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Academic Freedom and the LMS
Timid university administrators bow to bullying system admins, aggressive accreditation institutions, and a political use of FERPA by local IT admins to keep the adjuncts in their assigned place and their LMS contracts sacrosanct.

The problem: mandatory use of a system-sanctioned LMS.

The solution: regaining the discussion, invoking standards of teaching.

> The most important standard I would bring to any discussion about what technology should be employed on campus and the faculty role in how it should be employed is that faculty deserve the same prerogatives when they use an online tool as they do when they are teaching in an entirely conventional face-to-face classroom. To suggest anything else defeats the purpose of moving any part of a class online in the first place.

> The second standard I would bring to any discussion of how technology like the LMS should be employed on campus is that faculty should be offered as many technological choices as possible and that they should be the ones who make the final decision about which ones they use.

> The final standard I would bring to a discussion of the LMS is that the result should be as close to the open Internet as humanly possible. That means faculty have to be able to employ tools that exist entirely outside their LMS if they so choose, like Slack or, the open source web annotation program.


> college campuses are the kinds of places that are supposed to be on the cutting edge of technology since they have so many smart people on them. Treat those smart people like the average corporate peon when it comes to how they teach – the action at the center of their job descriptions – and you are going to have a lot of very unhappy smart people on your hands.
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16 days ago by mcmorgan
A Flexible, Interoperable Digital Learning Platform: Are We There Yet? -e-Literate
Defining learning platforms.

> I believe incentives in the industry have changed enough that we could have a win-win scenario for all implementing parties.

Hmmm. Break into small groups. Discuss.
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may 2017 by mcmorgan
Ed-Tech and the Commercialization of School
> Humans are not widgets. The cultivation of a mind cannot be mechanized. It should not be mechanized. Nevertheless, that’s been the impetus – an automation of education – behind much of education technology throughout the twentieth century. The commercialization of education is just one part of this larger ideology.
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july 2016 by mcmorgan
A User’s Guide to Forking Education - Hybrid Pedagogy
critique of the domesticated technologies of education: LMS, discussion forums, drop boxes of exchanged Word documents.

Most of these systems recreate the bureaucracies of education without capturing the joy and rigor. At their worst, learning management systems turn students into columns in a spreadsheet, taking all that’s ineffable about learning and making it grossly manifest. Learning management systems aren’t all bad (some even revolutionize in important ways), but the idea is bad, the impulse is bad, at its core. They make homogenous what is fundamentally heterogeneous, standardizing what shouldn’t be standardized. Fetishizing the learning management system is to confuse educational administration with learning. Perhaps, the administration of education does need managing, but learning needs to be given a frame and then set loose. Very few online learning tools encourage the sorts of risk-taking that make for the best pedagogies. Quality should not be assured; it should be discovered.
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august 2015 by mcmorgan
The Un-education of a Technologist: From EDUPUNK to ds106 | bavatuesdays
By happenstance maybe? provides a gloss and commentary on the April 2015 EDUCAUSE Next-Generation LMS report for more of the same by re-awakening more of the different.
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
The EDUCAUSE NGDLE and an API of One's Own -e-Literate
A well-considered response to the EDUCAUSE paper on painting the LMS a new color. A federated and personal PLE would address the EDUCAUSE criteria for LEGO, while also opening the doors to alternative models of teaching and learning - like letting the student control her content.
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
Why Technology Will Never Fix Education - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Please, let this realign admins and IT departments pushing online ed to a reality. Please please please.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
Learning is Not a Mechanism
"One of the problems with learning management system gradebooks, often mapped to rubrics and outcomes (which have run equally rampant of late), is that they assume students (and their experiences) are interchangeable. And they assume the same of teachers"
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april 2015 by mcmorgan
Dammit, the LMS -e-Literate
Putting aggregation at the center of the well designed course.

"Do you want to know why the LMS has barely evolved at all over the last twenty years and will probably barely evolve at all over the next twenty years? ... The reason that we get more of the same year after year is that, year after year, when faculty are given an opportunity to ask for what they want, they ask for more of the same. It’s because every LMS review process I have ever seen goes something like this:"

"Nobody comes to the table with an affirmative vision of what an online learning environment should look like or how it should work. Instead, they come with this year’s checklists, which are derived from last year’s checklists."
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april 2015 by mcmorgan
Beyond the LMS
Yet another reason - or set of reasons - not to use d2l. "After all, at the end of each class, students would lose access to the materials — could lose, I suppose. there are some administrative controls to extend it. Anything they’d written in the forums, for example, any interactions they’d had through the messaging system: gone. And when I left the university, I lost access to all the materials that I’d posted there. My syllabi, my handouts, the rosters of my students. Gone."
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september 2014 by mcmorgan
Networked Study | bavatuesdays
Groom, Downes, Feldstien debate OER, discovered by way of Mike Caulfield here: saving in many places.
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august 2014 by mcmorgan
digital learning spaces - an alternative to LMS.
> Educators, however, do not need to use these all-encompassing, inflexible and costly LMS. By using emerging web technologies as the building blocks, light-weight, low-cost (or free), personal teaching environments (PTEs) and personal learning environments (PLEs) can be built containing only the tools needed by educators and students to make online teaching and learning more creative.
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august 2014 by mcmorgan
Revisiting Your Learning Management System - ProfHacker
The strongest arguments against the LMS are those of creation of community and student autonomy. Rebelling against a mis-shapen tool no longer a rebellion. The new metaphor might be moving out of the LMS sandbox. Evidence? the comments from educators who backhandedly acknowledge they are powerless - and scared. See Manifesto for Teaching Online, Intrusive Scaffolding
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april 2013 by mcmorgan
Attwell - Reflections on PLEs
excellent. Attwell responds with a 17 min video to questions for OU students in Portugal. I usually dislike video responses (I can read faster and can control re-reading) but this one is worth the time because Graham gives an overview of the work he's been doing with PLEs for a few years. that's two years condensed into 17 mins.
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june 2012 by mcmorgan
FAQ #1 - Advantages of using the Institutional LMS
Draconian policies in the guise of FAQs from U Toronto. It''s all worth looking at for the naive understanding of teaching and learning, for driving pedagogy by administration, and for the nasty way of passing their silliness off as FAQs. A good one: "Students may be disadvantaged if they are required to learn how to use and navigate multiple systems." Response: Student *will* be disadvantaged if they do not learn to use multiple systems.
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june 2011 by mcmorgan

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