indymedia to Wikileaks weighs in. "The battle over Wikileaks, and the journalistic questions that it raises, are genuinely new developments — but they’re new developments grounded in a few long term trends and a history stretching back nearly two decades.The impact of WikiLeaks on journalism is more an impact of degree than of kind; what’s happening isn’t entirely new, but it is happening on a greater scale than ever before.
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december 2010 by mcmorgan
Twelve Theses on Wikileaks (with Patrice Riemens
[via if:books]. 12 entry points to the WikiLeaks discussion. From Amsterdam, it reads like an internal Pentagon report. "We do not think that taking a stand for or against WikiLeaks is what matters most. WikiLeaks is here to stay, until it either scuttles itself or is destroyed by opposing forces. Our point is rather to (try to) assess and ascertain what WikiLeaks can, could — and maybe even should — do, and to help formulate how “we” could relate to and interact with WikiLeaks."
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december 2010 by mcmorgan

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