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Reverse Ferret! Forget what we told you – the iPad isn't really for work
Just in time for T’giving, the truth emerges. Or common sense pokes its tired head out of its burrow.

> This autumn, rather than taking a huge leap forward into professional business computing, as many had hoped, the iPad retreated into its boutique, graphics niche. It's more expensive than ever, and more focused on those creatives. And as if to remind us that such fragile things of beauty are not for the white or blue-collar masses, it's more fragile than ever too.

> The problem with the iPad's direction is everything it excels at is not needed for me, nor for any other productivity software-using worker. I really don't need such an extraordinary, lavish 2388x1668 ProMotion TrueTone display. I don't need the expensive array of sensors required for Face ID – give me a thumb scanner.
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november 2018 by mcmorgan
Silicon Valley Innovation: Stanford Law Student Crowdsources Her Graduation Speech – Wired Campus - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Not all that innovative, as commencement speeches tend to be formulaic anyway, and hardly inclusive with only 85 self-selected contributors. it does widen the available means of persuasion, a little. but it perhaps it's a choir preaching to a choir. I used to create a similar effect by grabbing lines of commonplaces from student themes to create an ur-theme that impressed a lot but said little.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
Donald Clark Plan B: MOOCs: more action in 1 year than last 1000 years
This hype-fest by Clark has got to go on record. Textbook mythos of the self-knighted entrepreneur saving the world from the leviathan. Nice to see Clark himself acting the sophomore in his comments, too. Prisoner of his own cliches.
may 2013 by mcmorgan

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