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The Secret History of Hypertext - The Atlantic
History has left out some figures? Who would have expected. The Atlantic is only rediscovering these historical figures of hypertext because the scholars have published books for The Atlantic.
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march 2016 by mcmorgan
Beyond Conversation - FedWiki
"In the newer style, content is kept fairly short, and fairly link-less. But at the bottom of the articles we annotate by linking to other content with short explanations of each link. ... People seeing your links can choose accept or reject them. Good and useful connections can propagate along with the page. I mentioned ages ago (was it really only November?) that as federated wiki pages move through a system they are improved, and that’s true. But the more common scenario is that as they move through a system they are connected."

As Mike suggests, it's the federation that makes this style of linking valuable, with links accruing as the article is distributed through the neighborhood. Each paragraph is a module, which effectively keeps the link outside the content, while making it possible to drop a link into the stream of an article at any point. This way of linking further distinguishes between wiki writing and, f'rinstance, blog writing. Different genres, different functions.
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july 2015 by mcmorgan
In Defense of Links, Part One: Nick Carr, hypertext and delinkification — Wordyard
Critique of Carr's assertion about links as distraction. "Links, like words, need to be used judiciously." First part of three posts on significance of links. Followed in 2015 by his Failed Promise of Deep Links.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
The Failed Promise of Deep Links — Backchannel — Medium
Reconsideration of link history from Bush to oogle commercializing the link. "Instead of sharing linked trails of knowledge that we’ve blazed, we leave piles of data around that service providers mine for value." - and sell back to us as value. We need to Recover the Link.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan

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