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Consumer Report iPhone4 study flawed | Viewpoints by Bob Egan
The iPhone antenna brouhaha is proving to be a good opportunity for teaching a lot about antennas, testing, and scientific methodology. After the battle is over, it will be good to return to the flak to do a rhetorical study.
iphone  teaching  scientific_method 
july 2010 by mcmorgan
Rhizome | Art In Your Pocket: iPhone and iPod Touch App Art, part 1
" about the burgeoning activities of media artists creating new works or updating versions of their older interactive screen-based projects for Apple's iPhone and iTouch mobile devices.
newmedia  iphone  ipad  art 
june 2010 by mcmorgan
Rhizome | Art in Your Pocket 2 : Media Art for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
" about the burgeoning activities of media artists creating new works or updating versions of their older interactive screen-based projects for Apple's iPhone and iTouch mobile devices."
newmedia  iphone  ipad  art 
june 2010 by mcmorgan
WPtouch: Mobile Plugin + Theme for WordPress ↔ BraveNewCode Inc.
I added the WPTouch plugin to It is superb: well-designed for the small screen, fast, detailed in its execution. It's value-added for visitors to a WP-blog.

"WPtouch: WordPress on iPhone, iPod & Android More than just a plugin, WPtouch is an entire theme package for your WordPress website. Modeled after Apple's app store design specs, WPtouch makes your WordPress website load lightning fast on touch mobile devices, show your content beautifully, all while not interfering with your regular theme."
iPhone  wordpress  plugins  webdesign  findability 
september 2009 by mcmorgan
Kindle and the future of reading : The New Yorker
From ordering to unboxing to reading. I saved the article to Instapaper so I can read it later, in leisure, on my iPhone.

"I squeezed no new joy from these great books, though. The Gluyas Williams drawings were gone from the Benchley, and even the wasp passage in “Do Insects Think?” just wasn’t the same in Kindle gray. I did an experiment. I found the Common Reader reprint edition of “Love Conquers All” and read the very same wasp passage. I laughed: ha-ha. Then I went back to the Kindle 2 and read the wasp passage again. No laugh. Of course, by then I’d read the passage three times, and it wasn’t that funny anymore. But the point is that it wasn’t funny the first time I came to it, when it was enscreened on the Kindle. Monotype Caecilia was grim and Calvinist; it had a way of reducing everything to arbitrary heaps of words."
Kindle  reading  ebooks  books  design  culture  usability  iPhone 
august 2009 by mcmorgan
ACU's iPhone initiative: a year later
An outside view of ACU's distro of iphones to students and teachers based on interviews with the players. "The success of such programs depends both on the ubiquity and availability of the devices, as well as acceptance by the staff and students. The purely voluntary method of distribution and the freedom to use the device as a social and entertainment tool offered as part of the package both went a long way toward furthering the latter."
iPhone  education  mobilelearning  research 
july 2009 by mcmorgan
The Intermittent Kevin - Find My iPhone works, and it is awesome.
Story of how a Lego-Geek lost and then found his iPhone in Chicago. A good story well told.
socialpractices  iPhone 
june 2009 by mcmorgan
How cell phones will replace learning
"I'm happy to be ignorant about something because the phone replaces the need to learn. I've outsourced the responsibility for that knowledge from my brain to my phone." Happy article on how mobile searching can develop towards natural language searches and agents.
elearning  ple  iphone  web3.0 
june 2009 by mcmorgan
WebWorkerDaily » Archive Oosah: A 1TB iPhone in the palm of your hand? «
The recently launched Oosah is another service that aims to provide services ‘in the cloud’ for the emerging class of mobile internet devices.
iphone  cloudcomputing  mobilelearning 
september 2008 by mcmorgan

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