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(Higher) Education as Bulwark of Uselessness
I'm deskilling in the wake of Pokemon GO. " I am being completely straight in claiming that the role and glory of education is that it can be useless, not being bounded by criteria of production and pre-determined purpose."
gaming  polemic  corporateculture 
july 2016 by mcmorgan
Tale of Tales - Realtime Art Manifesto
Read along with The Path. "Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn are new media artists who have embraced realtime 3D game technology as their artistic medium of choice. Realtime 3D is the most remarkable new creative technology since oil on canvas. It is much too important to be wasted on computer games alone. This manifesto is a call-to-arms for creative people (including, but not limited to, video game designers and fine artists) to embrace this new medium and start realizing its enormous potential. As well as a set of guidelines that express our own ideas and ideals about using the technology."
DH  digitalaesthetics  gaming 
march 2014 by mcmorgan
Welcome to The Nethernet
Some profs using this as an incentive. I prefer my good and evil fully baked.
twwt  socialpractices  gaming 
july 2010 by mcmorgan

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