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A Course in Online Civility - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
An odd one, where online discussions actually occur and with some politeness. The value points are in Goedde's connection of discourse form - rant, off-hand comment - with lack of development. "Students disagree with each other, sometimes strongly, but they also take pains to be polite.

Their motivation is clear: Their grade depends on it. In my online classes, every assignment, big and small, is written. If the writing is sloppy or dogmatic, it doesn't earn a high grade. For example, students routinely give feedback on one another's drafts. If a student responds with a rant, either in support or opposition, it typically means the ideas are not organized, so I take off points. If a student's comments are offhanded, it typically means that the ideas are underdeveloped, or that claims are made without evidence to support them, and the grade reflects this shortcoming."
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may 2013 by mcmorgan
Whatever Happened to Online Etiquette? - Pogue
a list of bugaboos that picture the problem as more widespread than it probably is, but worth a read.
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january 2007 by mcmorgan
Language Log: What, me violate copyright?
how embedding img src in a page does not violate copyright: " It's no violation of copyright for me to point your browser to their freely available cartoon."
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august 2006 by mcmorgan
Chronicle Careers:The Etiquette of E-Rejection
media matters - to ethos and pathos. the media of a paper letter carries with it rhetorical statements about the sender, and about the relation of sender to audience. It's part of a rhetorical contract.
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august 2006 by mcmorgan
So you want to post on Kairosnews? | Kairosnews
Matt details some of the conventions of sharing information and being a part of the space in web2.0 netiquette changes in web2.0: "If it's not worth the effort to make an original, unique post for the folks here at Kairosnews, don't bother."
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august 2006 by mcmorgan

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