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Not Your Father's Censorship -
Since the Internet and the tools that make it useful are mostly in corporate hands, digital censorship relies on the private sector.
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january 2009 by mcmorgan
The Marginalia of John Adams at Deeplinking
efore blogs allowed people to offer comment on everything they read and tediously deconstruct arguments paragraph by paragraph for the world to see, people like Adams wrote witty remarks in the margins of their books. Lots of them.
literacy  library  writing  marginalia  books  newmedia 
june 2008 by mcmorgan
University Publishing in a Digital Age
Commentary version of the Ithaka Report on Univerisity Publishing paper. Contains the original text of the paper and demos how CommentPress works.
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december 2007 by mcmorgan
Library Z39.50 destinations
For access via Endnote, BibDesk, et al
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july 2007 by mcmorgan

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