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25 Years of EdTech – 2000: Learning objects
LO couldn't die fast enough. Locally, they were pushed top down by admins looking for standardization. Pedagogically, the problem was decontextualization that drained them of worth outside of training.
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march 2018 by mcmorgan
eLearn: Feature Article - E-learning 2.0
Starts to move elearning away from learning objects and modules and towards PLEs
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march 2010 by mcmorgan
Dr. Mashup; or, Why Educators Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix
Brian Lamb on mashups - for art and for education - learning objects (RIP), conditions of acceptance, and "Educators and higher education decision-makers have an obligation to carefully and critically assess new technologies before making radical changes.
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
RIP-ping on Learning Objects at iterating toward openness
I don’t think I care if learning objects are dead or not. My primary interest always has been, and I suspect always will be, in increasing access to educational opportunity to people who have been denied that right for any of a variety of reasons.
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july 2006 by mcmorgan

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