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The Failed Promise of Deep Links — Backchannel — Medium
Reconsideration of link history from Bush to oogle commercializing the link. "Instead of sharing linked trails of knowledge that we’ve blazed, we leave piles of data around that service providers mine for value." - and sell back to us as value. We need to Recover the Link.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
Intertwingled Work - Greg Lloyd
An excellent post on intertwingledness in contexts. If pages/content are findable and addressable, they can be intertwingled - and it a matter of creating contexts that allow us to draw from that complexity to make meaning. Greg gives an apology for inline links, but, really, we don't need to apologize for that anymore. Let 'em eat cake.
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march 2015 by mcmorgan
Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
by Rachel Lovinger. Early piece on content strategy and thinking about difference between copy and content
wcw  content_strategy  copywriting  design  IA  marketing  ux  freelancing  writing 
november 2010 by mcmorgan
Meatball Wiki: ChristopherAlexander
When Natures of Order meet Patterns. A Meatball consideration of wiki deep structure.
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august 2007 by mcmorgan
Authority, Peter Morville
A look at Wikipedia, folksonomy, and shifts in authority that come with the move away from print: "The real upheaval lies just ahead, as a generation of school kids (and their teachers and librarians) struggle to reconcile traditional notions of education
IA  findability  authority  authenticity  authorship  web2.0  folksonomy  tagging 
june 2007 by mcmorgan
Information Architecture 3.0
Considering the role and discipline of IA in the near future: "This future is self-evident in the undisciplined, unbalanced quest for sexy Ajaxian interaction at the expense of usability, findability, accessibility, and other qualities of the user experie
IA  web2.0  web3.0  semanticweb 
june 2007 by mcmorgan

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